Saturday, May 16, 2009

Official Unofficial Bones pickup

Hart Hanson says Bones will be back for Season 5:


*Lucy* said...

YAY! Thank God its back... I just hope Booth gets his memory back LOL!

Rebeca Maria said...

Bones is officially renewed, according to this:

prixvv said...

yess!!! :D thank u thank u!!

Amanda said...


BTW, I posted this in the finale discussion thread, but at 230 comments I think it might get lost.

DANG guys. The twitter feed isn't official.

If you go to the feed for Brennan you will find a link to

I will say, it's a rather clever way to do a fanfic. Kudos to whomever came up with the idea.

Sherry said...

Ausiello tweeted: "EXCLUSIVE BONES UPDATE: Fox actually renewed the show for TWO seasons not one, sources confirm."

Anonymous said...

this makes me SO happy!!! YAYYAYAYYAYAYYYY!!!!!!!! I was SO worried... but now I can sleep easy knowing my favorite show is safe for another season! now I just can't wait til it starts!!!

and as for the Bones twitters just being fanfic... a little disappointed, but more impressed at the creativity. I would have never thought of it!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
sorry,you know when will start the season 5of bones?
sorry for my english,is bad.

catnapping said...

Not just for one year, but for two. They've committed to two years!

Dianna said...

Just read the 2 year commitment news as well. Wow.
I've been re-watching season 1, 2, and 3 episodes in the last couple of days since the finale. God I love this stupid show. Maybe it's like that old rhyme: when it is good it is very good and when it is bad ... :)
ANYWAYS, after telling myself to let it go, "it's just a stupid TV show," forgetaboutit, blah blah blah ... and failing (sigh), I find myself --dare I say it?
WHAT IF now that they've gotten a solid commitment for 2 seasons HH and the rest get it together and take what they started with, and have developed, and have learned in the what works and what doesn't dept
WHAT IF we can have another season with the best of what we've had
... and then some? Keep it going and keep it growing...
What IS it about this show that makes me/us WANT it to be... well, Bones?!
Obsessed. Ain't that the truth.
I will definitely be watching for what they do with season 5.
And (sigh) SO hoping...

Brennan Booth Fan said...

OMG!! Two more seasons?? Thank God!!
I can't wait until September!!

Anonymous said...

That's Great news. Don't want to ruin eveybody's happiness but, this gives Hart Hanson two more years to lie to us and play with our minds. If anybody thought that 4 years was long time for them to get together and have a real sex scene be prepared to wait another 2 years. He doesn't have to worry now that the show will be cancelled after Season 5. He will drag this out to the bitter end. Hope I am wrong but JMO.

Westernsky said...

2 seasons - YAY!!!
I am thrilled to pieces to hear this wonderful news.
You've got to love the HH response - "Who am I to argue with Ausiello? Two seasons pick-up it must be!"

This makes the sting of the season ender just that much more bareable.

The Other Jane said...

I wonder why I haven't heard anything about this HH tweet:

@squint_girl Yes, I know how BONES will end given that we know WHEN it will end and have time to spin it out properly.

He knows when Bones will end, and how it will end!! Am I the only one who finds that a BIG BIG deal?

PS Wendy, congrats congrats congrats!!! And I'm so happy you're back at OwB!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

@ The Other Jane: HH does not know when Bones will end. He means that if he is given a definite end date (rather than the series being canceled/not picked up w/o notice), he knows how he wants to end the series. However, I agree with you that his tweet is a big deal and it makes me quite happy indeed!

According to another of his tweets, he was quite upset at the recent (albeit far-fetched) rumors that Bones might not get renewed and that the S4 finale would be the series finale--which he said would be the worst series finale ever!

Shep said...

yippeeeeeeee!! First Dollhouse, now Bones (wasn't really worried about Bones though, ratings are good, course it would be renewed)

I am anxious as to where S5 will go. Please, please get the old writers back and I hope I'll see the show I fell in love with a few years ago!

HH twittered:
"@ElectricLizzy There is every chance that Stephen Fry will be on BONES in the future."


Stephen Fry episodes are always good. Mayhem was one of the episodes that felt like Bones this season.

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