Thursday, April 30, 2009

Live Thoughts & Discussion: The Beaver in the Otter

Once again, many of you have seen "The Beaver in the Otter," thanks to the early airing in Canada. Please hold yourselves back just one hour longer so that people who like to live post can do so without knowing what's going to happen.

And, the perpetual warning for the next couple of weeks:

Please, PLEASE, do not put spoilers for upcoming season 4 episodes in this discussion. Many, MANY of the blog readers here avoid spoilers entirely. I'm sure there will be plenty in this episode alone to discuss for everyone's enjoyment :) Check out the Spoiler posts if you want to dish about how this episode is related to/foreshadowing/setting up anything in particular.

Repeated plea - Pretty, pretty, please? With a cherry on top? People still did it for Mayhem last week. I know everyone is excited, but there are lots of people who successfully avoid spoilers entirely and they want to be able to discuss the episode along with everyone else here without fear of being spoiled.


anna kristine said...

Meh. I still like MotC better. But all this character development for Booth is refreshing I gotta say.

ninirific said...

Loved that they acknowledged Brennan looking at the bones until "they speak to her". That was a nice moment! Anyone know the song that was playing? I liked it.

Loved the "but...I'm not the public"

Booth can't go to India!

Liked seeing Bones in the lab more!

rachel said...

i loved having bones alone w/ the bones again. very reminiscent of s1e1 when she was working on putting that skull together. notice that cam brought her a fresh cup of coffee this time and in s1e1 zac brought her a cup of coffee. loved it!

Suzanne said...

Here is the midepisode break

Whitney said...

The song is Time Lapse Lifeline by Maria Taylor.

rachel said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG next weeks preview has me hyperventilating! and i loved the end of this eppy! so cute!

ninirific said...

Awww.the fake dine and dash!!! That was awesome!

I SOOO saw it coming though!

Next week looks like it has potential. I'll reserve my comments/feelings/thoughts till then!

brittany (bones 2592) said...

wow...this episode was great!! (just like the previous 6 or 7 or okay the whole season) the bones and booth chemistry was amazing especially at the end!!! cant wait for next week...looks good!

Suzanne said...

Here you go -- promo for Critic.


Amanda said...

I loved this whole episode and next week's looks like so much promise.

The character development was great without being over-the-top. I laughed over Hodgins's interactions with Cam (especially because I had the "he can't have beer!" reaction), and Cam and Angela's scene.

I'm not wonderful with French, but I know enough words, so I have to add that "Bouvier" translates to "Herder", hence the breed of herding dog "Bouvier de Flanders".

Booth's coming to terms with letting Jared grow up was spot on, from both sides.

I liked that Brennan was waiting in the wings for Booth's reaction. I also LOVED!!! the dine-and-dash. Their facial expressions were delightful!

tybonium said...

I thought this episode was really good. I almost expected more with the Jared storyline, but I have no idea what. It was nicely done though.

I thought the "but, I'm not the public" was cute and a little sad for her.

Of course the fake dine and dash was really sweet.

That professor they interviewed was awesome.

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

That last freaking cute!! I love what he did for her. He gave her the chance to be "bad"...wreckless and carefree. Look at the joy, he just brought her! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

I think that sweets gave brennan what she deserved at the end of the episode. I thought at the end with the booth and brennan scene that they would go into detail with the i'm not the public comment. That would have been awesome. But the brennan looking at the bones thing was nice. Reminded my of the good ol days. Next week looks really good. I'm just wondering how they are going to fit a case in there. I hope everything is not rushed.

Anonymous said...

For all those interested... I did my weekly duty and gathered the songs for you all

1st song played
time lapse lifeline by maria Taylor

Song when they find the "killer"
By & By - Natalie Walker

last song played at the very end
time lapse lifeline by maria Taylor

so hope you all enjoy

Anonymous said...

^^^^ OOPS

the last song at the very very end was actually

"Save You" - Matthew Perryman Jones

sorry for the typo


ninirific said...

Thanks Rebecca!

Rolywa said...

I loved this episode! I loved Brennan looking at the Bones and the Booth/Booth lite character development. Good mix of all parts. I also was surprised with the killer!

next week's episode makes me nervous though!!! (even though I secretly also can't wait)

Christa Shishino said...

