Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Bones Marathon

Thanks, TerriP, for pointing this out. TNT will be doing a Bones Marathon Monday, on Memorial Day. It currently looks like it airs from Noon to 9 pm. It's a really odd mix of episodes:

The Titan on the Tracks
The Mother and Child in the Bay
The Boy in the Shroud
The Blonde in the Game
The Truth in the Lye
The Girl in Suite 2103
The Soldier on the Grave
The Woman in Limbo
Mayhem on the Cross


Shep said...

I was watching Titan yesterday and I remember thinking 'Now this is the Bones I fell in love with'. But I was wondering, have they used flashbacks showing parts of the crime in any other episodes (apart from the stuff with Brennan's parents) or was it just a one-off? Because I liked that Bones doesn't usually do that, we find out what happened just as the squints do.

prixvv said...

That's so exciting! my B-day is on monday :)! eventhough I already own all Bones dvds I think I'll gonna watch 'em over on monday :) Go Bones!

Amanda said...

Shep, I think they did something similar with "The Girl with the Curl". I think it was to replace the Angelator, which I guess is pretty expensive to do on screen.

I've already set my bones alerts. said...

Maybe they were selected for all thel B/B love goin' on. my favorites:

Titan - remember how very very close they were standing to each other outside that interrogation room?

Boy/Shroud - Booth to Cam: "I'm with Bones."

Truth/Lye - remember that final scene's moment in Bones' office JUST before Hodgins and Angela interrupted? That look Booth was giving Bones. OMFG.

Soldier/Grave - holding hands

Woman/Limbo - Booth realizing Bones has dedicated her book to him.

Mayhem/Cross - That final scene where Sweets finally sees how obvious Booth's feelings are for Brennan, and how hard he works at hiding them.

Theresa said...

After 'I've already set my bones alerts' comments, I'm super excited about the episodes! I already have all episodes on TNT set up to record on my DVR, so I'm set!

Gigi said...

I like this mix! I think it is a good representation of the series for new comers and veterans alike. :)

Theresa said...

why wouldn't they play 1.21 and 1.22 BEFORE they play episode 1-6 of season 2??

The Titan on the Tracks 2.1
The Mother/Child Bay 2.2
The Boy in the Shroud 2.3
The Blonde in the Game 2.4
The Truth in the Lye 2.5
The Girl in Suite 2103 2.6
The Soldier on the Grave1.21
The Woman in Limbo 1.22
Mayhem on the Cross 4.20

Gigi said...

I was thinking about the Truth in the Lye the other day... So glad I got to catch it today. :) Ahhh... nothing like the offices being closed (even though I have to still work :( ) and watching the Bones marathon... :D

Anonymous said...

ughhhhhh i really wish i knew it was going on before i found it at six!! they need to broadcast this stuff more :(

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