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Happy Bonesday!

Tonight we get "The Science in the Physicist"

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Slightly off-course Bones discussion I am curious about. A few weeks ago, Castle premiered and there has been a lot of talk, at least amongst Bones fans, about this show. The opinions are mixed Some feel that Castle is identical to Bones and laugh about it. Some feel that it's a betrayal of your Bones love to watch Castle . Some just haven't seen it. Some watch it and love it, Bones while on either side of the fence when it comes to the Bones similarities, or not.

I am just curious to know where you guys fall on that. I have had some discussions with other fans about it as a defender of Castle as it's own show, and one I enjoy. What do you think?


Victoria said...

I'm currently watching Castle just because I thought I'd give the first ep a go and then found I enjoyed it. It is definitely Bones-lite and I can see how people would see the comparison.

I still prefer Bones a lot more, but for the time being I'll continue watching Castle. Plus always good to see another Whedon-alum on TV in Nathan Fillion.

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

I love Bones. I mean really love's my favorite show on tv right now! As a matter of fact, I haven't loved a show this much, since I loved The X-Files.

That being said...there were shows before Bones, and there will be shows after Bones, that have the male/female dynamic, revolving around solving crimes. I am watching Castle, and enjoying it so far. No where near the love I have for Bones, but it's an interesting show.

But think about it...there were many "male/female solving crimes, all the while having sexual tension" type tv shows before. Just enjoy what you want to enjoy, and dislike what you want to dislike! I have seen some Bones fans trying to rip apart this show (Castle), but I won't be one of them.

Kili Climbers said...

I watched Castle because people kept saying it was similar to Bones....I thought, cool, that is almost like having Bones 2x a week. But I didn't like back to only Bones. But as "Don't Call Me Bones!" said - even Bones takes its ideas from shows that have come before it.

Steph P. said...

I agree with Don't Call Me Bones! There have been lots of shows with a similar premise.

I do watch Castle, but I watch it online Tuesday mornings, mostly for something to do while I get ready for the day. I'm not completely sold on it yet, but I feel like the past few episodes have been better.

I am so excited for Bones tonight! It is scary how much I look forward to this show.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Bones adict, I watch it everytime it airs no matter how many times I've seen the episode before. That said, I was apprehensive about Castle being another Bones. I watched it and found it not as close as I had heard it would be. Surprisingly, I enjoy it. I'm nowhere near adicted and I doubt I ever will be but at least its something to watch on Monday nights.

ali said...

Castle is entertaining enough and i like Nathan Filion, but the relationship between the leads just isn't there yet.
I've been spoiled by booth and bones and Castle seems like a pale imitation. Yes, Bones didn't invent the concept of male/female pairings. but they have perfected it. :) so it isn't a surprise that people compare Castle with Bones.

Shep said...

Has the eppy already been shown in Canada?

Suzanne said...

I'm not a regular for Castle... I saw few eps, but it's just not that good that I'd be hooked... possibly even because it's so Bones-like.
Plus I didn't like the ep about nannies, incredibly prejudistic (I've done my share of that as an aupair).

Sherry said...

I love Castle, and I agree with Don't Call Me Bones. I remember when I first started watching Bones and saying "Oh, we saw this storyline on CSI, or [insert forensics show here]." The reason I love Bones is for the characters, and the characters on Castle are different.

Amanda said...

I definitely see the similarities between the two series, however, that's going to be the case for the reasons others have stated here.

I listen to "I Should be Writing", a podcast by Mur Lafferty. One of the recurring themes is: "I can't write this because it's already been done." Yeah, well, so what? You may have similar situations and even similar characters, but what YOU do with them is the important thing. No two people will tell a story the same way.

So, I guess, even if the setups are similar (say, Firefly v. Star Wars), the execution is the important thing.

Angela said...

I completely agree with Don't Call Me Bones and Sherry. Bones right now is definitely my favorite tv show. I really like Castle, which is something I don't usually do in such a short time. Of course there are some similarities (male-female crime solving team, weird murders) but they are not the same. the characters are very different and that's what I love about those shows.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of Nathan Filion, i have watched Castle.. I feel its liek Bones in someways but not really like it overall.. maybe more Remington Steele like.


Cece said...

