Tuesday, April 7, 2009

David Boreanaz in NHL Charity Poker Tournament?

Sherri sent me this link to an NHL news page which mentions David Boreanaz:

Puck Headlines: Will we witness the long-awaited Texas Hold’em showdown between David Boreanaz and Mats Sundin?

• Now, we’re only assuming David Boreanaz — formerly of "Angel," now of "Bones — will attend the just-announced all-day charity poker tournament the NHL will hold in Las Vegas on June 17, because he’s as "famous for the NHL" as they come. And we’re assuming the Mats Sundin will participate in said event because he sold his soul to Pokerstars.net, which is co-sponsoring the awards show eve tournament. But mostly we’re pointing out that on a day when hockey broadcaster Jack Edwards reminded us that hockey doesn’t need ESPN, the NHL is celebrating the very card game that for which the network shunned hockey earlier this decade. Irony, thy name is pocket aces. [NHL.com]


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