Saturday, May 2, 2009

David Boreanaz in People Magazine

People Magazine has a short '5 question' spread with David Boreanaz.

Of course, #1 is an immediate spoiler (as well as the caption at the bottom). But 2-5 are not, and are cute.

#3 You're expecting baby No. 2 with your wife, Jaime. Is it different this time around?

When we had our first [son Jaden Rayne, 7], it was much different. Now, we're calmer. You don't go out and purchase everything in the world.
Edit: I have to include the scan as a link. The spoilers are legible even in the preview! Argh.

PS: This is a really old picture!

PPS: Happy belated birthday to Jaden, the mini-David who turned 7 yesterday, May 1st!

PPPS: Thanks, Michelle for the scan!


Shep said...

It's hard to imagine David being afraid a lot of things, least of all birds! His reaction if a bird comes flapping by must be hilarious though!

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

**Spoilers** ... Just in case...

I'm not reading spoilers, but obviously know about the big event that is going to go down in the finale. That is all I let myself be in the know about.

David says "Viewers won't be's not an average hookup"...David, Emily and Hart have said this so many times! I cannot wait to see how they have this go down. My curiosity is killing me!

Mary said...

chickens.....interesting......Booth shoots a chicken....makes candlight dinner for me.......yummy!

Amanda said...

If you watch the director's commentary for the pilot of "Firefly", Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion quip about a chicken you see in one scene. They say Joss tried to cast DB as Captain Reynolds, but as soon as he found out there was a chicken in a scene, he wasn't going to do the show.

rachel said...



I found this video on it has a TON of pictures from the season finale eppy! BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!!!!! If you don't care then I definitely suggest you check it out. :)

Shep said...

Amanda: yeah, I read about that! They should do a Bones that involves birds, just to annoy David! Maybe it'll help him overcome his fear.

And I've just had a hilarious vision of David running like a maniac from a flock of birds! Hee!

heirofloki said...

@Shep. HA! I'd love that. And I wouldn't put it past Hart and the writers. Kinda like when in the X-files they put GA (who's terribly allergic to cats) in a basement filled with fake felines. LOL. I'd really love to see that.

I knew about the bird-phobia, from way back during the Angel days and yes, it was just as hilarious when I first found out as it is right now.

Stephanie said...

I wouldn't put it past the writers to do something like that, either. Emily once talked about her fear of being buried alive on a talk show and then the writers gave her "Aliens in a Spaceship." Not exactly the same as making David film with a bunch of birds, but I remember feeling bad for Emily when I heard about that, haha.

And thanks for the laugh, Shep! I got that vision, too, as soon as I read your post. Emily and the crew would never let David live that down, haha.

Shep said...

Someone suggest that to Hart on Twitter!

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