ABC did a good job of making Castle look like another Bones, but I've seen every episode and it really isn't. There is a completely different motivation for the non-cop to go into the field and Castle is so different than Brennan. And they forwardly address the sexual tension/relationship and possibility of one.

The only similarity I found was the use of "No Envy No Fear" by Joshua Radin at the end of last week's episode. It was the same part as was used at the end of "Double Trouble in the Panhandle"

Stephanie said...

I watch Castle, and I enjoy it, but I do think it's very similiar to Bones. I was watching...the third episode of Castle, I think, and thought "Oh my gosh, they're even having fights in the car!" Plus, the third episode of Castle and the third episode of Bones both revolved around a case with private school kids. Probably a coincidence, but I noticed.

I think ABC wants Castle to be like Bones because in a time where shows really aren't doing so well overall, Bones is. But Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion don't have the same chemistry as David and Emily do. I think it's kinda silly to not watch Castle because of loyalty to Bones, though. Different networks, different's not like they're in competition with each other!

Melinda said...

I watch Castle.I wasn't to sure after the first couple of eposides if I would like it.But they have been getting a lot better.I really enjoy watchimg it.
Can't wait for Bones tonight!!!!

sai said...

There are some similarities in terms of how they want to take the story...Mother killed... dad in trouble... I like Nathan Fillion's character portrayal but his personality is similar to that of Remington Steele - a suave flirtatious character. Seeley Booth - while being sarcastic and having a goofy sense of humour has a much quieter nature. He is obviously attractive to women but he is not an all out flirt. I also think what makes bones different is that there is a gender swap in terms of how these two react to certain situations. Here its the guy who wants the long term commited relationship, the one who gets queasy seeing gruesome dead bodies with rats crawling over them.

While booth and bones have a lot of chemistry what makes their relationship so special, atleast for me, is the fact that they are such good friends and aboslute fans of each other - which comes across through all the 'bickering'. Paraphrasing 'Juno' - both of them think that the sun shines through the other person's a$$ and it's obvious. :D

Its early days yet for castle - it took us a while to get this invested in bones. Though admittedly i fell in love with all the characters very early on. Like someone said - i need something to watch on the other nights!

Milky said...

Stephanie sums it up pretty much to me... Though I did the same thing as Kili Climbers: watched it thinking 'cool, let's watch it and give it a try!'.

But yeah, I saw a lot of similarities just mixed up between the characters, giving them a twist and some different things as well because similar is fine, blatant copy is illegal lol.

I watched the 1st 4 eppies. I really enjoyed the 1st one and got bored in the other 3. So I stopped watching it-- not because it was/wasn't similar to Bones, but because I was tired of what it felt to me like the same interaction between the characters (without the same chemistry as ED&DB) all the time and, when Beckett arrives at his reading all dressed up to distract him........ well, I just felt like ugh. There were some moments when I felt they were pushing the humor too much.

Reading this, though, and how the show seems to be getting better to the watchers, I'll maybe give it another go.

heirofloki said...

Haven't seen it. Not sure I have time for a new tv show anyway, but I do love Nathan Fillion so might give it a try over the summer if it gets picked up.

Samantha said...

Apart from the obvious, ie, male-female team, sexual tension, one is an author, Castle doesn't seem to have any other similarities to Bones. The characters are different, no team of squints, and Castle's family play a big part in his life. I'm enjoying both and will continue to do so!

I'm glad everyone here is able to see sense. It seems silly to me for people to boycott a show just because they think it seems to similar to one they already love? Surely they sould be pleased that there's another great show on tv?

brennanite said...

I saw one episode and my impression was bones knock-off. What I saw, everyone was still trying way too hard, although Fillion manages to be pretty entertaining despite this. This is really just a testimony to his overall radness. I think the show has potential, and I am waiting to see if it gets good or flounders.

Micha said...

I love I run home to make sure my DVR tapes it kind of love..., but I think Castle is really good and getting better every episode. Both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are settling into their roles and they do have excellent chemistry. It isn't the same type as DB and ED, but it is very compelling chemistry.

Comparisons can be made, but there are so many differences in tone and overall feel of the show, I don't see a real basis for the "its totally copying Bones OMG^*(^< I totally have to hate on it{" mentality that some Bones fans have been giving it.

I like what was said by a poster above on the Remmington Steele comparisons.

