Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kathy Reichs article (some Bones mentions)

The Charlotte Observer has a nice little Q&A with Kathy Reichs about her writing, her charity work, and Bones.

Thanks, Fay, for the link!


lorapalmer said...

"Q. Planning to do any acting in season five of “Bones”?I'll probably do one next year. I'll write a script myself and the executive producers have suggested I write a little part for myself."
WOW! Now that's something I really look forward too! I already believe this episode's gonna be great!

Erin said...

that's so exciting! it'll be super interesting to see what she brings to the show! i'm so obsessed with her books now - but tempe there and temperance on the show are so different to me.

Irina said...

I CANT wait for her to write an ep!
OMG, pleeease Mrs Reichs, please!
And some young adult books? I'm a young adult!
This is awesome, I adore her :)

Stephanie said...

I'm excited to hear that she's writing an episode for season 5! That could be very cool. Also glad to hear that her contract is now up to 16 Tempe Brennan books!! Though, I thought "206 Bones" was the next book that's going to be released, and if so, it's the 12th Brennan book, not the 13th.

Rolywa said...

I would LOVE her to write a script!

The Other Jane said...


bones season 5 spoilers already! It's in the press release about the next season:


The Other Jane said...

Oops, one more. Sept 21, 2009 is when the Bones Season 4 DVD will be released, at least in the UK.See it here:


Shep said...

Can't wait to see what she does with B&B's characters!. Hoping for some interesting anthropological stuff from that episode.

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