Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Spoiler even Spoilerphobes will want to know

In my last post I debated whether or not to open up what it technically a 'spoiler' to everyone. If you really, really, really hate knowing anything about the future inside the show then you can stop now.

But, I think this is something that interests everyone as it is not specific, but it's about the general path of the show in general.


Since Zack left (or was ripped violently from the show, per your view), we have been blessed (or cursed) with rotating interns. If memory serves me, we were promised this House-like plot device would be temporary.

Well.... gotcha?

According to producer Stephen Nathan
, they aren't going away anytime soon:

Question: There appears to be agreement amongst most Bones fans that the ridiculously adorable Wendell must be crowned Brennan's permanent grad student. (I mean, come on! The guy geeks out with Brennan and the Squint Squad and he’s Booth’s hockey buddy? How can you say no to that?) Any idea as to when we'll see the end of rotating-intern-palooza? --Olivia
Maybe never. "As of now we're going to continue to rotate them," says exec producer Stephen Nathan. "We were looking back at all the interns we used this season and trying to figure out who would work out best, and we can't make a decision. We love them all. And I think [the variety] has really helped the show a lot, because fans have their favorite, so people tune in to find out who's going to be on that week. Also, we've been extremely lucky with the actors we've cast. Everybody our casting director Rick Milligan has brought in could easily be a regular on our show, and that's a very rare thing to find. It seems like we have a permanent cast of players now."
Are you happy with this? I, for one, would bristle at Olivia's assertion everyone likes Wendell. I would take Clark in a heartbeat, though, I must admit some of them have been growing on me recently, especially Mr. Nigel Murray.

What are your thoughts on the interns? (Apologies to those who have already posted on the other thread but would love if you could repost your comments here!)


Abby said...

I think I like Mr. Nigel Murray the best...but maybe because he is the most Zack-like of all of them.

Jeannie said...

I agree, who are those fans that are all about Wendell? Nobody asked me when they did that poll! ;-)

Maybe it's a good thing they keep rotating the interns. I for one hate Nigel-Murray and it would definitely ruin the show for me if he was a permanent castmember. Plus, they've been trying to fit the interns with the episodes lately (if you know what I mean), so that was a neat touch.

I'm still confused by the "status" of the interns, though. Technically speaking, Clark is no intern anymore, he's a doctor himself. It's "Wendell" but "Mr." Nigel-Murray... Strange.

catnapping said...

A little Nigel-Murray goes a long way. He'd be on my nerves if I had to see him every week.

My favorite is Clark Edidson. He seems the most professional, and most compatable with Brennan.

The actor who plays him has great timing, and he doesn't overdo/overplay his scenes/lines.


Anonymous said...

I'm saying it: I love Wendell! He's adorable. (My husband says it's just cause Wendell's a mini-Booth.) Fisher's okay, the other characters provide fun reactions to him. I hate Nigel-Murray and cannot wait to see him take a leave of absence or be recruited by a serial killer or however they're writing people out these days. Clark was okay in previous seasons, I don't like how he's currently a work-obsessed jerk.

ali said...

I actually like Nigel Murray. he might get old eventually, but i think he has been fun so far.

I don't think permanent rotating interns are such a good idea. i loved the family atmosphere they had with zach. i know it's impossible to replicate now, but i haven't been enjoying the lab scenes as much with the rotating 'not zachs'.

Mickey said...

Put me on the Wendell bandwagon too. At least we know he has a life outside the lab. I like Clark a lot, but Jeannie's right, he's already a doctor and is not technically an intern. Eugene Byrd is terrifically talented, but by Clark's not wanting to get involved in the group's personal lives, well, that's just not gonna cut it. I'm not big on Fisher and while Nigel-Murray has grown on me, I agree with catnapping that a little goes a long way. I actually enjoyed Vaziri last week - if they'll cut out the dumb sound effects.

Rebecca said...

I think I'd rather see the same few keep roatating than go permanantly with any of them. This is because I am liking all of them better each time I see them. However, I don't want to meet many more; I was disappointed when we got the new guy last week, but give me a week and I'm sure he'll grow on me, too.

Kendra said...

I absolutely LOVE Wendell. He's adorable. He's squint-y, but also someone Booth can relate to; he's not completely SQUINT all the time.

I love Clark too and would be so happy if they kept Clark and Wendell.

Everyone is saying that Clark won't stay because he has his Doctorate and therefore isn't an intern, but Zack technically wasn't an intern anymore either.

cordy said...

I would love to see Wendell as a permanent member of the team.
I think he is a perfect connector between Booth and the squints.

I also like Clark a lot. But yes, he is already a doctor and with his attitude to stay out of everyones personal life he would always feel a little off.

The other interns were funny at a few scenes and fitted "special" episodes. But as permanent team members they would annoy me pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

I have said already in the past that i think they should hire two, Clark, who in his own right is as good as or better then Zack was and Wendell as Bone's assistant. This would give us someone to learn from Bones and someone who can discover things and some one who can challenge Bones.

If Cam wanted to hire her own intern from Bone's leftovers, she can


Stephanie said...

I like Wendell, Nigel-Murray, and Fisher, so I'm glad they're not picking one intern to stay for good just yet. The one issue I have with the interns: there aren't any girls!! Daisy was the only female intern we've seen, and she was annoying as heck. I wanna see a female intern.

Amber said...

I'm glad they are keeping the rotation...I've enjoyed every single intern, even the annoying Daisy. It's hard for me to pick a favorite.

Louise said...

Stephanie - I disgree. I think with Cam, Angela and Brennan there's enough women in the lab for now. I want Hodgins to have another buddy!

lyssie said...

i like nigel-murrey the best, but i wouldnt mind it if they picked wendell. i dont like the new guy tho,

BatGirl said...

Oh, Mr. Nigel Murray. Such a cutie. HAHA. I like him the best especially when he spouts facts that don't necessarily go with the case. :D


Firehawk said...

I like the idea of having the interns rotate but at the same time, it's hard to get involved with a character when you only see them once a month or so.
Still, I don't want them to cut Wendell or Clark (and I don't mind a sprinkling of Mr. Nigel Murray.)
The way I see it
Clark is capable of holding his own against the squints and Booth which adds an interesting and funny new dynamic but I can't see him being part of the family
Wendell is my favorite for now because I miss my squint family and I feel he can be what everyone needs in the family, plus, he already has a nicely developing story and I'd hate to lose that.

So, I guess I don't have any clue what I want...:)

Becky said...

I miss Zaaaaaccckkk...
Although no one can ever
take his place, Wendell
is the best in terms of adding
something to the show.
I do get a kick out of how
professional Clark always wants
to be, though.

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