Friday, April 17, 2009

Season Finale Scene Spoiler

Fan on the Boneyard posted a quote from David Boreanaz's interview on NHL Live radio where he gives a little tidbit about how he approached a particular scene. Spoiler warning for the Season Finale!

(PS - Thanks for all the congrats, but, so far, lil squint likes his heat pocket bit too much to come out and play. Soon, maybe!)


Rebecca said...

um... SWOON! *fans self*

Hang in there, Wendy! I have to laugh--we are so honored that with much better things to do you still are keeping us updated. Above and beyond the call of duty! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We're all going to go into withdrawal if Wendy stops updating the blog before the end of season bonanza. don't abandon us, Wendy!

Stephanie said...

Sorry about lil squint, Wendy! Hang in there! (Love that you call the baby lil squint, by the way. So cute!)

I would kill for some behind the scenes videos and/or bloopers of them filming this scene. Aggressive David and Nervous/Giggly Emily would make for a pretty hilarious viewing experience.

Anonymous said...

"aggressive?" christ. i hope it's not another moonlighting or northern exposure fiasco.

i don't know where some of these idiots get the idea that violence has any place in real sex. oh. wait. sure i do.

from the bible...and from every misogynist who wants women to think that rape is sexy.

Wendy said...

You're bring the Bible into this? Wow.

And Aggressive does NOT equal Violent. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the interview:

Stephanie said...

I don't know much about the Bible, so I'm going to ignore that part of the comment, but I agree with Wendy here. Aggressive and violent are not the same things! Booth & Brennan's sex scene can be aggressive without being anything even remotely close to a rape scene. Besides, David said something about using the scene as an outlet for his aggression about his hockey team losing. I haven't listened to the actual interview, but that almost had to be a joke!

Shep said...


The interview was good.
Go David! Sorry about the Flyers.

I can't wait to see the bloopers for the scene!

christianism = rape culture said...

i didn't write that it would be a rape scene. please reread my comment more closely.

i wrote that only those who think rape is sexy would find aggression in what should be a romantic

northern exposure and moonlighting made fatal mistakes in having their principals engage in violent and/or "aggressive" foreplay before coitus.

the fact that you actually believe that aggression has ANY place in sex speaks volumes on how you've been indoctrinated by novels and tv...not to mention the misogynist rape culture brought about by abrahamic religions (i.e. islam, christianity, and judaism).

if the writers and/or boreanaz infuse this initial coitus with violence/aggression, i will not only write volumes, but i will call for a boycott of any corporation sponsoring that episode.

Wendy said...

You are being purposely inflammatory and it's not appreciated. (ie - Christianism = rape culture) Statements such as that make you lose any credence.

Aggression due to emotional reasons can still be VERY far from violence.

catnapping said...

How is it purposefully infammatory to tell the truth?

Aggression "due to emotional reasons" is still aggression. It matters not what causes the aggression. It's the aggression itself that matters. And the fact that you seem to think it okay.

And it sickens me that there are still people out here who think that aggression is appropriate during sex...that our daughters and granddaughters are still being brainwashed into thinking that violence in sex is okay...romantic even.

I blame that on our abrahamic culture that teaches (read: BRAINWASHES us that that women are objects, and that raping them is okay...'he ravished her' 'he took her, and made her his' etc, etc.

Wendy said...

This is the last response I will give to this. You obviously care nothing about being respectful on this topic and have made your mind up without any care for the opposing viewpoint.

As a Christian it is purposely inflammatory because it's not TRUE. The Bible may say those things, but that doesn't mean those who are Christians today advocate rape in any manner. Jesus took out any need to follow the law as outlined in the Old Testament. It's a true accounting but not something Christians today are held to as the letter of the law we must follow. That was a time before the salvation Christ brought and no true, saved Christian today would advocate anything of the sort.

Like I said, I'm done because obviously, as a Christian, my opinions have no value to you.

luscious said...

This is the first time I have been disappointed to read people's comments on this site. People have a right to religious beliefs regardless of who else believes what. this is no place to be disrespectful to anyone else and I agree that if the scene comes across as aggressive i will be shocked but you have to remember how long all this sexual tension has been building and it could possibly be more of an explosion. PS anyone who feels that I have been derogatry towards your comments I apologise. PS wendy hope the lil squint comes along soon and you are both well

Catnapping said...

As an abrahamic, you have no clue what rape is. You've been brainwashed into believing that rape is sex. Even your laws call rape 'sex.' (The immoral laws your people have forced on MY people. We didn't even know what pedophilia was till the euros came and trashed this continent, and started raping our children. [Don't believe me? Read your own US documents on your so-called CHRISTIAN boarding schools.])

You've spent this thread arguing that aggression is okay if it's the result of emotion. How GROSS. That's what battered women say about their POS husbands. Oh. He was just upset. He's been having a hard time.It's really too bad that my ancestors ever fed the puritans who landed on our shores. They really should have let them starve to death. Abrahamic religions have continued to spread like cancer. And women are the worse off because of it.

I'm reading posts by women finding out that Boreanaz was "aggressive"...with "swooons". And y'all think that's just sooo cute. Sooo romantic. So yeah: Your christianist opionions? Not so valued...because they are ruining yet another generation of young women...

As long as women continue to perpetuate the rape myths...telling girls that aggression is okay if it's due to emotional reasons...they are part of the problem...and not the solution.

I hope you remember this thread the next time some girl is raped during a date...'ravished' by an aggressive, jock subhuman of a boyfriend.

FeministChristianAndSomeMoreLabels said...

You haven't thought that maybe Brennan's aggressive too? At least the thing about driving cars and making love springs to mind...

