Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Bones Scripts ordered: Next Season Begins

Last year, there was no hint of Bones Season 4 until the upfronts in May when they announced a full season pick-up. But, some of Season 4 was filmed with Season 3 thanks to the strike and timing.

This time, Fox has ordered 6 episodes early, but not yet announced the full Bones Season 5. Maybe they like that film-some-early plan (they get to pay people on Season 4 contracts if they go ahead and film them before summer break)? Who knows when they will truly go into production, though. But it definitely is a good nod toward seeing a lot more of Bones again next fall!


luvnboothandbones said...

h thrs is a link to a good artical about fox and bones I hope it works if not its the tv addict no spoilers

jenny said...

nice article.I don't really now how things work in this industry,about the scripts and renewing the contracts for a season,I mean,but it's obvious everyone is wondering WTF (and this is something I say too rarely) is going on with the way fox is treating this show.It just doesn't make any sense!And it's not fair not only for us,the fans,but also,more impotrantly,for David and Emily and the rest of the cast and HH and everyone there who are doing their best and putting all their efforts for this show(quite succesfully,it seems :-P)What is fox trying to do or prove?I don't get it!Did they do this the previous seasons too or is this sth new?

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