Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bones on Twitter

Do you Twitter? Many of you already know that Stephen Fry is on Twitter. Most of the WORLD knows that, and he's one of the most followed on the site (and best!).

I don't know how I missed this, but I just realized today that Eric Millegan is also on Twitter! (In fairness, he's been on less than 1 month at this point.)

You have to be careful with Twitter if you don't like spoilers, but its a neat way to possibly connect with your favorite people, and other fans, if you're interested.

To talk with other Bones fans on twitter, include the hashtag #Bones in your related posts and then search for that through the site (or very easily keep a column of the search up like I do, through TweetDeck).

Edit: Thanks to ninirific - Hart Hanson on Twitter (encourage him - hopefully the real guy - to Twitter more!)

Edit2: Thanks to Tracie - Noah Hawley (writer). He has few followers. Give him some love!

TJ Thyne
Stephen Nathan
Ryan Cartwright
Kathy Reichs
Greg Yaitanes
@GeeURock - Galen Beers - post-production coodinator (only listed for Harbingers but could just be that IMDb has not been updated)
@msottovoce - Monica Sotto, art dept coordinator
@joeldavidmoore1 - Mr. Fisher
@Liz_Benjamin - producer
@MetaV - assistant director (not sure we've learned her name yet but perhaps it's Dawn Stewart as she's mentioned working on Hero in the Hold)
@Carerowline - script supervisor
@pejvahdat - Arastoo
@RexSuds - Steve Beers
@MissCarlaGallo - Carla Gallo / Daisy Wick (Her tweets are currently protected, but at least one person asked her to add them and she was very willing.)
@Brendan_Fehr - Brendan Fehr / Jared Booth (There are currently no tweets)

OFFICIAL Bones Twitter

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Related to Bones, but not quite directly:

My twitter, where you can get a heads up anytime a new blog post goes up, chat about some #Bones, and more than you want to know about my work distractions, the weather, impending motherhood and my political leanings :)



ninirific said...

Awesome! I'm on twitter and follow Stephen!

ninirific said...

Perhaps this is the real Hart Hanson?


jenny said...

If it is, ninirific, it seems he hasn't got used to it very weel yet...Would be nice if it was really him!How can sb know for sure?

jenny said...

It seems Eric is following him,though...So probably it's really him..

jenny said...

And he is following Eric...
(sorry for the consecutive comments!)

ninirific said...

thanks jenny!

Tracie said...

Also, Noah Hawley (he wrote the Epps-sisodes and a bunch of other good ones) is on twitter:


He mostly tweets about his new show though, The Unusuals - which I'm excited for :)

alikitty619 said...

I love Twitter! I've been following Stephen Fry for quite a while now. He tweets a LOT! Glad to have Eric Milligan and now Hart Hanson. We should encourage them to encourage the rest of the cast to twitter too.

My twitter...


Twitter for Bones spoilers...


BonzGirl said...

Get this...Eric Millegan follows Hart Hanson on twitter, and Barack Obama follows Eric Millegan!

Maybe who ever is in charge of Obama's Twitter page is a BONES fan!

ForensicMama said...

I'm following on Twitter, Wendy. :D

Abby said...

I just joined twitter a week ago and followed Stephen Fry at first, but then couldn't figure out why so many people follow him. With all his fans, I expected, I dunno, something more...his stuff is pretty much mundane. What's the big deal?

kdpark said...

Hart just had some nice comments on Twitter

HartHanson posted below
Eating M&M's and corn nuts during crew lunch, trying to figure out a story for the season opener. Yeah, that's right.
8:49 PM Apr 17th from web

@ruthe said...

thanks for this list! I'm not usually one to follow celebs on twitter but since I'm a bones addict the ones listed above have made it to my follow list. =)

Rebecca said...

DrTBrennan & co are busy over on twitter. No idea whether they are from Fox or fans, but the way they are updating is pretty ballsy if they are from fans. They are giving us the play by play of Booth's recovery. Something interesting to monitor over the summer!

The Other Jane said...

Dr Brennan, Agent Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Zach, Cam, Sweets, Daisy and even Parker are on Twitter. I'm sure it's just fans doing it, but they're fun to read...

backingoff said...

TJ Thyne is already on twitter... its private... so he has to approve you... :)...

MaDi said...

TJ Thyne is also on twitter: http://twitter.com/TJThyne

but you need his permission to read it

Wendy said...

Updated the list, with the help of Mickey - http://twitter.com/MickeyBoggs

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