Thursday, April 30, 2009

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Beaver in the Otter

Once again, many of you have seen "The Beaver in the Otter," thanks to the early airing in Canada. Please hold yourselves back just one hour longer so that people who like to live post can do so without knowing what's going to happen.

And, the perpetual warning for the next couple of weeks:

Please, PLEASE, do not put spoilers for upcoming season 4 episodes in this discussion. Many, MANY of the blog readers here avoid spoilers entirely. I'm sure there will be plenty in this episode alone to discuss for everyone's enjoyment :) Check out the Spoiler posts if you want to dish about how this episode is related to/foreshadowing/setting up anything in particular.

Repeated plea - Pretty, pretty, please? With a cherry on top? People still did it for Mayhem last week. I know everyone is excited, but there are lots of people who successfully avoid spoilers entirely and they want to be able to discuss the episode along with everyone else here without fear of being spoiled.

EW Rates Bones Season 4

Thank you, Jill, for sending me this link.

EW's Ken Tucker has put forth his rating for Bones Season 4. Unfortunately, even this has Season Finale spoilers in it, so beware!

Since some of you can't read it yet, I will copy some of it here.

Bones began life as a combo police-science procedural based on Kathy Reichs' best-selling thrillers. Because Emily Deschanel’s Temperance ''Bones'' Brennan was a forensic anthropologist, the corpses were gruesome and frequently repellent to David Boreanaz's FBI special agent Seeley Booth assigned to Bones’ cases. At first the show built its audience with the playful disparity between the literal-minded rationality of the doctor and the goofy temper of the G-man.

By now, however, anyone coming to Bones (new viewer or old faithful) might be struck by how little the cases, the plots, actually matter. Half the time the episode's murder seems to be an excuse to make light jokes, banter, and maneuver Bones and Booth ever closer to more-than-smoochy intimacy. I mean this as a compliment: A thousand other shows are all about the crime solving—Bones stands out as TV's most dependable romantic screwball comedy.
Overall grade, B+

Do you think his grade is fair? Does this season deserve better, or worse? I was going to wait until the season was actually over to ask this, but he's already started the conversation!

Happy Bonesday!

Once again, Canada aired the Bones episode early. Please do not spoil anyone here and do NOT post download/watch links. I will delete them.

It would be nice if everyone would discuss in the "Live Thoughts and Discussion" post this evening, but if you MUST talk about it earlier, there is always the Spoiler Chat post for this episode.

I trust it was good, right? :)

"The Beaver in the Otter"

Promo - Stills - Discussion - Spoiler Chat

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hart Hanson Tweets: Episode Titles for Season 5

There may not be an 'official' pickup yet, but the team is working hard on Bones Season 5.

TVGuide on the Finale

The latest issue of TVGuide magazine has a large spread on season finales. You can see the entire layout here, but I'm posting the Bones scans as well! They are mixing shows across pages, fyi.

(Definite spoilers)

I had to add the pictures to the stills album for "The End in the Beginning." The first one gives away spoilers even before you look at the HQ.

NYPost: on the Finale

NYPost has an article about Bones and the Season 4 Finale. Lots o'spoilers, be ware.

David Boreanaz on Chelsea Lately

David Boreanaz will appear on Chelsea Lately, on the E! network, on Wednesday May 6th. I've never seen her show, but the promos for it look interesting. She seems pretty frank, funny, and like she will ask anything - especially the uncomfortable questions.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emily Deschanel on The View

Thanks, Jenny, for finding the first link and for Su for the higher quality upload. Spoilers for the Bones season finale (nothing new) but be warned if you don't want to know!

Wonder what the schedule is...

Hart Hanson posts about Season 5 of Bones (no spoilers):

Monday, April 27, 2009

Episode Stills: The End in the Beginning

Definitely spoilers here in the Bones season 4 finale episode pictures. So, once again, I'm not directly posting the pictures. You can see them all at this link though.

Let the discussion run wild!

Emily's Views are Well-Respected

Ratings Tank - It's not just Bones

Last Thursday night was officially the first night of May sweeps (why it started April 23rd, I don't know) and nearly every show was down dramatically, to seasonal, or even series, lows. Small Bones mention.

I sincerely hope it was a one-time thing. Hart Hanson sure has been bummed about it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Emily Deschanel @ the Serious Moonlight Premier

Emily Deschanel attended the premier of Serious Moonlight Saturday evening in NYC.

