Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TV Guide's Sexiest: The Video

TVGuide has posted a video going through their sexy stars. Skim through it all - David Boreanaz appears in more than one place!

I don't think I posed the teaser version of this before. Check it out for a quick shot of DB holding his towel...but you have to watch closely as it is quick and only shows chest to knees, or so.

The full video has now been totally removed, bah.

Edit: Leaving the link for now, though the video is coming up Private. Will keep looking...


Anonymous said...

um, Wendy its says this is a private video and wont let me watch/

Wendy said...

It now says the same thing on SearchingBones where it's embedded.....


I'll keep looking. I saw a couple of great shots of DB just skimming through and just after 1 min he talks about how awkward it is.

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