Saturday, March 21, 2009

TVGuide 411 talks to Michaela Conlin

I would call this a no-spoiler interview, up through 3:30. Stop it there if you don't like spoilers (though there's nothing new for those who read them).

They interview, for the most part, takes Angela through this last episode and the interviewer and Michaela guess at what might happen in her future.


Jen said...

This video was fun. Thanks for posting. I look forward to Angela's attempt at celibacy.

Gigi said...

Is it just my computer or is there a problem with the sound?

Anonymous said...

I didn't have sound at first either--turns out the volume on the embedded player itself was all the way down, so try that first.

Shep said...

I've read comments where people have said that Angela wanting to 'live in teh moment' was a complete contradiction to when she was ready to marry Hodgins. However, I think she was living in the moment even then - she got swept up in the excitement of the wedding and wasn't really thinking about the future. I think that may have been the case for Hodgins as well; they didn't know each other really when they decided to get married and now they're getting the chance to learn more about themselves and each other. That way, it will be so much better when they finally do get back together.

Rebecca said...

Shep, I absolutely agree. Remember when she agreed to the wedding, she wanted to do it in two weeks? Definitely an instant gratification girl, but we do love her.

bones2592 said...

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BonzGirl said...


What with all the spoilers and excitement going on, I've been hopping onto OwB pretty often. And truth be told, I miss all of your fun polls -- the one about Fisher is really old, though the one about the finale is still great! So I wrote a new one for you, so as to gauge the opinion of fans. You don't have to use it, obviously, especially since it's kinda long.

If you don't want to use it, I'd love for people who read this comment to post their answers here, or maybe on the Boneyard, because I'm curious about this topic. Here goes...

The poll:

Do you read the sides?

1. Never! They take away the excitement of the episode.
2. Rarely, because it's so easy to take them out of context.
3. Usually not, though as we get closer to the finale I might begin.
4. Sometimes, especially when there haven't been any good spoilers recently.
5. Usually. I'll need a good reason NOT to read 'em.
6. Are you kidding? I've already committed all of them to memory!
7. Sides? What's that?

Thanks for reading!

Wendy said...

I'll use it today :)

I miss doing the fun posts too! Life's just been a bit crazy...

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