Friday, May 22, 2009

What did you think of Bones Season 4?

Now that we're more than a week past the finale, what do you, as fans, think of Bones Season 4? Did you love it, hate it, wish it had played out differently?

I'm putting a basic poll up, but I'd love to hear more in the comments! On the poll - trying out the 'multiple answers' feature for the first time. The first half are generic Love/Hate answers, but I stuck on a few more specific ones just to see how you all feel.

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Closing old polls:

How do you feel about the season finale spoiler?
Total Votes: 2329

My life just got a whole new meaning. Yes yes yes!
752 (32%)
Sounds promising. Looking forward to seeing it on screen.
541 (23%)
No way this is going to play out the way it sounds. We are being teased.
458 (19%)
I've lost all interest in watching the finale now. This is awful.
51 (2%)
I'm reserving judgment until I've seen the episode.
527 (22%)

Do you read casting sides?
Total Votes: 1051

Never! They take away the excitement of the episode.
113 (10%)
Rarely. It's so easy to take them out of context.
128 (12%)
Usually not. Though I'm tempted to start.
69 (6%)
Sometimes. Especially when there haven't been any spoilers elsewhere.
372 (35%)
I have them memorized!
143 (13%)
I've never heard of sides. What are they?
226 (21%)


Angela said...

I loved this season. There have been some things I did not like that much but it was a great season, especially after the Christmas hiatus. Before that it was nice, but nothing special in my opinion, (except a few episodes I really loved like Con Man,Finger in the Nest, Passenger in the oven...) but after the break all episodes were really awesome! I loved every one of them!
So great season in my opinion. ;-)

Loli_Gigi said...

Well I think this was a very strong season and I keep feeling in the minority...

On another note Wendy, could you make an area for those of us to talk about the character twitters? Not sure where they fit in because they are not really in any category... You don't have to, but I was just wondering if you thought that would be a good idea.

And how is the Squint? :D

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