Castle = Remmington Steele
Bones = Nick and Nora (of the Thin Line Series)

Yes, they have strong male/female relationship interaction dynamics, but they come at things from vastly different directions.

SO, as much as I love Bones, I think Castle is really hitting its stride and is something I'm really starting to look forward to watching on Mondays. :)

jojo said...

I LOVE Bones and always will.

I've been watching Castle and I don't really see that much similaries other than the ones other people have already mentioned. I enjoy watching it, but I don't see myself going to discussion boards and being an obsessed fan like I am with Bones :]

Mickey said...

I was persuaded to watch both Bones and Castle by my Remington Steele friends. I've watched the first 3 eps of Castle now and have yet to see near the chemistry that was evident from the first episode of RS or the second ep of Bones. But I see the potential for it to be there.

@Micha, your comment regarding the three shows and Nick & Nora is interesting to me because the creator and writers of RS have all said that Remington & Laura were very definitely based on Nick & Nora.

And I've also heard the RS writers say in interviews (both regarding RS and other series they've worked on) that writers absolutely copy from other series. I'd already come up with a list of at least 14 similarities between Bones and RS both in the characters and in plots and I gather from an upcoming episode that I'll have another to add to the list. "The Critic in the Cabernet" - anyone remember the RS S1 episode "Vintage Steele" where the body was found floating in a vat of cabernet at a winery?

At any rate, I think there's certainly room for both of them on the air. Once upon a time RS, Moonlighting, Scarecrow & Mrs. King and, if memory serves, Hart To Hart were all on the air during the same seasons.

lyssie said...

i enjoy castle very much. i started watching it because i LOVE firefly- why oh why did it get taken off the air! anywho, i started watching it cuz nathan fillion was in it and i like it very much.
i also think that just because it has a male and female lead doesnt mean that it is a bones knockoff, but that may just be me.

anna kristine said...

Agree on Ali et al. on this one. The chemistry just isn't there. I mean Nathan Filion is hot, but the premise just doesn't seem to be present for the two of them, not unlike the buckets and buckets of tension that I've seen for B/B.

Plus there's just something off and a little unbelievable about the characterizations. It's a little, scattered, like they don't exactly know where the story or the relationship is supposed to go, unlike in Bones' early seasons, where patterns and consistencies were established.

Poetic_line said...

I'm a Bones addict so there is no doubt I love the show and its characters to a fault.

Yet, I can still enjoy Castle. While there is UST, it's just a different dynamic between the 2 characters.

Nathan Fillion is just no alpha male. He's very smart and wants to get close to her, yet she is the physical one, grabbing his ear, handcuffing him to a steering wheel, etc.

I don't see it as a conflict of interest, rather an appreciation of enjoyable tv.

And there is too little enjoyable tv on nowadays and Bones is practically the only show I watch and I have 200 channels now.

I have added Castle and that is definitely not a slight against Bones, which will continue as my top favorite show.

Jessie said...

I do watch Castle, not only because it's entertaining. As much as I hate to face the facts, I know, that someday Bones will come to an end. I at least need something to watch when that happens. But at the moment its more like something to tide me over until Bones day. xD
The show its self seems a little dry at the moment, its rather fast paced and you really need to keep up with it. Also I find they don't pay much attention to the other characters besides Becket and Castle like Bones does. Like I said before, right now its just something to watch. Its kind of like a crappier version of Bones.
Bones is still #1 for me though. :D

BatGirl said...

My Mom got me started on Castle and during the first episode, I didn't immediately think of it as cut from the same cloth as Bones. I actually found it very amusing. Well, it still is, but after reading this article, I've found that I'm being more skeptical about Castle and its similarities with Bones. I'm kind of frustrated, but I think that I'll give Castle a chance. Bones is such a great show and whether or not ABC is intentionally copying my favorite show, Castle can't beat Bones EVER.

Wendy said...

I wouldn't be - you'd be amazed at how many things Bones has done about a year after NCIS did the same...

All shows take hints from others. The strongest aspect of Bones is the pairing and they do it so well many think they 'own' the concept when it definitely did not originate here and others will do it again after Castle.

While I didn't like this week's Castle as well as the previous ones, I am thoroughly enjoying the show on it's own merits :)

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