Haha watching my DVR. Beaver is exactly two years older than me. Yay May 11th birthdays! :P
Sometimes Jared makes me want to punch someone, but I like how Booth handled it.
And the last scene with Bones was cute. Even though I saw the same thing on One Tree Hill on Monday, it was still cute.

Stephanie said...

So this episode was good, but it kinda made me mad. Booth's whole argument about people have to be bad so their brains can fully develop and they can know how to be good...what?! And then Brennan got upset because she's always been a good person and has never done anything bad? That's not something to be upset about! I'm someone who has never done anything worse than maybe not completely tell her parents where she and her friends were going on a Friday night, so as someone who also has never done anything bad, I basically took offense to that whole argument. That irritated me. And, while Brennan was adorable during the fake dine-and-ditch, I was glad Booth left money on the bar.

I'm with everyone else about liking the scene with Brennan and the bones. Loved Cam and Angela doing rock, paper, scissors, too. I also loved that we got to see a little bit of the old conspiracy theorist Hodgins with the "he doesn't trust Muslims" comment. My other favorite moment was Booth realizing that Brennan gave him Beaver's birthdate in the scientific way and just the fact that Brennan did that in the first place, haha. That's our girl :)

anna kristine said...

There's something weird about Sweets. He did a complete 180 from his usual baby duck role (although I can't really blame him, B/B have been acting like jerks to him all episode), and I can't help thinking there might be something more to that in the future.

pussreboots said...

Whitney said...

The song is Time Lapse Lifeline by Maria Taylor.

THANK YOU for identifying it. I knew I had it in my play list and it was driving me nuts.

Egypt Dave said...


They haven't done crap like that since the first episode of the first season. This crap with the music and the cinematic camera angles is something that other popular non serious shows do and the lack of it was what I loved about this show. I hope this was just a new joke and not a foreshadowing that the Bones crew will attempt to turn this into CSI: Anthropology.

Angela said...

I really liked this episode! Actally my expectations were a little low, i don't even know why, but I really enjoyed it!! And I'm with those who loved the bones staring too! And Angela and Cam! :-)) It reminded me of the pilot (whose scene i loved too!) I think in those last few episodes Brennan was not a lot in the lab, letting Cam and the interns doing her job, so seeing her a bit more in there was nice!!
The last scene... awww wonderful I loved it!! it was sweet of him making her do something bad without actually being bad but letting her believe that! these two are amazing actors, their expressions were sooo cute and funny!
Sweets... oh poor Sweets he really got angry in this episode and even if in the end I felt bad for Brennan she totally deserved it! I loved her expression when she went in the observaton room! :-)
Jared! Actually I was a bit worried about this episode because of him, but it turned out interesting and good for both of the Booths ;-)
Next week. Oh. My. God. I'm already hyperventilating and I'm sure I will for the rest of the week!! the next two weeks are going to be painfully long! Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I felt like this episode was mediocre at best...I got up and did other stuff during it because I did not feel like I was really missing anything. The end scene was cute...but I'm unimpressed when cuteness is the highlight of the hour. I miss the more seroius, darker tone of the earlier seasons...

Anonymous said...

Surprised no one mentioned all of the "Animal House" references. "Beaver," instead of "Otter." Dean Warner instead of Dean Wormer. The frat president's last name was the same in the episode and the movie, and in Animal House, Otter had sex with the dean's wife.

Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

"FINE! I guessed! I am a magic 8 ball"

ROFL @ Sweets

Shep said...

I liked this episode, it was just a good, solid episode. Interesting case, cute character moments: loved the fake dine and dash ending! Booth looked adorable when he told her about it!

It was good to see Brennan spend time looking at the Bones again - like season 1 again. I thought what Booth meant about being bad to be good was that they have to make mistakes, do stuff wrong, to then learn from them and want to do good things. And I liked his whole frontal lobe being the size of a raisin thing!

Loved the squints' moments with each other too: Cam and Angela, Hodgins and Vasiri. Good to see the conspiracy theorist Hodgins again, and the fact that the experiments are back (though they didn't actually get to do this one)

Anonymous said...

