Monday, May 4, 2009

King of the Lab Trivia

In what episode does Brennan call a group of people (to paraphrase, so you can't Google the exact quote) 'completely absorbed by themselves and having no discernible conscience'? Who's she talking about?


Angela said...

is the answer "mothers"? in 2x02?
I'm not sure but it remembers me something ;-)

Anonymous said...

Im going to just guess since I would have thought the above, but i'm going to say
The Woman In the Airport to the girls getting plastic surgery... lol
stab in the dark


prixvv said...

mmm..ep. The girl with the curl

anna kristine said...

Out on a limb here, but The Girl in the Fridge? She was talking about the psycho couple who killed her?

Jeannie said...

Good guesses, everyone!

Rebecca, if it is Woman in the Airport I'd say she's probably refering to the doctors more than the women there.

Wendy said...

Congrats, Angela :) It is Mother and Child in the Bay, and refers to the mothers.

Even though, I actually messed up my presentation of the question. Booth actually says it, but he's talking about killers, while she thinks he's talking about the mothers.

BRENNAN: I don’t know how they can do it.
BOOTH: They’re self-obsessed, they have no conscience.
BRENNAN: I don’t know.
BOOTH: They destroy anything that gets in their way. They’re not even human.
BRENNAN: The mothers?
BRENNAN: I was talking about the mothers.
BOOTH: I’m talking about the killers.

Alicia said...

I Think it was in "Mayhem in a Cross"

Angela said...

Wow thanks! I actually didn't think it was the right answer!! I rewatched some of the season2 episodes a few weeks ago and when you mentioned the conscience I remembered that scene!
King of the Lab for the first time! yay :-)))

sciencefan said...

Wendy - could you put your blog on Kindle? I think you just go to Amazon's Kindle Blog website and fill out the necessary form. Thanks!

Wendy said...

Oh, interesting! Yes, I'm filling out the form now, but they claim a backlog. I will let you know!

LaDy...BoNeS... said...

to mothers!!!
episode..Mother and Child in the Bay..!

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