Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's News - Post Here

Since I am out of commission for the time-being, please share and share alike any NONSPOILER Bones news here. (Pictures, interviews, etc - whatever has zero spoilers in it.) Check the separate Spoiler sharing post to post anything about upcoming episodes, spoilers, etc.


Shep said...

First, the baby squint's on the way, now Sky1 is showing both Double Death and Girl in the Mask tonight, then I'll watch Critic! Yesss!!

Shep said...

*IMPORTANT* - vote for DB for May's Hunk of the Month!

Pick up to 5 hunks per ballot (any combination)
-You can only cast 3 ballots per day
-The day resets at 12pm ET/9 PT
-If you cast more than 3 ballots per daily voting period all your votes for that day will be void
-If you select more than 5 hunks on any one ballot your votes for that day will be void
-If you continually abuse the rules you will be banned from voting.

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for David! Apparently he has won ten times since 1998. Let's try and add to that number every month from now on!

Shep said...

Okay, just realised that Robert Pattinson won for this month. Ugh!

Next month it will be David!

Shep said...

Just to clarify, the votes you cast are for June's Hunk of the Month. My determination meant I couldn't read properly.

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