Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Booth and Bones / Booth and Max

Thanks to Mickey for bringing this great blog post to my attention.

Kate tackles not only Booth and Bones but Booth and Max in this great take on the show. I think it speaks well for itself and encourage anyone who loves to dissect the show to give it a read as she addresses both the Bones and Booth relationship but also the relationship and similarities in Booth and Max.


N2seeleyBooth said...

That was great insight I thought the same lots of similarities between Max and Booth. The last couple episodes have shown Brennen looking at Booth like she is starting to figure him out. He told her he wouldn't abandon her in the intern in the incinerator episode.

Shep said...

Great analysis.

Anonymous said...

I think Booth and Max are alot alike and this article made great points about it.

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