Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy (Special) Bonesday!

Remember that we get a special Wednesday night airing of Bones this week!

Tonight's episode is "The Cinderella in the Cardboard."


luscious said...

Happy bonesday to all the fans across the globe.

Stephanie said...

Four new episodes in nine days...We're all going to be feeling pretty spoiled by next Friday! haha

Jane said...

Happy Bonesday for everyone!

Stephanie is right. We're getting so spoiled these couple of weeks. How can we ever go back to only one episode per week? Or maybe I'm just too greedy :P

Anonymous said...

yay. wendell is gonna b back

catnapping said...

I wish Bones was on a soap, ya know?

Every evening at 8pm or something...(I remember the first evening soap - Peyton Place. America was soooo addicted.

Linda Tretvik said...

I dont think we're spoiled because of four episode in 9 days.. I think we deserve it do to the huge gaps between episodes earlier this year, and before christmas..

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