Saturday, May 23, 2009

What do you want to see in Bones Season 5?

Now's a great time, before any real spoilers are out (other than the generalized season description from Fox - might be spoiler-ish to you), to talk about what you, as fans, want to see happen in Bones Season 5. This is for pure speculation/desire, not what you already know will happen.

More science? More character? Certain people? Certain relationships progressing/not? A particular kind of case? A particular guest star?


Shep said...

I'd love to see James Marsters guest star! It'd be great to see him and David working together again.

Also, more science and please let's get some sympathy for the deceased! I'm eager to see some emotional episodes involving Booth's father and grandfather. It's time we learnt more about Booth's past.

Dianna said...

No more dramedy! Or at least a lot less of it please. The cast is funny and great at comedy or humor but the show is a drama. Let the humor shine through the drama again, not be the point of the show.

Shep said...

Dark humour! Like there used to be.

Saila said...

I think Booth might not have amnesia.

"While Booth endeavors to come to grips with these unleashed emotions........"

What kind of emotions can Booth have for Brennan if he doesn't even remember her?! So he saw a future with Brennan in his dream and wants it in reality too.

"Brennan insists that, with the aid of her "squints" in the lab, the two of them focus their attention and energy on their main job catching murderers that no one else can catch."

There is no way Booth would be allowed to work when he has amnesia.

Kate said...

I agree Shep...more science...tough cases...less comedy..sympathy for the deceased...and yeah i want Booth to use his Gun once in a while...remind me when he last used his gun???n i mean the FBI issued gun...
As far as BB are concerned...i'd like them to get together by the end of the season..n i mean really getin together...not in a stupid AU, dreamy wud be fun to see them in an established relationship in the next season then...
Also i wanna know more abt Booth's past...

Shep said...

I want to see Booth threaten someone again! Or put them in a headlock, or a half nelson. Anything aggressively FBI agent-y!
Ooh, and maybe some stunts!

Can someone suggest this stuff to HH on Twitter?

Victoria said...

I heard Hart talking about having James Garner as Booth's grandad. That would be fantastic as there is a definite resemblance between him and David Boreanaz. Maybe this would be a way of helping him deal with the amnesia??

I'd also like to see them really get together and develop a relationship - I hate the stuff about the chemistry going if that happens - I think it would be a challenge to the writers, but definitely doable.

Kate said...

n ya one more thing...i want sum change in emily's hairstyle this season...

Anonymous said...

I want the season one tough, no-nonsense cop back in Booth. He is soo sexy when he's agressive and over protective.

XIII said...

don`t know what i want, but i know what i don`t:
Fckng finales that ruin all that happened in the season, alternate lame realities, dreams and fcking hallucinations!

mo said...

i agree with anon. i love the no nonsense cop Booth. he is such a good hard ass.
i want brennan to get captured and him have to kill to save her. i want to see him at his worst (i mean in the way of emotion). like i want another two bodies in the lab, or garvedigger. i want another rescuing!!

Irina said...

Strong, solid writing, interesting cases, and GOOD, DARK humour (seasons 1 and 2 had laugh out loud jokes while remaining respectful to the victims, not at their expense). A bit of angst. Just because there's hardly been any in season 4, to compensate. And please, PLEASE can we deal with all the stuff that happened previously: Booth being shot, Booth being sick, both their confessions in Mayhem (best episode of season 4 IMO ;), Brennan wanting a child (SUDDENLY), pleease I want some emotional consequences!
Thank you.
Heehee, and yup, ToughCop!Booth FTW, I'd love to see him back (although Girl in the Mask I thought had some cool Cop!Booth moments). More action! Like, season 1 had so many cool action episodes!
Anyway, I just want the show to get back on it's SOLID AWESOME WRITING track!
That's all ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Bones fail to get pregnant despite Booth's good swimmers. I'd like to see Angela get pregnant, by Jack, despite her hesitancy to get married.

I'd like to see The Gravedigger turn out to REALLY be someone else--as yet unknown. Perhaps, Cam can be the REAL Gravedigger's target next time.

I, too, would like to see the comedy show through the drama, with the comedy and relationships taking second and third places to drama.

I'd like to see Jared go off to India and stay there for 10 years.

I'd like to see a cross-over between Bones and Dollhouse...

Poetic_line said...

I'm sure it was just temporary amnesia because there is no way for him to go out in the field without complete recovery.

I love the humor, even the over the top humor as in Double Death episode.

I'd like Booth and Brennan to grow closer, a lot closer and continue with the bickering and lots of car scenes.

I'd like them holding hands and kiss occasionally or even all the time.

I'd like Jared kidnapped by the Gravedigger and Booth and Brennan working to get him back.

No other lovers for each other please. We are way past that.

Angela said...

