Thursday, March 19, 2009

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Salt in the Wounds

Pregnancy brain...I totally forgot to make this post!

Discuss away on The Salt in the Wounds!


Louise said...

Did wonder where it was ... figured you'd blame the baby :)

Good ep, but there did seem to be a lot crammed in. Roxie stuff seemed rushed, but I was kind of in a rush for it to be over anyway!

Thought it was sweet that Hodgins knew she was upset straightaway, and took her for coffee ... although we all know what 'coffee' means in this show!

Loved seeing Bones and Angela have a girly bonding moment - it was funny how freaked out Angela was that Brennan thought they were similar ... Ang clearly does not want to use Brennan as a romantic role-model! Include me in those the ep would end with a sunset.

Brennan seemed different this ep, like she was thinking about something the whole time. I'm definitely thinking her comment to Angela about how successful organisms have to change all the time was very telling!

Loved Booth's speech at the end ... it was worth losing a B&B moment. Of course he had to make sure that the boy was aware of his responsibilities. At one point I actually thought "good for him, he's really made a difference in that boy's life ... oh wait - this isn't real!" :)

On a shallower note, I am liking Booth's new jacket!

alanna said...

I loved the ending, especially when Brennan was on the street observing Booth talking to Clinton. Very sweet! :)

Amanda said...

The best part was, by far, Booth talking to Clinton. On the whole, this wasn't my favorite episode, but it's not the worst, either.

BTW, I snickered at Angela's comment about the pectin because I DID grow up a farm girl in Amish country.

Wendy, I'm glad you're okay. I was concerned the newest squint was making his grand entrance a little early.

Wendy said...

Not going to say much but...

I wonder if she was pondering questions brought up by this case and Angela's love life questing. She definitely seemed off.

And the ending still was a bit of a BB moment, showing how connected they are even when not face to face. He knew she'd want to be there and though she gave him permission to go alone, she still showed up too.

But, she still had her 'pondering' face on.

Definitely interested to see what's coming up :)

And, it's valid to blame the baby, or at least pregnancy! Soooooo close to the end now - can't wait, think, get comfortable, or even breathe sometimes!

Wendy said...

Amanda -
The hospital has access points in every birth husband is already making fun of me "just let me make this blog post!"

Mickey said...

I LOLed at Brennan getting all huffy because Cam wouldn't release the body. "I call one of my freebies" and then "I call one of my freebie vetoes"! But good for Brennan for admitting she was wrong, even if Cam had to drag it out of her.

@Louise, I was also ready for the Roxie stuff to be over. Yay!

Good for Hodgins that he went into the whole thing knowing it was just a temporary salve. I'd hate to see him crawling back when it should Angela crawling back to him.

Before the last couple of scenes I was thinking that it's a shame that the babies' father was free & clear of the whole mess. I'm glad Booth gave him a good "talking to".

@Wendy, I agree with you about B&B knowing what each other wants regarding Clinton and giving each other the space for this particular effort.

I must say I didn't care for the Muslim jokes. Just weren't funny. I did think the new intern was good looking though! Have him get rid of the sound effects and act like the intelligent person he must be in order to be Brennan's intern and he's got possibilities. I did think the virtual skeleton was cool.

Sweets & Angela pretending to be a couple was cute. Cracked up at him pretending to be a fireman and the chiropractor shooting holes in his story right away.

And was it just me, or do that alpha female v-ball player and Sweets have the same kind of lips?!

F. Anthropologist said...

When Brennan was creepin' on the intern praying, I was getting a "maybe I should reconsider vibe." Much like at the end when she is lurking across the street watching Booth, reconsidering.(If you spoiler fanatics are catching my heavy drift).

Rolywa said...
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Alis said...

Does anyone know the song that played at the end? I'd forgotten that one of the things I loved about Bones was its soundtrack.

Sophie said...

I know this is going to sound kind of weird... but for some reason I felt like Booth and Brennan weren't together enough for me.

Though I've been reading fanfic all week to avoid catching up on homework. :)

Anyway, I too was glad to see Roxie go, and would also like to advise the actress who plays her to go hurt whoever it was that told her that look was good for her. The scene with Hodgins was FAR less depressing than I thought it was going to be when I read the sides. I really thought I would feel horrible for him, but for some reason I felt... encouraged.

With each episode I'm becoming more interested in Brennan and Booth separately than I ever have before. Recently I've been interested in Booth because this season has done a good job of showing the audience not just how much we don't know about him, but... personally, how much I just assumed about him, you know? They did a good job of explaining Brennan and why she is the way she is, and just left us to think Booth's life was charming and "typical" and now we know it wasn't. I find I crave more. Give it to me.

In my interest in Booth my intrigue with Brennan had faded until last week, and now this week. I don't think last week's episode was created to return to a staid and repetitious story we've heard before. Since season one we've been aware on who played what role. But just because Brennan knew she was the brains and wasn't exceptionally empathetic doesn't mean she understood what that meant. Last week was her start to figuring it out.