You can see additional images at Emily News and at Newser (click through the slide show on the right). Thank you to both Tanja and Amanda for sending me information on this.

Great Stephen Fry Interview

Stephen Fry posted a great interview on his Twitter. He talks about his recent Bones episode, his other projects and what he'd love to do next year! (You'll like it too...)

A Bones fan gets a dream one-day gig

Many of you have already seen and commented on this where Shep posted it in the Episode Description of The End in the Beginning, but I wanted to make sure everyone (at least those who read spoilers) saw it.

A very lucky Bones fan in LA has blogged about her exciting day as an extra in a large season finale scene, and her disappointment that she didn't seem to find any other Bones fans there to wig out with. Check it out.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Episode Description: The End in the Beginning

Fox has put out the press release for the season 4 finale of Bones: "The End in the Beginning." Spoiler warning!

OWB is one year old!

When I started Obsessed with Bones, I never envisioned how much it would grow. I never envisioned anything, really, I was just looking for a hobby and a way to share my love of this great show.

1 year, 1200+ posts (and many thousands of comments - I don't even know!), a million page loads we are!

For the first month last year, OWB got about 20 visitors a day. Now? This week it was more like 4,000 unique visitors a day. There are a lot of you lurkers out there!!

I am so happy all of you visit and enjoy the blog. I'm glad it has become a place where we can all discuss the show deeply and avoid many issues that other fan sites (for any TV show - I'm not singling out Bones sites) face and a lot of that has to do with how vigorously many of you defend what OWB has become.

In a lot of ways, just by virtue of it being a blog, it's a one-woman show. That has it's limitations. And, as my life gets more complicated (c'mon baby squint...anytime now...I promise I won't bite) I greatly appreciate how much many of you take on in the form of self-policing out of place spoilers and gossip, contributing links, and more. OWB has truly become a community, something I never dreamed of but thoroughly enjoy and appreciate.

Here's to the next year!

Emily Deschanel talks with Peta

Emily Deschanel is passionate about many things, including animals. Click here to read a short interview and see a video with her discussing her animal love and Veganism.

Buddy TV Picks TV Best Brothers

Jared and Seeley Booth come in at #25 on TV's best brothers:

#25 Seeley and Jared Booth, Bones

These are two stoic men who don’t like to talk about their feelings, but when it comes to looking out for one another, Seeley can’t help but protect his brother.

Emily Deschanel Conferance Call: The Transcript

Givememyremote was able to participate in the recent conference call with Emily Deschanel and has compiled a full transcript of the interview. You can see it here (definitely spoiler warnings!) but here are a couple of the non-spoiler questions:

Okay, in the past few weeks, the show’s been on Mondays, Wednesdays, a Thursday… Talk about the fans of the show, and the loyalty to it, even with the constant schedule change.

ED: It’s incredible. I mean, we did better on an unscheduled night without a lot of promotion, then the show that’s normally there, and (better) than even on our regular time slot. I think it’s frustrating for a lot of people, friends of mine have said they didn’t know when the show was on; my grandparents were very confused (laughs)…you don’t have to be 90 years old to be confused by it though, but I think they’re (FOX) trying to make it up, because we got pushed off, it was like a chain reaction from an Obama press conference, and I think they’re trying to make it up to us. But it confused a lot of people, because people thought ‘oh, we’re on Monday nights now, not on Thursday nights’, but…we’re used to being bumped around, and I think it says a lot about our fans and our viewers who follow us from night to night, even in the same week. And, we’re just so grateful for such loyal fans. If we didn’t have them, we never would have survived, because we’ve been moved around so much, and it’s kind of ridiculous to think about. We owe it to our loyal viewers who stuck around from one night to another and made us even MORE successful on unscheduled nights. It feels pretty good to have those kind of loyal followers.

Alice with the Times Courier: I was wondering about your personal life, do you see any common traits between you and your character?

ED: (laughs) You know what? I think the character’s kind of seeped into me sometimes. I’ve become more particular about things and my attention to detail is stronger. Hart (Hanson), the creator of the show would say that I am the least like my character, of anyone on our show, and I think that’s probably true.

(small interruption, as ED gets a phone call)…..