I agree with Irina... I want them to have more dealing with their past. I'm still angry at how they dealt with Booth's death and return to life last season. Maybe it's already late to dig that up again, but I really hope not. And, I know it's silly, but I really would like to see how Brennan spent those two famous weeks and I wanna know about the note she wrote when buried alive!
I would like to have more emotions in next season, but not only in one episode like they did in Mayhem (awesome episode!). It's the thing that annoys me the most about the show. They do things, they say things and then most of the time they're forgotten and not dealt with. I want to see more continuacy between the episodes. :-)

Angela said...

And please! Stop with Booth being sick/injured! It's ok in the first episodes because of his current situation, but I want to see Brennan in danger sometimes so we could see some Booth as the old tough FBI alpha male knight! :-)))

Anonymous said...

Things I wanna see:
1. Shirtless Booth
2. Jealous Booth
3. Angry Booth
4. Jealous Brennan
5. Brennan in danger
6. Brennan in trouble
7. Brennan kicking ass
8. Season 1,2 pushy and nosy Angela
9. Zack back
10. Season 1,2 conspiracy nut Hodgins

Anonymous said...

Please let's have them deal with the issues still hanging from Season 4. It's so frustrating to not have some resolution to the issues--and so many important ones!

Brennan and Booth are sooo past having other relationships, so don't even try to go there! The bonds created last season led us to believe something would happen (which it didn't), and if the writers try to evade that, it will just be ludicrous! They have to move forward.

I'm so sick of the jump the shark thing! I much prefer the shark reference that says unless a shark keeps moving forward it will die! We are to that point with Bones. Keep them moving toward each other or viewers will lose interest!

More Booth history and family and angst! He is such a multi-faceted character and his serious, angsty side is so rivoting.

Meg said...

I really would love to see a little bit of a story for Cam. She got a freakin' KID this season - and we didn't even hear about it again! Besides that one part in Double Death - c'mon! She needs a story line!

Hodgins and Angela need to get back together. I want my wedding.

Booth and Brennan should get together, but I'd prefer a good build up, not this rushed baby nonsense.

I'd like to see the loose ends tied up too. For example, remember when Brennan wanted to get psychology lessons from Sweets? Whatever happened to that?


Anonymous said...

Would love to see when Booth remembers who Brennan is and he calls her Bones that they share a passionate kiss. That would be my number 1 hope. Number 2 would be no more love interest's for either one of them. If they have to do that I would like to see Brennan really jealous. In four years it has always been Booth who is the green eyed monster.

tybonium said...

I agree with a lot that has been said. More science, and interesting cases. A more serious Booth (he was still funny in S1 & S2, but not ridiculously goofy). B&B furthering their relationship. Stay consistent and have at least minor follow-up stories for the big things. Having a good consistent story arc through out a season was really cool (only if done well though).

Anonymous said...

-A real kiss!
-Booth addmitting to his grandad that he is in love with bones
-Bones addmitting to Angela that she is in love with booth
-Booth saving Bones (like in season 1)
-Seeing more of Max and Parker
-Follow up on the baby story line (I think they should let Bones have a baby because that way it will force them to have a more intense relationship without destroying the chemistry)
-More of Angela sticking her nose into Bones/Booth relationship

Shep said...

I also want these things to be consistent. I don't want to see a hardass Booth one episode and a completely goofy Booth the next. Let's have a nice blend throughout the season, please.

jenny said...

I was wondering if the rest of you have seen this..

It's short and it's obviously old news now but I hadn't seen it back then with the rest of the similar videos that were around before the finale...

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

A little amnesia throughout the first episode maybe, and then THE moment, when Booth realizes who Bones truely God, can you imagine the emotion in that scene?? I hope he's looking right at her, when the memories flood back in...and we get to see the transformation from Brennan being a the woman he is completely in love with! :)

Definitely want to see a Brennan in danger episode, with a heroic Booth! A nice big rescue is in order.

More Parker...where is this kid???

More Max. I love him!

More hugs...where did they go? They haven't been around for a

Theresa said...

Shep, no freaking way!! I was JUST going to post that exact same thing!!

"I'd love to see James Marsters guest star! It'd be great to see him and David working together again."

Theresa said...

I also would like for them NOT to make anyone pregnant, I think it would just do funky things to the show and there doesn't need to be a baby anywhere in the mix.

I do agree that I'd like to see more of some of the old stuff from season 1 and 2.

Sammy said...

I think the Gravedigger will come back to get back at Brennan
'Brennan should never have hit her with that briefcase'
And then there will be a big heroic rescue scene from Booth.

And i hope brennan doesn't actually get pregnant I just can't see how it could work out (but i've always been closed minded on that one)if she really does go for a kid I always imagine she would adopt.

I also agree with many here that they need to go back to the drama and dark humour they had in S1 and 2.

I want Booth to get really angry just because I think its hot haha.

Anonymous said...

I just want the stuff to be better written and directed. Pretty specific, huh.

Just because the show allows you to have a case about anything anywhere with anyone doesn't mean you have to go balls out every time. Circus, frat parties, etc. It's just going X-Files monster of the week episodes way too often.

I think the best episodes have remained about the science - simple, without all the cheese, smart. Like many of you had said, the cast is funny. Humor will be there regardless. The stories need more focus and should be a tad serious, especially now.

