Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools on Fox

Thank, anon, for reminding me about this!

You may have noticed previews on Fox (if you watch at least one other Fox show, like I do - House) that talk about April Fools pranks at Fox. According to The Futon Critic, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are in on it!

They aren't doing a special on it (sadly) but you can catch the pranks on commercial breaks during tonight's airings of Lie to Me and American Idol. (I'll be recording them and fast forwarding to the commercials!)

For those of you not in the US...I'm sure they will make it to Youtube quickly and I will definitely keep an eye out!


em-jay said...

Ha! I can see them pulling pranks on their castmates! I can't wait to see the videos.

ninirific said...


cordy said...

oh, I can totally see them making fun. Thanks for letting us know. Hope we'll get to see it soon.

Stephanie said...

I was wondering if this was going to be playing during commercials. I watch Lie to Me, so I'll catch those, and I guess I'll be recording AI just for the commercials if Emily and David aren't during the first hour. I'm so glad they're gonna be in it! Thanks for the head's up!

Anonymous said...

Good evening,
Let me write you a comment not in relation to this article but because I just learned a hard news and I need to check it.

I am French and for French fans of bones there is a site named "Bones online, I just see inthis site a few minutes ago, a writing saying I quote:

"The news just fallen, live in the United States and the mouth of our series creator Hart Hanson, and we are devastated ... unfortunately I have the painful task to inform you that our Bones are not coming back for a fifth season.

The Fox did not provide details to explain this decision, rather unexpected, especially given the excellent hearings conducted by this year's episodes, but it seems that Fox wants to give her another chance to set police and not enough room in his schedule. "

It is a terrible news, and I know that the informations that you give in your site is very reliable I'd like to know if these are rumors or if Bones will really be canceled!

Thank you for responding

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a joke for the first april? I don"t know, but I hope it's a joke

Shep said...

I hope not Dorothée! April Fool's joke?

Wendy said...

April Fool's

Shep said...

See. I'm not believing anything today. Although here in the UK, jokes can only last until noon.

Wendy said...

I would be more likely to get sucked into a "Something terrible happened to (x cast member) or Hart Hanson story than a no-renewal.

Stephanie said...

Fox just ordered 6 more episode scripts or something like that for next season, and Bones is one of the few shows to gain viewers this year. It's gotta be an April Fool's joke.

bearlee-there said...

You can see the prank here:

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