This week I think we started to see what... those of us who read spoilers... know is coming. Brennan is changing, somewhat actively and somewhat not. Anyone else notice that tonight Brennan offered advice to Angela? That's rare. What's even more rare is that Brennan was... kinda right. And she was talking about how she, too, is open to change.

I was saddened and touched by the scenes with Brennan standing back and watching people. It was more than just her observing or pondering... it's almost like she was starting to understand something, you know?

I liked the new intern. He annoyed me at first, but towards the end I wanted to just give him a big hug.

Louise said...

I agree Sophie - I too thought there was something significant, but strangely poignant in those two scenes of Brennan watching people.

After all, most of the case was about Brennan being wrong about the one thing she's sure about (forensic anthropology). And then we see her thoughtfully observing two scenes about the things she's most strongly against (children and religion). Definitely something going on in that big brain of hers.

I also think this was a big turning point episode for Angela. I know a few people are disappointed that she and Hodgins ended up in bed rather than talking, but I think she needed that to be open to Sweets' celibacy suggestion.

Louise said...

Ok, this is completely unrelated to tonight's ep, but I thought it might cheer us up after today's craziness ... I've just found the vid of when DB was Punk'd. I think he did surprisingly well ... love how concerned and protective he was about his wife (she's a lucky woman!)

"Move away from my wife!"

MC said...

I think that comment angela made to brennan about how witnessing sunsets with someone else is more exciting than alone foreshadows a scene between booth and Brennan in the near future... Hopefully *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

hi can anyone kindly tell me where i can watch this episode or download it? any help will be much appreciated....thanks

juniors said...

It was ok.

The pacing was uneven. Not seeing any bones threw me too.

David said...

I would like to know the soundtrack that the new grad student gave to Angela, I can't understand him.

Shep said...

Louise, yeah I saw that Punk'd video ages ago. It was funny but I felt incredibly sorry for him too. Also, he is really scary when he's angry even in real life! I loved how he was demanding they call the authorities, the police... I thought he would start asking for the FBI too.! They got him bad!

Prime Minister3 said...

I liked the episode, but not as much as I would have if it showed more Brennan between her pondering moments. Of course, it is only 45 minutes, but...

I particularly enjoyed the scene between Brennan and Angela because their friendship is one of the best things on the show. I wish the series showed more about Brennan's personal life (albeit, maybe she doesn't have that much time outside her work).

And of course, the last scene was very good.

*Vodzu* said...

The song at the end is Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats, someone asked so here you go ;)

jenny said...

Hey, it's one of the songs the new intern put in that CD for Angela, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Aww this was a sweet ep! Cant believe there's another pre-empt though....
I agree...anyone know the whole track-listing for the CD?

ninirific said...

I really enjoyed this epi. It had a good mix of everything we love about Bones.

I agree with everything Sophie said. :)

Louise said...

The songs mentioned in the sides are ...

"Hope There's Someone" by Anthony and the Johnsons
"Breathe Me" by Sia
"Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzales
"Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star
"Precious" by Depeche Mode
"Dust in the Wind"

Ariane said...

I enjoyed last night's ep but I definitely want to call out a few consistency discrepancies that have been bothering me in the past few episodes:

1. The phasing out of the least it's not gone like Wong Foo's
2. In the Bones that Foam, Angela having to explain to Brennan AGAIN that Booth's strength is his people skills and that they complement each other. Bones had already accepted that when it was explained to her by Gordon Gordon AND Sweets.
3.Bones asking Booth if he reads her books in a recent ep. It has been mentioned many times and very clearly that he does. Why was she acting surprised???

Has anyone else been feeling jarred by these small things? It feels like the writers are not paying attention.

Shep said...

First thing that bothered me - why on earth would Vaziri pray in the middle of the lab??? Shouldn't they have provided a private room or something? I did like hiom - him giving Angela teh CD was very sweets and I loved teh virtual skeleton.

Roxie's hair looked awful and I'm glad she left. Yet it felt a bit odd that she just appeared in this episode without having been mentioned for a few episodes.

This felt a bit more like the Bones episodes we've come to know and love. The scenes where Brennan was watching Vaziri pray and Booth talk to Clinton were poignant and I think the Brennan-wanting-a-baby thing will work out if they build it up properly and don't overdo it. I also loved the Brennan/Angela moment and how Brennan offered advice this time. Twice in a row now we've seen Brennan admit she was wrong (to Booth at the end of 'Bones that Foam' and now to Cam). I like how she is very slowly changing and becoming more accepting without losing her Brennanish-ness. I just hope the writers stick to this slow progression instead of having her character do a complete one-eighty towards the end of the season.

