Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer Schedule Update

Fox has tweaked the summer schedule a bit. You can see the entire thing here, but the *ahem* relevant parts:

Monday, May 25
8:00/7:00c - "House" (Repeat)
9:00/8:00c - "Bones" (Repeat)

Thursdays (June 4-July 30)
8:00/7:00c - "Bones" (Repeats)
9:00/8:00c - "So You Think You Can Dance"

Wednesdays (as of August 19)
8:00/7:00c - "Bones" (Repeats)
9:00/8:00c - "The Moment of Truth"
Can Bones keep Wednesdays, please?!


Mary said...

Wed are great! But my biggest fear would be for them to put it back on Wed and then move mid season for AI again. I would rather it be Thurs and stay Thurs!

Rolywa said...

I bet Bones is being moved backed to Wednesdays next season since it moves there late in the summer (August)...anyone notice Bones finally cracked the broadcast top 20 last week due to it's wednesday night episode (11 million). I bet FOX liked that VERY much...

anna kristine said...

But you know, despite all of the moving around and the crazy schedules this month, Bones never really leaves the top 4. Which I think is great.

Stephanie said...

Bones cracked the Top 20?! YAY!!! I've been wanting the show to do that, haha. I honestly don't care which day it's on as long as it gets renewed. It's top priority for me, so I'll watch whenever Fox decides to show it. I'd like to see it paired with either Lie to Me or House, though.

Gigi said...

Yay I will have fun on Wednesdays! SYTYCD and Bones!!! *has a heart attack*...

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