Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Season Finale Bonesday!

Today's the day (unless you already watched the episode in Canada) where we get to find out what's really going on with all the rumors/spoilers/guesses/theories that have been bandied about for months. "The End in the Beginning" should be a great episode, no matter what!

If you've already seen it and you just have to talk about it, you can go to the Spoiler Chat post, but the discussion post will go up at normal time tonight and I hope everyone jumps into it!

Please don't post anything at all about the episode on this post, if you've already seen it. Even the "OMG, WOW!" comments are hard to take for those of us waiting for the live air time. And, I will absolutely delete any download links or references to where it can be seen. I'm sorry for those of you who don't have any other way to see it for months, or years, but I can't have those references here, especially before the live airing.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Thank you so much to everyone who posted spoiler/news links, and for all the continued involvement here, even with no one at the helm for a few days. You guys are a great community, and I look forward to more years of Bones obsession here!


Lily - Vote Emily Peta's Sexiest Vegetarian
Jenny - (sorry I missed this or I would have done a quick post about it to hype it!) Emily on Bonnie Hunt 5/12/09
Rachel - Celebrity Hockey Game
Mickey - submit questions for Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan
Shep - Vote for DB as Hunk of the Month


Stephanie - Ausiello Q&A + AOL Interview
The Other Jane - Boston Herald ED Interview + TVGuide Hotlist + MSN Tonight's Picks
Helen - Ausiello snippet
The Other Jane - Korbi hype on finale
Mickey - Video
Anon - Season Finale clip
Anon - Singing clip
Whitney - Ausiello's Season Finale Scorecard
Suzanne - Short Promo
Rolywa - Kristen spoiler
Mickey - Spoiler Clip + Spoiler Clip (Hulu)
Anais - Spoiler Picture
Anon - Youtube Link
Kajal - 2nd Youtube Link
Vanessa - Season Finale sneak peek
Anon - Emily on Bonnie Hunt Part 1 - Part 2
Helen - Season Finale Videos #1 - #2
Michelle - Youtube clip #1 - Clip #2
Suzanne - 3rd Promo

Again, thank you so much. I really appreciate it! (And I'm sorry if I missed anyone's contributions.)


Chariot13 said...

This is a great list, thanks Wendy! And I am also waiting until tonight to watch so thanks for reminding everyone to avoid writing spoilers.

I do want to give a heads up on the "Ask HH a Question" link because some of the questions people are posting there have to do with the finale and I think I just got a little spoiled from reading the first comment. So if you haven't seen it yet, I recommend waiting until after the ep to submit your questions. :)

Anonymous said...

eeeee....... can't wait for tonight!

Shep said...

I shall not watch it now. I shall not watch it now. I shall not watch it now....

*sits on hands*

lyssie said...

as for hunk o the month, db is in 5th right now

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