I agree that things somehow seem to bee a little too light recently. A girl gets smushed and they compare her to pizza. ok. I like how the cases link up to their personal lives, though this one being about 'being bad before being good' and letting his brother go to india alone felt a little like a stretch.

I hated Hodgins being prejudiced against muslims. wtf. he's such a great character and lately they're jus tmaking him kind of grumpy and irritable and... bigoted?? i thought that as a liberal, conspiracy theorist guy he would be educated enough to NOT have ignorant prejudices. whether or not way in season 1 there was a bomber.

i LOVED the rock paper scissors, looking at the bones till they talk, dine and dash, and the 'im not the public' and a couple other moments but I agree that I am just so much more excited for the next episode. Again, though, please dont make it only what that reviewer called it, a 'screwball comedy'...

Gigi said...


I think he meant that Jared needed to be bad like he wants to and pay for his mistakes. So far he has been bad and not felt the consequences of his actions. And that was why he was talking about his lobe as a raisin.

I think Bones took it that everyone needs to be bad on purpose and not as Jared specific.

I think this was a long overdue development with Sweets. She has dug at him a lot.

Fire the Writers. said...

What's with Hodgins being racist against Muslims? I'd think someone so knowledgable of CIA meddling (assassinations, coups, etc.. would be sympathetic to the people of the Middle East...

Sorry, but I think the writers just don't give a damn about anything. It's gotten so the only reason I bother to watch Bones is to see the actors...too the show needs new writers.

I give them one year tops. The writers are either too stupid to remember what they've already written, or they just don't give a damn about their audience.

I give this episode a C-. A fair salute to Animal House (did you catch the characters' names? LOL) and the epilogue was cute...but other than that. I absolutely could have missed this show. In fact, it's one I won't bother to rewatch on FOD or fancast.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time they've made ignorant comments about Muslims.
I try not to take it to heart; but sometimes ignoring things like this is very hard.

I get enough of this prejudice BS in my daily life, I don't need to see it on my favorite show coming from my favorite characters.


that being said, I still love Bones! =D


anna kristine said...

Agree with Anon on this one. Bones is so much more than just a screwball comedy. Sadly the writing as of late seems to have been slowly but surely skewing towards that direction (which is what probably prompted the labeling in the first place), with the exception of MotC (I guess that's why I love the epi so much).

To quote a line from Avenue Q: "Everyone's a little bit racist." So there's my take on that.

I guess it's been missing a lot of its heart lately. That and a continuous season-long story arc.

Anonymous said...

While I loved the end "moment" as I love all cute moments between Booth and Bones, I found it hard to believe that Bones would fall for the dine and dash prank. As if she wouldn't be smart enough to know that Booth wouldn't risk his job to "be bad" And at the same bar they go to all the time and would be recognized at? Give me a break. I would've liked to see something a little more believable...or maybe a speech from Booth about Brennan not needing to be bad for frontal lobe development. Keep the moment, not the ridicuousness!

Anonymous said...

I think the episode was cute, especially the final scene. Booth was awsome (as always) with Bones.

I am sorry that many people were hurt by Hodgins being racist against Muslims. I for one, not being Muslim, thought it was
shameful and offensive...I wouldn't dare immagine what many of the fans from that religion thought about it. I'm sorry for them all, and hope that this doesn't make them reconsider their opinion on this great show. A special hug to all of them.

Going back to the episode, I thought that Sweets' reaction on Brennan's non-stop disapproval to psychology was well deserved. I mean, he's a normal human being, it's just logical that he would have exploded after all those bad considerations for what he does (I would have done the same). About Jared, I think he doesn't appreciate much of what his big bro does for him. I think he still needs to grow up and mature (maybe learning a thing or two from our man, Booth.) I also liked Bones looking at...the bones!

I can't wait for the next episode!! It's so great that my bro and sis also want to watch it with me! I think it's gonna be just AWSOME!

Kisses to all the fellow fans!=D

Lauren said...

This episode was so-so. My favorite moment, hands down, though was Angela and Cam rock-paper-scissoring to see who would babysit Brennan. So adorable.

