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EW Rates Bones Season 4

Thank you, Jill, for sending me this link.

EW's Ken Tucker has put forth his rating for Bones Season 4. Unfortunately, even this has Season Finale spoilers in it, so beware!

Since some of you can't read it yet, I will copy some of it here.

Bones began life as a combo police-science procedural based on Kathy Reichs' best-selling thrillers. Because Emily Deschanel’s Temperance ''Bones'' Brennan was a forensic anthropologist, the corpses were gruesome and frequently repellent to David Boreanaz's FBI special agent Seeley Booth assigned to Bones’ cases. At first the show built its audience with the playful disparity between the literal-minded rationality of the doctor and the goofy temper of the G-man.

By now, however, anyone coming to Bones (new viewer or old faithful) might be struck by how little the cases, the plots, actually matter. Half the time the episode's murder seems to be an excuse to make light jokes, banter, and maneuver Bones and Booth ever closer to more-than-smoochy intimacy. I mean this as a compliment: A thousand other shows are all about the crime solving—Bones stands out as TV's most dependable romantic screwball comedy.
Overall grade, B+

Do you think his grade is fair? Does this season deserve better, or worse? I was going to wait until the season was actually over to ask this, but he's already started the conversation!


Anonymous said...

Shows have to change to not become boring and Bones has done this also. I like the direction the show is heading and I have enjoyed this season immensely.

Anonymous said...

I agree. there are some iffy episodes here and there, but overall, i love this season. lots of great, powerful episodes with great character development.

What is up with this sentence in the review "Bones is now primarily about the way Deschanel's delicate, pie-faced loveliness contrasts with Boreanaz's sharp features and cutting smile. When their faces almost touch, it's as though he's going to slice into her." strangest thing ever!!

anna kristine said...

Are you kidding me? The man totally missed the heart and drama!! Seasons 1 and 2 had that in buckets as well. Bones has it all. How could they have missed that?

Puce said...

I was so happy when I found this show. A perfect mix between CSI (I presume since I don't watch it but have heard about it) & NCIS, i.e great science, humor, great characters (especially Brennan, a strong independent scientific rational woman), character interactions & last but not least character developments. I stopped watching NCIS when I found Bones lol.
But I'm really really disappointed with this season. I don't think a show should change as a whole & that is what has almost happened.
Yes the characters & their relationships have to evolve but the show itself, its purpose shouldn't. They still work in the same dark environment so the episodes shouldn't be so light, silly, goofy, comical. There should only be very few episodes like this & they shouldn't be as they were this season.
This season feels like a filler season, only very few episodes had a purpose & were worth it. It should be the other way around, a lot of meaningful episodes & few for the fun. That doesn't mean the meaningful ones can't be fun too.
What I'm saying is that it seems to me that the balance is really bad this season when it was really good before.
I'm also very disappointed with Brennan, her evolution seems inconsistent, bad.
Also changes shouldn't mean continuity errors, inconsistencies & OOC behavior.
I'm worried for the last 2 episodes, I'm afraid they can ruin the whole show for me :(

alanna said...

Puce - I have to disagree with you. :)

This season has had some of the most powerful episodes to date that has really helped with the evolution of the characters. However, not every episode can be deep and powerful or else that magic that we observe wouldn't have as much meaning when we did see it. Sure, we've had some filler episodes and yes, S1 and S2 were amazing, but if S3 and S4 had followed the same course as the first two seasons then I think the show may have become stagnant.

This season has also been more about the relationship between Booth and Brennan (IMO) which is pivotal in the development of the show and the journey it is going to take of the next few seasons. :)

Puce said...

I think that the Brennan-wants-to believe-in-everlasting-love has already been addressed in S2, maybe more subtly, when in "glowing bones" she confines in Angela that she gets scared when a relationship seems more than casual & thus is afraid of failure, when in "bodies in the book" she says that the odds are not in favor of lasting relationships & that she should stay in control. In "boneless" it is obvious too when she stares at the wedding pictures with tears in her eyes, etc...
& Booth's answers you-will-someday & there-is-someone-for-everyone are mirroring everything-happens-eventually.
What I'm saying is that there were like you said some characters developments in the last few epi but IMO that have already been shown & thus seems redundant & the rest of the season seems to me as only filler episodes that unfortunately I didn't like unlike filler episodes in previous season. That's why I say this season feels as a filler season without any real purpose so far. The reason I didn't like the filler episodes it's because I found them to be too comical but especially full of continuity errors, inconsistencies (especially in Brennan's evolution) & OOC moments.
Just my POV :)

amc815 said...

