Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Fox NY: Emily Deschanel

My Fox NY has a cute interview with Emily Deschanel. It's heavy on spoilers, be warned. She does talk in general about the show as well as the spoilers for the end of the season.

Beef: The interviewer calls it "Moonlighting for the new millennia" Bah. That's so old!


Anonymous said...

I really like her hair that color!

Anonymous said...

She must really love her brother. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

What a joy this woman is. She has so much dignity and class. They a rare traits in Hollywood these with all those tramps running around. Nice to see how fond she is of David B.

anna kristine said...

And I agree with Wendy here. What is it with the Moonlighting comparisons? It's a different genre entirely.

LaDy...BoNeS... said...

i just lover her!! i cant wait to see her with booth in bed!!
im getting crazy!!

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