Friday, May 15, 2009

Hart Hanson on the Finale

Hart Hanson tweets about the finale:


Sherry said...

It was a Vulcan mind meld!

Shep said...

I think whether the finale was good or not will be determined by Season 5 episodes - it all depends on what happens next.

heirofloki said...

@Sherry. BWAH! Love it!

Of course he's being coy. If he answers bluntly, that kills the speculation for his next season. Can't have that, now, can we?

Diana said...

People on twitter should check out what BonesFan021 has to say... she's one of the people HH actually took time out to reply to. Her theories about the FINALE put everything in a whole new perspective! Plus... it made me remember that a lot of folks commenting/praising/griping about the finale overlooked something: THE TITLE OF THE EPISODE. I'm just saying... (:

Anonymous said...

Guys, I don't tweet - could you please post here what BonesFan021 twittered? Esp. her theory abt the finale?


Rolywa said...

the sex scene WAS REAL!

Anonymous said...

You don't need to have a twitter account to read what people say. Just got to

Dianna said...

"It was something else" all right.

HH may be a genius at UST but when it comes to a relationship, he makes Booth and Bones look like Romeo and Juliet.
I think he is just plain terrified of developing their relationship beyond what they already have, so we get weird stuff like this finale: ways to do something w/o doing anything. "Let's say we did it and don't" cowardice.
What a shame.
I truly believe that this show, these characters, these actors, and this show's fans are capable of following what is into new territory and exploring it -- creatively and believably.
HH is either unwilling or unable.
Again. What a shame.

Valleria said...

I Believe that after watching Season 5 premiere most of BFan'll love the finale. there are so many things in this episode that means something...we just have to wait what! Can't wait!

Shep said...

HH twittered:
"Yes, I am definitely ignoring all the questions about the alarm clocks. I prefer to have you enjoy the ride."

That man is up to something.

The theory that the sex scene at teh beginning was real is sounding more and more plausible.

Catnapping said...

Sorry, but. HH does some great writing...I really like some of the fun he has with his scripts. BUT...

He doesn't get to say, "everything is done for a reason," or "everything means something."

If there's been anything consistent about his writing, it's that he cannot follow his own series' history! There is no integrity in any of the story arcs, no planning, no tying together any I'd hafta say, nothing happens for any reason whatsoever.

We all feverishly try to read the tea leaves, gleaning possibilities from past remarks and events. But those mean nothing in this series. Two examples come immediately to mind (and we all know there are a dozen more):

• Brennan aware that Booth reads her books v. Brennan unaware that Booth reads her books.

• Brennan allowing a large snake to wind around her wrist v. Brennan actually having a phobia about snakes. HH cannot say with any credibility that everything happens for a reason.

(p.s. I happened to really like the finale. The bed scene was bogus, but I loved the characters' alter-egos. In fact, it made me think of the olden days when there were a couple of shows on TV where several of the same actors would play different parts in a new play every month..i mean like a whole different story with a new set of characters..but the same actors...)

Chenoa said...

Methinks this is a teaser of how Season 5 will turn out. Did anyone notice that peersonalities had switched also? For example, more obviously was the Daisy-Angela switch, but also how Brennan was more intuitive about the motivation of their club employees to help the couple. While Booth was more strait-laced and wasn't okay with Jared's doing what he did.


Shep said...

I didn't actually think Brennan had a phobia of snakes, I thought it was just the way Booth hissed it that made her jump.

Anonymous said...

I love that idea! Everything done on purpose. Makes you want to watch it five times, plus. Caught something new each time I watched it. Genius writing, on Hart's part.

Poetic_line said...

Hey, Wendy,

Hart Hanson twittered me back. I am totally thrilled. He was really sweet.

Check out his recent twitter to @Poetic_line.

Anonymous said...

Theory: The sex scene was, in fact, real. It just happens in the future (connecting to the title of the episode maybe?). Of course, the clocks have made people notice that something is fishy, but if you look closely at Brennan's fingers near the end of the scene (before the white flash, which I'll get to in a second), she is wearing an engagement/wedding ring on one hand, and another ring on the other hand.

In reality, Brennan ALWAYS wears a ring on that hand - the ring her father gave her that used to belong to her mother's side of the family. I think that's the ring on her other hand during the sex scene.

Also, the white flash: Notice that it happens after the sex scene (before entering the alternate reality) and again as they transfer back into the ACTUAL reality of comatose Booth and Brennan by his bedside. The white flashes separate ACTUAL reality from alternate reality.

Just a theory... From things that I've picked up from other people and stuff I've noticed while watching over and over again.

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