This is my favorite show!!! Since the first scene 'till now and the next!!! I adore Emily and David's chemistry on screen and off, if I can tell... Actually the entire cast works so well. And we have crimes solved, friendship, romance, fellowship, fun,trust, everything in one! And this season, all the characters grew so much. Can't wait for the upcoming season!!!

Puce said...

I forgot the you-can-read-people-&-I-can-read-bones, I'm-analytical-&-you're-are-intuitive, etc, to sum up : I'm-like-this-&-you're-like-that has been addressed many many times before. It seems this season is only here to push away what should have happened earlier, unfortunately (IMO) they push it away with too many poor, silly episodes instead of meaningful episodes, with redundant plots & by making Brennan even worse than in S1 (just for silly entertainment) like she hadn't changed since then when she in fact has. A lot of her growth seems totally forgotten this season.

Angela said...

For me it started as a great show, and I immediately liked a lot the characters ;-) Then I forgot about it for a while after mid-season 2 and I found it again last fall. I rewatched every season and sometimes I still do. Now It's absolutely my favorite show ever and my love for it and its characters is always growing, no matter some changes that of course did happen. But that's not a bad thing, because now they're focusing even more on the character development and it's really a good thing. My worst nightmare for the show? If the actors-characters change. It's all about them. The crime stories could even be bad but if they're all there with romance, friendships, trust the show goes on. It's about chemistry, not only Emily and David's but of all of them.
That's why I was really sad that Zach left, even if in season 3 I did not like him that much. My favorite Zach is the one pre-doctorate (season 1 and early 2). I loved that funny squint kid making weird jokes and experiments with hodgins. In late season 2 and expecially season 3 post-Iraq he was more cold and detached. Sometimes when I watch old episodes I really miss him that way!

Anyway, this season was awesome, this last half in particular, from the Christmas hiatus on, full of very meaningful episodes and even it they're all there to lead us and them to the finale so far they're doing an amazing job!! They alternated light, hilarious episodes and deep, emotional and important ones in a great mix :-)
So... long live Bones!! :-)))

ForensicMama said...

That's a fabulous rating & assessment! I loved it! :D But I'd give it an A. But a B+ isn't too terrible, either.

Anonymous said...

If I may weigh in on the evolution of Bones, I was one of those people who was very disappointed by season three. It seemed "off" from season two at the beginning and after the writers' strike, I didn't even feel like the writers were trying. I considered no longer watching the show. But I loved S1 and S2 too much to not give it not give it a second chance. So I watched the S4 premiere. It disappointed. And so did most of the subsequent episodes. But they weren't as bad as the second half of season three, so I held out hope that the season would improve with time. If not, I could call it a day knowing for sure that the Bones I loved wasn't coming back. Then the Fire in the Ice aired and for the first time this season, I really liked an episode. It wasn't perfect, but it was enjoyable. And the Princess and the Pear was better than I expected. Then things went a bit downhill again (I'm looking at you, Salt in the Wounds) and right back up. Since Cinderella in the Cardboard, I've really liked every episode. I finally feel like my Bones is back. Is it the same Bones as in S2? No. Is it as enjoyable as S2? Yes. There are still things I'd change, but there were things I'd change about S2 too.

I understand how people have been turned off by S3 and the beginning of S4. Saying the show was the same as before or as good as before when it wasn't does a disservice to Bones. I understand Puce's feelings. Likewise, I see how satisfying and good the end of S4 is and I understand how many people are genuinely pleased with the season.

To Puce: I hope you continue watching Bones through the end of this season. If you still aren't happy with the show, you probably aren't going to be. I'm sorry, break-ups are no fun (even if it's with a TV show). I hope you have the S1 and S2 DVDs to remind you of the good times.

Sorry for the novel.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mama. I don't watch Bones for the forensics. Or for outstanding ways to dispose of human remains. I have forensic files, Medical detectives and the very awesome 48 Hours for real life drama. I watch Bones because I find it entertaining and different, and yes, fun.

B+ is fine by me. This season has had it's highs and lows, as other seasons have. If there's a marked habit in the writing, is the tendency to slump between eps 10 and 16, so I don't think any other season merits a straight A either. Except maybe the 3rd, Season-finale debacle notwithstanding.

Puce said...

I'm all about character developments that's why I hate so much inconsistencies. & I find that there are a lot of them this season & especially in the light episodes generally just for the fun. But since the fun isn't consistent I don't find it fun & it also ruins the continuity of character developments. Another bothering thing that ruins the character development is when the writers forget about previous growth & changes as if they never occurred, it creates redundant plots causing BB moments that fell forced & thus fall flat since they already occurred.

Puce said...

Not my native language & no offense of course, just my POV :)

alikitty619 said...

Yeah, I'm okay with the B+. I always think a show can work to be better. If they gave it an A, then the only way left to go is down.

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