Friday, April 17, 2009

Bones Ratings: Mayhem on the Cross

Bones dipped 2 milllion on its normal night (backwards of what you'd expect). Wednesdays are a bit nicer to Bones! Wonder what Monday will do?


Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share 18-34 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)
8:00 CBS Survivor: Tocantins 3.5/11 2.2/7 11.62

FOX Bones 2.6/8 2.3/8 8.72

NBC My Name is Earl 2.1/4 1.8/6 5.30

UNI Cuidado con el Ángel 1.8/6 2.1/7 4.60

ABC In the Motherhood 1.4/5 1.2/4 4.70

CW Smallville (Repeat) 0.8/2 0.7/3 1.84


Stephanie said...

Aww, sad...I blame Survivor. It'll be interesting to see if this leads to a jump back to Wednesday for Bones, considering they were awfully close to 11 million viewers, despite the earlier article that said Fox was hoping to leave it on Thursday.

Jane said...

It's sad that Bones' ratings dropped on its regular night. Perhaps viewers thought there was only one episode this week and since it was aired on Wednesday there'd be nothing more on Thursday? Probably should blame the inconsistencies in the Fox programming if that's the case...

Looking forward to a new episode of Bones on Monday (or Tuesday by the time we get to see it in Australia!)! What else will the Bones team bring for us? Exciting stuff, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

:( that's sad.

mom2abntb said...

I thought that was the best epi of the week

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's unfortunate... I thought it was the best episode of the week, too.

I mean, wednesday's was pretty darn good -- but this one just takes the cake (possibly, for me, my favorite bones episode ever)

Anonymous said...

I know that kind of stinks.. but I found this article about wednesday's ratings, and I think this is news I just had to share:

"Fans of Bones will be pleased to know that the network has already ordered new scripts for next season."

Source (seconnd paragraph, second sentence):

I don't know if this is already common knowledge, BUT I for one was EXTREMELY pleased to hear the scripts have already been ordered :)

Dani said...

now they need to promote the crud out of the remaining 5 eps...

Heres hoping next season they leave Bones alone and let the fan base grow again

anna kristine said...

Agree with Dani on this one. Fox needs to promote Bones again. And hire back whoever was writing for the first two seasons.

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