On a brighter note, I just 'found' Mötley Crüe thanks to Bones.. Kickstart my heart <3

luscious said...

Thanks for bringing in a brighter subject matter c'mon the Motley Crue. Bones is brill and I am from Glasgow so aggression is all part of life my friends we talk, walk and do most things with a hint of it including sex that does not mean I agree with RAPE or any other physical or mental abuse on any level. but we all love bones and just need to wait to see how this looks I reckon probably as good if not better than the episode of mayhem. I do respect and understand your position on this matter catnapping

Anonymous said...

Oh! Please! The discussion should be on the engraved scene. What do you think?
Let's forget the discussions on morality or religion, each one is freely to think what wants.
Here, is Bones which joins us, the recording of the scene.
Let's forget the rest.....I'm... Obsessed with Bones, only!!!
Let's allow that David should express how he want.
Let's understand the concept of his words, And let's not try to give him our own meaning.
You understand me? My english is bas, right? My apologize.


luscious said...

Thanks Anon your english is better than any attempt I could make in your language. by the way you are saying the same as me I just put it across wrong all I wanted to say is we all loves bones and thats what brings us to this site.

Wendy said...

It's okay, Ani, your good meaning comes through very well. :)

Anonymous said...

I think David says aggressive to mean too entusiastic. In the end it should be a scene played by professional actors, but maybe he just could not resist the beautiful Emily and he has put too much of himself in it. But now he blames the sport to justify.
Ahah... just kidding.
David and Emily are superb actors, have you seen the last scene of Mayhem?? I bet the love scene in the finale is going to be amazing.
And David is a great marketing man, too. A couple of sentences and we are here debating. Smart, smart man.

Anonymous said...

I hesitated to comment but this has been weighing on my mind so I will...

anon/cat/etc....I will temper my comments because I feel that your visceral reaction to the word "aggressive" likely reflects something dark that has happened in your past and I am sorry for that.

That said, your understanding of Judeo-Christian history as it relates to rape, pedophilia, etc. is greatly flawed. These things existed (unfortunately) way before biblical times and in all areas of the world. I'm not even going to address the statement that you believe everyone else thinks "rape = sex" because that is just absurd.

Finally, "aggressive" does not equal "violent" in all contexts (look it up, it also means "vigorously energetic" and "boldly assertive" two MUCH more likely interpretations of Mr. Boreanaz' usage).

Again, I think your visceral reaction is likely due to some terrible things that have happened to you and for that I am very sorry.


Gigi said...


So really perhaps we should just stick to Bones and NOT get into religion here (unless of course Bones says something about religion... which happens :D) There are plenty of blogs that you can discuss and argue to your hearts desire and while I don't use blogger I can give you several blogs on Xanga that discuss those topics in great detail.

It seems to me that his use of the word agressive was probably an inside joke more then violence.

Hey Wendy, are you going to post pics of your tiny human??? I flippin love babies!

Wendy said...

We definitely need to stick to Bones here, that's the point of the blog!

But, Gigi, yes, I will do that...when he comes :( He's still hanging out. I get bad back pain, lots of contractions, and more, but it has not all clicked yet and brought on the real deal!

ForensicMama said...

Yeah, wow. That was kind of out of hand. And he didn't say anything about violent sex.
What's sexy about it is that he's taking control of the situation... possibly that Brennan isn't the instigator that Booth is. I want Booth to kiss her first! hehehe *yay Finale!!!!!!!!!*

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this scene so much, trying to think of all the scenarios and where they might actually do it haha. I've probally been thinking about it a little too much, but i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one.

Sammy said...

I think Booth will probally make the first move, I really believe that he is the one that is aware of the attraction between them, though it would be nice for Brennan to finally see it and for her to just rip off his shirt and... can guess the rest haha.

As for Booth's 'agression' (if it plays out that way) As long as Brennan agrees and is happy to go a long with it, then it is 100% consensual. I'm very much OK with that.

I hope this isn't too much for people but people get off on different things, as long has No-One is being hurt physically or mentally or is being pressured in anyway in the process, then its OK. It's what makes us happy and gives us satisfaction in life that counts. This isn't based on any religion or belief (for which I don't belief, but have a level of respect for others) and I'm not brain washed. It's just how I feel on the matter. Sorry it's not what people want to discuss anymore but I just really had to get my point out. Apologies Wendy.

alanna said...

Forensicmama - "I want Booth to kiss her first!"

Yes! I agree...I've always wanted Booth to be the one to make the first move! *high fives*

I cannot wait for this epi! Just thinking about it makes me stupidly giddy. :)

Ginnna said...

Oooooo I'm looking forward to it. I just hope that, if they revert to being "just pals" afterwards, Booth can ease back into a working relationship. I'm sure Brennan can because, despite the fact that she DOES feel deeply and IS capable of love, she'll probably be much better at keeping up the appearance of being totally unaffected.

As for the "aggressive" comment about which "catnapping" seems to be so upset, one need only consult an online Thesaurus to figure out that the term in question doesn't necessarily imply something terrible. "Aggressive" CAN describe someone being "hostile" and "savage", but it can ALSO describe someone being "vigorous" and "bold". Take a wild guess as to how David meant us to interpret the word when he used it...

Sam said...

Vigorous and bold indeed. No aggression during sex? Aggression during sex is a result of passion, and there is nothing violent about that at all. I'm surprised someone actually managed to misinterpret the word so completely. Being aggressive can stem from violent intention, but in this context, it most certainly wouldn't have been.

Anonymous said...

for the record...i hated the ending, even though it ended the way it should.
it didnt really provide any closure...i guess that is my problem with it.
okay...the whole aggressive sex being rape thing...apparently the ones who reacted so negatively to the "aggressive" never had really rough sex.
just saying.

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