Monday, March 23, 2009

New Poll: Spoilers

Here's a new poll, with questions and answers straight from BonzGirl.

This time of year, inevitably, is overwhelmed by spoilers. With the season finale less than 2 months away they do a great job teasing us to hype the excitement and build the tension.

People have a variety of interest in spoilers. You may only dip your toe in a little, you may watch all the interviews but nothing more, you may love Kristen and Ausiello, or you may go whole-hog and read every single bit of information available - every script page (casting side) or tidbit of gossip you can get your hands on.

The ultimate spoilers are those casting sides. They tell you exactly what is going to happen during the episode (though they can change and you only get glimpses of each scene they show) with the dialog, the case players (and sometimes the killer), and glimpses of interactions between our favorite characters thrown in.

That last part is why people read. Who really wants to spoil a case, right? But there's a lot of fun in seeing half a conversation between two characters that you know is probably one of 3 or 4 in the line during the episode (especially if it's Booth and Brennan talking) and speculating about motivations and content. Sometimes you can be right, sometimes you are waaaaaaay off, and sometimes those tricksie writers and actors change huge chunks before the show airs.

This post isn't to get people to read the sides. I stay almost completely away from them. But, it is interesting to find out how the rest of you view sides, and spoilers, in general.

The poll is for sides only, but it would be great to hear more about your spoiler views in general (about reading them ONLY - please do NOT put ANY actual spoilers into the comments here). Please drop a line in the comments here!

Do you read casting sides?

1. Never! They take away the excitement of the episode.
2. Rarely, because it's so easy to take them out of context.
3. Usually not, though as we get closer to the finale I might begin.
4. Sometimes, especially when there haven't been any good spoilers recently.
5. Usually. I'll need a good reason NOT to read 'em.
6. Are you kidding? I've already committed all of them to memory!
7. Sides? What's that?
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Previous poll: What do you think of Fisher after "The Princess and the Pear?"

Like him more
333 (46%)
Like him less
68 (9%)
Like him the same
292 (40%)
I hate them all
13 (1%)
12 (1%)

Total votes: 718


sai said...

Usually. And while i almost always regret reading the sides and the spoilers once I have already read them - i cant seem to help myself. I do feel that they take away from the unadultrated enjoyment that I might have had.

So now I have a new policy - read the sides - once - as soon as they come out and then never read them again. And the gaps between the airing of the episodes (ahem*stupid scheduling*ahem) helps...

Btw.. I am curious as I am new to this obsession - were there so many spoilers out during the end stages of the previous seasons also? I mean some of it seems like too much information now doesn't it? Is this level of spoiling normal? I am worried I won't be suprised at all.

cordy said...

Usually I try to avoid the sides, but read the discussion threads about those spoilers. Unfortunately from time to time I become weak specially when we didn't get new episodes. I just need my regular bones-dose. But in those weak moments I try not to read to much at least. cause I really don't want to know who the murder is.

Ausiello Spoilers, Interview and such stuff I just can't refrain myself from. Yeah I admit I'm a sucker for spoilers.

Mysti said...

I'll admit, I read spoilers, but I don't read sides. I have read a couple in the past, but it just ruins the show in my opinion. I read too much last year and by the time the finale rolled around I had figured out it was Zack. So the finale wasn't as good for me.

Triveni said...

i read what Kristen and Ausiello dish out...but other than that nothing...i never read the sides...but i did the sides of The Doctor in the Den only bcoz i wanted to know what the hell sides were.....i really wish i could remain spoiler-free though...

Anonymous said...

I must admit i read everything, but i'm gonna restrain myself from reading the sides for the finale.

Shep said...

I can't keep away from spoilers and sides, though I try and stay away from anything that spoils teh end of a case. Like Sai said, the gaps between the release of the sides and the airing of the episodes are so long anyway - I usually forget case details by then. And some of the time I just skim the sides - might do that for the finale sides: I don't know if I'll be able to keep away from them completely!

Trish said...

