Sunday, March 8, 2009

UST: Crime Solvers with Chemistry (and all that terrible waiting)

This article also has some fantastic kudos for Bones, but if you don't read spoilers you should pass it by (and probably stop right here!)

The NYTimes article is out to highlight Castle, which begins with Unresolved Sexual Tension as one of it's biggest highlights right off the bat, but it shines a big light on Bones as being cut from the same cloth:

“Bones,” which began in 2005, might be the current reigning champion for stretching out that tension. Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and her partner, F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), examine dead bodies for clues and verbally pick at each other.
Check out the article for more, but again - SPOILER WARNING for the untouched! (nothing new, but still a great read, for those who follow all the spoilers)

Thanks, Carrie, for the tip!


Shep said...

Castle sounds way too much like Bones, just with the main charcters' roles reversed and altered a bit (where Brennan writes books in her spare time, Castle is a full-time crime novelist).

Then again, but Bones was based on Moonlighting, like Castle is said to be and you could compare them both to may other crime shows which have the same Mulder-Scully type duos ... so I'm not really sure what to make of it.

I don't think anything can top Bones though.

heirofloki said...

Excellent, thanks for the link!

I've been waiting (seemingly) ages to get Nathan Fillion back on my tv on a regular schedule. I hope this show breaks his first season curse.

One thing that struck me about the article was the comment by one of the writers to the effect that the UST was to catch the female demographic that's not usually into cop shows. Being a veteran watcher of CSI, NCIS, L&O (all of them), the closer, the Midsomer Murders and a few others, I couldn't help but inwardly gasp: Really? Next you'll tell me girls don't like science-fiction. Oh, wait...*rolls eyes*

Amanda said...

lol@hierofloki. I feel the same way (well, NCIS and SciFi, anyway).

I watched Castle last night and decided I liked it. It definitely has a vibe that's similar to Bones (especially "The Bodies in the Book", but since it was only the first ep, it could veer away).

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