My favourite moment by far was Booth telling Clinton about his responsibility as the father of those shildren - something Booth will have to face in the finale. It seemed to me that at the end, when watching Booth, even though Brennan said women cannot count on men, she may be realising that he is one man she can actually count on - another thing that probably contributes towards her asking him to father her child.

At first, upon reading the sides, I didn't really like the idea of Angela and Hodgins suddenly having sex but it's clear that Hodgins still loves her and is willing to give her the time and space she needs to realise that she doesn't always need to live in the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I have also been completely missing the diner. What the F? The new hip and trendy bars don't seem as intimate as the diner did.

This episode seemed a little filleresque. The end with Booth and Clinton was nice.

I like the idea of Angela trying the whole celibacy thing to achive a deeper lasting relationship.

Still not liking the whole baby idea. This comment from Shep made me cringe, "...another thing that probably contributes towards her asking him to father her child."

Anonymous said...

I honestly didn't like the episode. I mean the writers made Brennan seem stupid in this episode and I really didn't like it. I love the confident Brennan, the one who kicks your as* and I've come to like her clinical ways...I liked the case in this episode ( pregnant girls was a great idea!), but I can't accept how Brennan was portrayed! It's just my opinion of course, but I can't help but feel that the episodes are showing excessive vulnerability and I would like to see the "old" Brennan. I don't know if I'm making sense. I hope the next episodes will show a more empiricist, self confident, straightforward Brennan. And I would like to see more interaction with Booth.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure if I like the way Angela is playing Hodgins. If she really doesn't realize he still loves her she must be as slow as Brennan in that department. And to sleep with a guy who you know has really serious feelings for you just for the sexual comfort seems a little...uncaring.

So someone says..."well Angela has serious feelings for him too!" The difference is she isn't willing to act on them and we all know Hodgins would marry her in 2 seconds. I dunno. It just seems out of character for Angela who is always painted as the highly emotional, caring, intuitive, sensitive one in the lab.

Triveni said...

hey did anyone notice..Cam actually cut open the victims skull first and then when she did that UV light thing...the skull was somewhat sewed back!!!!!is that possible????

Meg said...

Overall, I didn't think this was one of the best episodes, but definately enjoyable. I missed the B+B moment at the end, though.

Anon, I don't think Angela played Hodgins - I think it was sort of the other way around. He immeadiately saw her upset, then offered "coffee" (yeah, right), and they were in bed. And he was the cool one about knowing it was a moment, which has passed, while she was bewildered.

I'm proud of him. Love Angela, but don't let her walk all over you! Good man, Hodgins!

tybonium said...

I thought this was a pretty good episode, but I do miss the really serious cases. Lately Brennan hasn't been much help on the cases. She is just hanging out while everyone else is doing their jobs. The "old" Brennan (seasons 1 & 2 especially) would use this opportunity to identify other remains for the Jeffersonian or write her books. A lot of the times she would call the shots, and she was strong figure. In the latest episodes she has seemed unneeded.

I do understand they are working on developing other characters, but in the past they could do that while working on the cases. I just miss the actually science part of the show lately. I am hoping they are just going a different direction with season 4 to give other characters a chance to shine.

mandaleigh said...

HELP! Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing at the end of the episode, when Booth and Brennan are sitting at the bar??? I have been going crazy trying to find it with NO luck!!! Any help would be much appreciated - thank you!!!

Wendy said...

Per the comments in this very post...

The song at the end is Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats, someone asked so here you go ;) - Vodzu

mandaleigh said...

Ok, the song I'm looking for is the one that is playing when Booth and Brennan are sitting at the bar. It is NOT "Heartbeats" - that is sond playing just prior to the scene at the bar. Anyone have any info? Thanks!

Niiccee said...

for people really into shipping and spoilers and generally thinking about what will happen with b+b/hodgela this episode had a couple great little things that i hope will spring up again: 1.the earring 2.the idea of sharing a sunset.

it was mushy but i like it so long as the next episode has some good hard science. and maybe at least one moment where anyone cares about Cam. Her lack of a personal life make her feel kind of one-dimensional in comparison to the others these days.

Melissa said...

look - I don't know about you guys, but I am REALLY not liking this whole 'Baby' thing. I apologise. I adore Booth and Brennan and if they don't hook up soon I may implode but Babies change EVERYTHING. can you honestly imagine a pregnant Bones walking about the lab??? It should not be done this way.
In saying nthat, I totally respect Hart Hanson and his decisions regarding Bones but if there's one thing i'm against - it's babies in adult TV shows.. I'm sorry - CRIME shows.
Where does a baby fit in in a crime scene?!
I just don't like it.
everyone is allowed to disagree, I am simply giving my honest opinion.
And that opinion is; me. no. like.

Carrie said...

Does anyone miss Brennan's "teaching" moments? in Season 1 particularly she was great in pointing Zack in a direction, or explaining why something was important--actually seeming to teach her grad students. This episode didn't have much opportunity for that anyway (no bones!) but its been missing for a while!

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