Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Promo: The Girl in the Mask

I completely forgot to look for this today, sorry! Thanks, lily, for mentioning it.

Promo for Thursday night's Bones episode (4th new one in 9 days!) "The Girl in the Mask."


em-jay said...

I love that it all rhymes!

Shep said...

I find it annoying that it all rhymes. But it looks like a good, serious episode. Yay!

em-jay said...

I think it just makes me laugh because I appreciate the creativity in what could be mundane. But it definitely looks like another great episode on the way!

Shep said...

Wendy, I've just realised it was a year yesterday that you started this blog. It's flourished since then! Kudos and thank you for OWB!

Lindsay said...

It looks like a cute episode, but I agree with you Shep, the rhyming is a little annoying.

Angelator said...

I agree, Shep - I hated the rhyming! But I love that we get another new ep this week!

Wendy - where is your little squint?!

Shep said...

FOX's Upcoming Shows Sweep news:


Descriptions, air dates and guest stars.
Contains spoilers.

lorapalmer said...

There's a new 'Fun on the Set' video of B&B ice skating from Fire in the Ice on Fox's YouTube channel. It's very cute and shows a little extended ending conversation. :)


Wendy said...

Shep - actually, it's Saturday.



Was the first post. Those on the 20th are backdated 'administrative' posts I made much later.

thanks for the congrats though! I will post something special Saturday:)

As for the little guy - he's STILL HANGING OUT IN THERE! :( My hospital run last week was not the end and I nearly went again last night. Soon, hopefully! I will definitely post pictures :)

Angelator said...

@lorapalmer- thanks for the link - that video is super cute!

@Wendy - that's crazy! I'm hoping he makes an appearance soon! Can't wait to see the pics :)

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