As for Hodgin's Muslim comments, I am torn between two thoughts. 1) he actually doesn't like Muslims, likely because they're Muslims (which is offensive) or 2) he doesn't actually dislike Muslims and/or the intern, but is lashing out in general and using the intern and his religion to do it (which is also kind of offensive).

jenny said...

I'm in two minds about this epi...There were moments I liked.The top was Brennan looking at the bones,of course,and Ange/Cam rock-paper-scissors.That scene reminded me of the pilot,as others said above,and the moment where Cam brought her coffee like Zack had done back then I was like "awww..."!The case was interesting and the killer unexpected and it had an adequate amount of science involved,which is something I always like.The Booth-Jared moments were also really nice ad well-acted by both DB and BF,and I liked the whole idea of Booth finally letting Jared grow up.And although I felt really bad for Brennan,I was expecting Sweets to talk back to her like that for some time now
On the other hand,Hodgins' comments about Muslims,apart from offending and unacceptable,felt really OUT OF CHARACTER for him.That's not the Hodgins we know and love.I agree with Anon that,although the dine-and-dash moment was cute and well-acted,it should have been a little more believable in terms of script-how the writers set it up.And I agree with Stephanie that the whole "you have to be bad to be good" argument got on my nerves too,although I can kind of see how they were trying to fit it to Jared and learning from your mistakes,as Gigi said.And what I don't get at all,and hope I will see it change(but so far it doesn't seem it will)is why they always show us Brennan change her ideas or do things she wouldn't do without Booth,as a way to show how her feelings for him affect her,and never the other way round-I'm still waiting to see Booth do somthing like that because of his feelings for her.Of course he has done a lot of things because he loves her,but they're always things he would do for anyone he loves and needs him,never something "out of character" that would show how his love for her changes him,too.Why does it have to be her the one who does all the steps towards him?I think it would be a lot better to see them meet half way...
All in all,it seems to me that in recent episodes the writers have understood how we all like and miss seasons 1 and 2 and they seem to try to bring that back after experimenting with other directions.Sometimes they achieve that very well(Girl in the Mask was the best example,in a really genuine way) and sometimes,like in this episode,they don't do it that well...Because to make it right it takes more than superficial reproduction of scenes from previous seasons' episodes...
P.S.I really hope next week's epi isn't only 'screwball comedy' too-but I'm quite positive it won't,since there are other things that we know will happen(and were not shown in the promo) that aren't that funny and hopefully will lead to some revealing of emotions(not saying anything more to avoid spoiling anyone).Looking forward to next weeks epi!

Gigi said...

In regards to the comments Hodgins made about Muslims - In a lot of ways it seems like the writers are making a commentary about the typical American mindset. And I loved his reactions to the comments as well, I love how he brought up that Muslims were not the first and will not be the last to use explosives. I loved how he sought out to teach Hodgins and try to bond with him in hopes that he would learn differently. I agree though that Hodgins seemed out of character in those moments, especially thinking back to earlier episodes where he looked down on officials for discrimination of immigrants.

I don't really think they meant to make his remarks hurtful, I really think they were doing a commentary on Americans without getting into anything preachy.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I agree with you about Brennan being the only one that is changing her mind & behavior & adopting Booth's, & I don't like it. It makes me think of a fairy tale where the prince Booth is saving the princess Brennan from her dungeon... Which is strange since in interviews her character is often portrayed as a strong, independent woman who doesn't need to be saved by a man, but is just flawed like everyone else... Not very egalitarian, especially since we know that he had a childhood probably worse than hers.
She makes him change his mind about his brother at the end in con man & in this one, but otherwise he never changes his mind about something he really believes in because of her, when she does it & probably will do it again.
I thought that with the introduction of his family problems we would have seen more of that, Brennan changing his mind, being here for him & him confiding in her & not in a ghost or a dreamed hockey player.
I'm really anxious about the last 2 episodes (I'm afraid they will not explain very well what makes her change her mind & probably totally forget what she said about this issue in previous episodes) I even didn't watch the promos & I think I will keep the next & watch it with the last. (doesn't this sentence make sense in English ? Not my native language)

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