Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ausiello Spoils: On Rumors

Check out the very last question on the latest Ausiello files for some Bones attention. I wouldn't call it scoop, more like suggestion, speculation and innunedo but could still be classified as spoiler-talk, nonetheless.

What do you think about the topic?

Thanks, Shep!


Lauren said...

I think...that it would be very weird. I totally agree with Emily that if Brennan had feelings for a woman she'd not question it and go for it, but I just don't see it being with Angela. I've only ever felt a BFF dynamic with them, and never any sort of romantic interest on either side.

I read a fic (may have been blc's M-rated Magpie?) that had an aside of Angela saying that when they first met Angela hit on Brennan, to no effect, which I can totally see happening, but I feel like at this point in their friendship that any romantic interest is no longer around.

With the way the show has progressed I think any Angela/Brennan hookup would just be very strange and hard for me to get over. IMHO any sexual relationship between the two would have already happened and be in the past.

alexandra said...

I totally agree with you Lauren. That would be very weird.

Anonymous said...

Just NO!

That would sooo be the end of the show for me!
I am a DIE HARD fan and have been through all 4 seasons...
but this twist would kill the show.

okay... I needa calm down.

jenny said...

I literally CHOKED and gasped when I saw this last night..I'm not against people who are in homosexual relationships,I had no problem(well,only a little bit because of Hodgins,to be honest) about Angela,but..PLEASE!!!!Not BRENNAN!!!Pretty please??!!! :S Not my favorite character!And don't do that to poor Booth!!!
It seems I need to calm down too! lol
On a more serious tone,I can't see that happening,either.And I totally agree with Lauren!

Stephanie said...

I agree with Lauren in that I don't see it happening at this point in their friendship, but it totally would not surprise me at all to find out Brennan and Angela have had some sort of thing in the past. I completely agree with Emily's assessment of her character, too, so it wouldn't shock me if they mentioned something like that happening back when Brennan and Angela first became friends. But starting it now? I suppose it might work, but I can't picture it.

lyssie said...

yeah, no way.
just no.
just,just no.

Anonymous said...

Why does something like this happening suprise anybody? Both of these women are promiscuous. I actually would love it. It would be very funny when Brennan tells Booth about it. The look on his face would be priceless. Maybe then he will know what type of women she is. I wonder if Emily would feel awkward doing this type of scene with Michaela?

Anonymous said...

Oh lawl...

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