ED: I think I’m very different from my character. I’m certainly not as intelligent as she is; I’m a little more personable, and you know, able to have conversations with human beings, which she struggles with. But I think if you saw David Boreanaz and myself, kind of interacting while we’re filming, you will see a lot of similarities to Booth and Brennan. We pretty much have the kind of ‘brother/sister’/’married couple’/ Booth and Brennan type….we’ll talk back and forth with each other bicker sometimes in a very loving way. We have a great kind of repartee going, that kind of mirrors the characters we have. But I’d say I get very focused on my work, like she does. I understand kind of losing yourself in your work, I understand and can relate to anything that she does, it’s just that maybe it’s not as strong in my personality as hers.

Rick Porter ( I wanted to ask you about something you mentioned earlier, sort of Brennan’s inability to relate the way regular people do. Do you think after this long, playing this character, that she almost refuses to kind of learn that, or she just really can’t see the world in that way.

ED: No, I would say that if you kind of look at some of the episodes, this season, like the one David directed…the Bones that Foam, you see Brennan ask Sweets, the John Francis Daley character who plays the shrink, she asks him to help her interact with humans. (laughs) And she admits that she’s not good at it and asks him to help her, and he tries to teach her what different expressions look like…what happiness looks like, what sadness looks like, and she’s just, you know, she kind of fails at it, but she’s really…it’s not a lack of trying, and I think if you actually look back to the beginning of season one to now, she has warmed up a lot. And I know that sounds crazy, because she still has a long way to go, but she has definitely changed. I think she’s opened up with her emotions, she’s learned to interact with people a little bit. And I’ve worked with some psychologists who work with people with Asperger’s syndrome. Basically Brennan has some form of Asperger’s, because she’s a genius, but she has a hard time interacting in social situations. People have success in moving forward and helping people with Asperger’s interact with other people in social situations. Anyways, that’s a long way to answer your question, but basically, Brennan has not given up. Brennan is really trying to learn how to relate to people and to open up her emotions. And become more sympathetic and all of that. And that’s one of the things I love about the character is that she is trying to be better. Trying to grow and that’s one reason why I love playing the character.

Emily Deschanel on Jimmy Fallon: The Video

Thanks, Su, for providing the Emily Deschanel Jimmy Fallon interview. There are definitely spoilers for the season finale.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ausiello Blind Item: Is this Bones?

Do not go and click on this blind item if you don't like spoilers! It's a little too close to a known spoiler to be dismissed out of hand and will definitely spoil you, either way!

What do you think? Is it Bones, or not?

Thanks, Anon, for the tip!

Bones Ratings: The Girl in the Mask

Should we make the Wednesday night call official? Bones dropped yet again in ratings. Episodes airing early in Canada cannot help, neither does the fact that Dish network's Fox feed last night (at least here) was a mass of pink boxes for the first twenty minutes.

At least it jumped a million in the second 1/2 hour.

Source: TVbythenumbers

Full details:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share 18-34 Rating 18-34 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millons)
8:00 CBS Survivor: Tocantins 3.2 11 1.9 7 10.717
NBC My Name is Earl 2.2 7 1.8 7 5.497
FOX Bones 2.0 7 1.4 5 7.724
ABC Grey’s Anatomy (repeat) 1.3 4 1.1 4 4.644
CW Smallville 1.3 4 1.3 5 3.011
UNI Cuidado con el Angel 1.3 4 1.4 5 3.544
8:30 CBS Survivor: Tocantins 3.9 12 2.2 7 12.047
FOX Bones 2.3 7 1.6 5 8.720
NBC Parks and Recreation 2.3 7 2.4 8 5.235
ABC Grey’s Anatomy (repeat) 1.7 5 1.7 6 5.597
UNI Cuidado con el Angel 1.4 4 1.6 5 3.810
CW Smallville 1.3 4 1.3 4 3.099

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Promo: The Beaver in the Otter

Promo for "The Beaver in the Otter." Thanks, Su!

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Girl in the Mask

Once again, many of you have seen "The Girl in the Mask," thanks to the early airing in Canada. Please hold yourselves back just one hour longer so that people who like to live post can do so without knowing what's going to happen.

And, the perpetual warning for the next couple of weeks:

Please, PLEASE, do not put spoilers for upcoming season 4 episodes in this discussion. Many, MANY of the blog readers here avoid spoilers entirely. I'm sure there will be plenty in this episode alone to discuss for everyone's enjoyment :) Check out the Spoiler posts if you want to dish about how this episode is related to/foreshadowing/setting up anything in particular.

Repeated plea - Pretty, pretty, please? With a cherry on top? People still did it for Mayhem last week. I know everyone is excited, but there are lots of people who successfully avoid spoilers entirely and they want to be able to discuss the episode along with everyone else here without fear of being spoiled.

