Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Bonesday!

Canada has already seen "The Critic in the Cabernet." For the rest of us, today is Bonesday!

If you've already seen it and you just have to talk about it, you can go to the Spoiler Chat post, but the discussion post will go up at normal time tonight and I hope everyone jumps into it!

Please don't post anything at all about the episode on this post, if you've already seen it. Even the "OMG, WOW!" comments are hard to take for those of us waiting for the live air time. And, I will absolutely delete any download links or references to where it can be seen. I'm sorry for those of you who don't have any other way to see it for months, or years, but I can't have those references here, especially before the live airing.

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As an alternative...

After a few Bones-related dreams were shared in this thread, Stephanie suggested that there might be more people out there who've had Bones dreams to share.

Have you had a little Bones creep into your dreams?


lorapalmer said...

Hey, I think I might need some sleeping pills after all. My previous crazy-Bones-dream continues!!! :) I think it will soon reach a point when I need "intense therapy and heavy medication". LOL. I don't exactly remember this one so clearly I just know that the theme was tied to tonights episode. Maybe the cause for these dreams is always reading your blog before going to sleep... ;) Well, I am not complaining, your blog is just this good!! I can hardly wait for this episode, am so excited, my work today can't even bother me.

There's a nice mention on TV Squad about Bones:
#4 - "Bones not only has a great ensemble cast and two leads that play oh-so-well off each other, but the cases of the week are interesting and there is actually some character development each week."

Mary Ellen said...

4 lorapalmer: I read your previous dream comment and I thought it was just grand! Please remember this other one!XD

I for one did have another Bones dream a couple of days ago. I actually dreamt that Booth and Bones were questioning me for homicide!o.O I seriously I don't see myself killing someone...but thinking back at my dream I have to admit that it was pretty awsome being interrogated by them!XD

Happy Bonesday everybody!

Stephanie said...

I have Bones dreams every once in a while. This was the funniest one:

I was an intern at the Jeffersonian and Hodgins asked me out, and we started dating. Well, Angela (who was still with Roxie) found out Hodgins was dating an intern and got really mad. So she went to go talk to Brennan about it and found Booth & Brennan kissing in her office and found out that B&B had been together basically their whole partnership. So Angela got upset that Brennan never told her and locked herself in her office to do her own art, and since they weren't working on a murder case that day, Cam just thought it was all hilarious and let everyone do whatever they wanted.

Worst part? It took me a good 30 minutes after I woke up to realize that was my DREAM and NOT spoilers I had read for a future

Mary Ellen said...

LOL that's funny! Right on!XD

Angela said...

I had two Bones related dreams (mmm actually BB related) in one week! and I never had them before! I am sooo freaking out and except from here I can't talk about it so I'm dreaming them!

One was an awful version of the finale, i really hope it does no happen! ;-)
The other one (last night) was supersweet! i think it comes out of a dancing scene of a fanfiction i read a while ago :-)) When I woke up I was so happy and sweetened *_* but then I realized it was just a dream!! sad :-(
In both of them I was not in there, it was like seeing an episode! weird!

Shep said...

I can't remember having a dream about Bones (though I usually can't recall a lot of my dreams) but I did have one with David in it.

It was weird and really didn't make much sense. I think I owe it to having watched Bones, a Metallica music video and a Led Zeppelin music video before going to sleep.
Anyway, it was a sort of composite dream which had three parts that did not link in with each other at all. The second part involved David who was standing in the middle of a cafe, the tables and chairs had been moved to givesome space around him and I was in amongst the crowd of people watching him. He was playing a double-neck electric guitar and singing Metallica's 'I dissapear'!! The weird thing was that his voice was that of Metallica's lead vocalist. It wouldn't him at all in real life but in the dream I was like 'yeah, he has a great voice!'.

When I woke up I just thought 'what the hell?', then I couldn't stop laughing about it.

Shep said...

*It wouldn't suit him

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