Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Bones Reference

I love crazy British news articles, it's almost an addiction to read The Daily Mail every day (though the healthcare stores scare the poo out of me!). The site has a lot of fun articles and I came across this one yesterday. Second image down made me immediately think of Bones:

The entire article is worth a look, though - it's full of X-ray images of everyday objects.


lorapalmer said...

Teeheee, "Elephants are not purple!" :) LOL!

I had a crazy dream last night (happens often but still), one I wanted to tell you about: it was very realistic, I was sitting in front of the TV, watching 2x09 - Aliens in a Spaceship, which will air here this Friday (this was the realistic part ;)) and in the middle of the episode all of a sudden the storyline changed, B&B were trying to escape from some kind of a pyramid and there was a girl with them, whom they had to save (she was about 8-9 years old). Suddenly there was a lake there, too, and they took their clothes off to be able to swim through it (why must they had to completely undress??? - I am in my dream, ohh, OK, that's why) (wet and nekkid B&B, people!!!) but strangely the storyline and the dialogue didn't seem to be unrealistic for the episode to me (since I am dreaming it makes sense). I was waiting on edge if they could make it (of course, silly me!) and after the episode ended my first thought was that: 'wow, I guess this episode had been cut in the USA due to some reason I never even heard about and maybe we got this orginal edited version instead of the one we know - like in Spain with Player under Pressure - but don't worry Dear Americans I will upload this part with subtitle so you can all watch it!'I was so into this, that I haven't even considered being in a dream, I was completely convinced that this was the only explanation and boy, was I happy!

When I woke up and realized that it was only a dream I started to laugh so hard my mother thought I was crying and ran to my room asking what was wrong.

Obsession? Checked. Insanity? Checked.

jenny said...

"Elephants are NOT purple!This is *wrong*!"
LOL!! :-D

Shep said...


Angela said...

Purple elephant! :-))

haha you are not the only one who dreams bones! a few nights ago I had a dream about the finale!! but it was more like a nightmare because I did not like my version of it at all!! LOL!
Oh we are soooo obsessed!!

ps: two days til thursday!! can't wait!

Mary Ellen said...

I also had a dream about Bones about a week ago. There was everybody there: our beloved Booth and Bones, Sweets with Daisy, Cam, Angela and Hodgins. They were having a picnic and they were laughing their guts out for so many things (most of them I do not recall) until sunset. The sun was huge and beautiful, exactly like in those video clips of the solar system and stuff. It was awsome!

I woke up feeling like I had just got back from heaven. :)

I'm with Angela...I can't wait for thursday!

Oh, and about the picture of what seems to be an elephant...i kinda like it in a really weird way...:D

Stephanie said...

Elephants are not purple...this is wrong :p

The pictures in that article are pretty awesome, so thanks for posting. And hey, Wendy, here's an idea for a Bonesday post (or just a discussion post)...since it seems that so many of us (me included) have had Bones-themed dreams before, you could create a discussion for us to share them. I'm sure there's some more good ones out there!

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