I don't read or watch anything with spoilers in it. Last year, I was reading some and I was so disappointed in the episodes that I just stopped. There was just no excitement for me or I'd envisioned something based on what I'd read and the episode just didn't live up to it. By staying away from the spoilers, I find that I am enjoying the episodes so much more than I did last year. It's so much more fun to speculate during the commercial breaks about what is going to happen next.

singinglupines said...

I read the sides and everything else out there. I have found that if I only read the sides once, when they come out I have forgotten most of what happens by the time it comes to the episode. I usually stop reading the sides in the forties or fifties to avoid spoiling the ending of the case and then I continue reading after that part to see what BB moment they fit in.

Steph P. said...

First time poster, but I have been enjoying this blog for a while now. I just have to chime in on this topic.

I avoid all spoilers. I've never read any for Bones, but I did for another show once and found that it really hampered my enjoyment. Unfortunately, I have been accidentally spoiled about a few things in Bones this year.

You do a good job on this blog on keeping things spoiler-free for those who don't want them, which I really appreciate, but sometimes I feel like I must be one of the few who doesn't read any spoilers at all because I have been accidentally spoiled so many times (not necessarily here but at other places). It's frustrating, but I still know less than if I actually read them myself.

jenny said...

like Sai and Shep said,the gaps between releasing the sides and seeing the actual episode have been so big lately that,even though I read the sides,I've usually forgotten most of them by that time-it happened with the last episode too,although I had read the sides and remembered what the case was about roughly,I had completely forgotten who the murderer was and was totally surprised at the end(even more,when I realised that I didn't remember about him!)
It seems I can't help reading the other spoilers like Ausiello and interviews,although I know it may be ruining the pleasure a little bit..In fact I started to give in to them first, then moved on to the "hard drugs",the sides! But this happened only this season,mostly because the gaps between the episodes were really big at times (I needed my Bones dose!) so,like Sai, I don't really know what happened the previous seasons and I wonder,too,if this is the first year we get to know so many things about upcoming plots and the finale...It does seem too much at times-it just seems I can't be strong enough to avoid them! :-D

Cece said...

I don't read the sides at all since I try to stay heavy spoiler-free. And I have such a sponge mind that if I read something once I will normally remember and speculate forever on it and it will ruin my enjoyment of the show.

I try and stay away from Kristin and Ausiello if its a big spoiler but the light ones I tolerate since they only skim the surface of the plot. They're just as bad as episode descriptions from FOX or TVGuide and I read those. If I really don't want to be spoiled I only limit myself to TVGuide's descriptions or try not to read those at all.

I don't know if I'm the only person in this boat, but with such widespread press about the season finale spoiler, anyone else bummed the producers didn't try and keep it under wraps more? Hart and Co. seem so happy to talk about it in all press interviews that I feel I know exactly what's going to happen (even though I don't). I'd rather they treated it like a LOST cliffhanger and kept it all real mysterious.

Jen said...

I agree with CeCe. I don't read sides and I usually stay away from clips or links marked with spoiler alerts (thanks for the clear marking Wendy). that said, it has been hard to miss some of the season finale spoilers and I would rather be completely surprised.

Christina :-) said...

Hey, Wendy, Korbi posted an article saying they'll be cutting an episode this season, and postponing it until next season.

Since this is supposed to be spoiler free...I'll leave it un-named here. Here is the link:

I know she's not the most reliable source of info....but I don't know why she would make this up. This makes me very sad.

Neko said...

i read it all... but rather than one of the options which is reading them more as the finale approaches, i think I'm going to have to cut myself off from sides soon... i would prefer to be surprised but i just can't keep away!

Wendy said...

Shep, luv...

"The poll is for sides only, but it would be great to hear more about your spoiler views in general (about reading them ONLY - please do NOT put ANY actual spoilers into the comments here). Please drop a line in the comments here!"


Shep said...

Oops, Sorry! Completely forgot. My bad! I don't mind if you delete my post Wendy.

Wendy said...

Here's the non spoiler part of it:

Shep said...

I agree with you Cece, the finale spoilers have been talked about way too much, a few hints from Hart and the producers would have been enough to get speculation going. Yet people would have found out with the release of the sides anyway.

BonzGirl said...

Hey, Wendy, thanks for using the poll I made!! I feel so special :-)

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