Friday, March 13, 2009

Promo: The Salt in the Wounds

Here is the promo for "The Salt in the Wounds" which aired at the end of "The Bones that Foam" last night.


Anonymous said...

'Pregnancy isn't likely without intercourse'
Right, thanks for the tip, Bones'

LOL, you gotta love those two :D!!

Shep said...

The voice-over guy's lines really annoyed me.

Anonymous said...

Great promo but why there's short fragment from 3x11? :)

And I found short vid with bloopers from 4x16
Sweet monkey!

Mary said...

there had better be some fall out for these girls for having babies. Teen pregnancy is a MAJOR issue. I am a teacher so I have a serious soapbox about it. Bones had better give some of her unsolicitied advice to these children.

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