What do you want to ask Emily Deschanel?

Lynn at SearchingBones will be participating in a conference call interview with Emily Deschanel and she's open to fan questions. Post them here.

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight is the last episode in the I-could-so-get-used-to-this, 2 episode per week, run:

"The Girl in the Mask"

Promo - Stills - Descriptions - Spoiler Talk

Anyone else kind of annoyed they are STILL showing episodes early in Canada? :(

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Critic in the Cabernet Episode Stills

Because "The Critic in the Cabernet" is 2nd episode before the season finale, I won't directly show the pictures here. But, I have uploaded them to my Picasa. Click here to see the photos and their descriptions. Definite spoilers!

Edit: You guys are right. That's what I get for posting within 5 minutes of waking up!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Special Bones Episode Makes the Top 20

We haven't seen a Bones episode make the top 20 in a months... and it did it on an unscheduled night! "The Cinderella in the Cardboard" came in at #17 for the week!

Can Bones have Wednesdays back please?

Source: TVBytheNumbers

Nielsen Top Twenty Shows by viewers for the week ending April 19, 2009:

Rank Shows R=Repeat S=Special P=Premiere Net # Viewers (LIVE+SD) (000) HH RATING (LIVE+SD) HH SHARE (LIVE+SD) 18-49 Rank
FOX 24,378 13.8 21 1
FOX 24,114 14.0 22 2
ABC 19,463 12.3 19 5
CBS 15,717 9.8 16 14
ABC 15,239 9.6 15 19
CBS 15,027 8.8 13 3
ABC 13,851 8.6 13 4
8 NCIS R CBS 13,559 8.7 14
CBS 13,385 8.5 14 16
CBS 13,227 8.5 14
FOX 12,190 7.4 11 6
12 MENTALIST, THE R CBS 12,183 7.7 12
13 CSI: NY
CBS 12,141 7.8 13
CBS 12,041 7.8 14
CBS 11,644 6.8 12 18
CBS 11,603 7.0 11 10
17 BONES SP-4/15 8P(S) S FOX 11,006 7.0 12
18 24
FOX 10,864 6.4 10 17
19 CRIMINAL MINDS R CBS 10,577 6.7 10
CBS 10,305 6.1 10

Hart Hanson tweets about Season 5

For those of you not on Twitter, Stephen Fry is fun to follow, but Hart Hanson has some good tidbits of interest as well!

That last one sounds like Bones will have an early premier again!

Two Fun Behind-the-Scenes Videos: FitI and DTitPH

Here are two fun Bones videos showing the behind-the-scenes antics on "Fire in the Ice" and "Double Trouble in the Panhandle."

Thanks, Jane, for the Double Trouble video, and, I'm sorry, but I honest to God cannot remember who pointed out the FitI video. I'm sorry! Feel free to claim credit in the comments :)

Summer Schedule Update

Fox has tweaked the summer schedule a bit. You can see the entire thing here, but the *ahem* relevant parts:

Monday, May 25
8:00/7:00c - "House" (Repeat)
9:00/8:00c - "Bones" (Repeat)

Thursdays (June 4-July 30)
8:00/7:00c - "Bones" (Repeats)
9:00/8:00c - "So You Think You Can Dance"

Wednesdays (as of August 19)
8:00/7:00c - "Bones" (Repeats)
9:00/8:00c - "The Moment of Truth"
Can Bones keep Wednesdays, please?!

Strike? No strike here!

For nearly a year actors, fans, Hollywood public, and many more have wondered, if/when SAG would strike. Looks like they won't!

Bones Ratings: Double Death of the Dearly Departed

Monday was not nearly as kind to Bones (Dancing with the Stars is a serious powerhouse!) "Double Death of the Dearly Departed pulled nearly 8.5m to come in 2nd.

Source: TVBytheNumbers

Full details:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share 18-34 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)
8:00 ABC Dancing with the Stars 4.4/12 3.3/10 19.46

CBS The Big Bang Theory (Repeat) 2.8/8 1.9/6 7.65

FOX Bones 2.5/7 2.1/6 8.38

NBC Chuck 2.3/6 1.9/6 6.05

CW Gossip Girl 1.2/3 1.7/5 2.36

8:30 CBS How I Met Your Mother (Repeat) 2.7/7 2.0/6 6.60

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