People may hate this next thing.

I actually want to see Booth and Brennan separate for a bit - not in the "date other people sense" but after feeling that perhaps they are too close for comfort and getting cold feet, they should lay low. Try the only partners thing for a while - and watch the people around them struggle to see them try this out.

This doesn't mean no sexual tension - this means even more. We get almost a season 1 feeling, the glances and lingering moments will have more meaning. We watch them squirm and try to figure each other out. I think it could be great. Now that they know how they feel, what if they back off from each other. It's instant drama, and ED/DB could play it off perfectly.

This is so that when they DO get together at the end, it really hits us.

Provided there's not another Booth hurt/pysch-relationship moment - but I assume HH will do what serves the season best.

Anonymous said...

Please, Please PLEASE let Natalie Dormer guest star for a short arc!!

And how about a season-long arc with a really kick-ass villain, huh? Something where Booth's grandfather becomes key to the investigation?

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see angela and hodgins get back together, this is the story that got me really into the tv show in the beginning. I think that if ANY female were to get pregnant than that would kinda be the end for that character, because obviously they have to take maternity leave or something. I would also like to see ZACK back!!! Return of the king of the lab competition.
I like the BB chemistry, keep it going!! it's interesting.

Mary said...

I want to know what is going on with Russ and his girls...a wedding would be nice there. Especially if she asked Booth to be her escort

I want to know more about Booth. Mom? dad? grandad?

I want to know where the heck Parker went

I may be in the minority because I want the amnesia to last at least a few episodes. Brennan needs the shock. If he recovers to quickly it will just be swept under the carpet.....AGAIN

I want a permanant assistant

I want a return of the gravedigger, the real one, not the Taffet wanna be.

I want them to ADMIT thier feelings outloud. It doenst have to be to the other, it can be to an unwilling third party.

I want a House crossover

I want another serial killer story arc. They are so much better when they give the story more then one episode

I want more Gordon Gordon

I want to see more of Caroline... and her puckish side!

I want another "undercover" episode

I want I want I want I want.........

Jen said...

I want Brennan in the lab

No more rotating interns

Harder to solve cases

Brennan in need of rescuing

Brennan to be clueless of modern idioms and pop culture but still savy when understanding cultural groups (like in S1)

More traveling, some of my favorite episodes come when Booth and Brennan are not in DC.

To know what becomes of Zack, c'mon we get one episode to undo him being a murderer and then nothing (although props to his AU character in the finale, )

Erin said...

i def want more gordon gordon and parker - i love them both!!

i love vulnerable brennan - whether she's in danger (like two bodies in the lab) or talking through pain from the past (like smurfette/brainy smurf incident.) i love any opportunity for booth to call her temperance.

i'd love another serial killer set - the epps episodes were so good.

and mary - i second the more undercover eps; jen - i totally agree with you on the travelling eps - get them the heck out of dc! (not all the time, mind you, but i love them out of the lab and on unusual turf!)

Nina said...

i love how bones fans are usually on all the same pages... Im going to expand on/edit an excellent list already posted here:

1. booth, brennan, love confession, at least 1 REALLY REAL kiss. what we were all promised and will really mutiny if we dont get it, HH!
2. Jealous BRENNAN
3. SMART Booth
4. less robot Brennan (she got, like... less real)
5. ANGELA in danger (shes the only one who hasnt been a victim yet and oh boy that would be a nail biter)
6. Brennan kicking ass!
7. Zack, Gordon Gordon, Caroline even if the actress is starting a new show, James Marsters
8. no more gravedigger! BUT a new recurring villan.
9. more variety for cam
10. Season 1,2 conspiracy nut Hodgins (less grumps please)
11. more science
12. dark humour
13. cases about people and death and not the situations surrounding them
14. i dont really LOVE any of the interns so much that i could never part with them. bring in some new ones. keep trying. Stop making them one dimensional.

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost everyone here. I think to separate Booth and Bones for a while would be good and they could use the memory loss as part of this.we need more Gordon Gordon, Parker and Zack (maybe booth's dream could be used here after the line vincent said about him being innocent).To develop their relationship is important really important and jelously on both sides as well. and more interesting cases I agree that I really like cases outside DC you see a different side to the characters.

Sammy said...

I like the idea that maybe sweets will split their partnership (only temporarily) in order to see how thier relationship is outside of work. Something like that is bound to highten tension between them.

yolio said...
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brennanite said...

I have a hard time seeing Brennan confessing her Booth feelings to Angela. But I can see her confessing them to a perfect stranger---this would be tantamount to her admitting them to herself, but out loud. Otherwise, I think if she is going to go out on a limb and really share, then she will go to the source and share with booth himself.

I think it would be cool to give her a sort of mentor. Some stranger that they encounter during a case who also represents a model that Brennan can relate to. A cool, sensible, strong older woman who has found a way to reconcile her rational self with a committed monogamous relationship and a sweetie-pie guy.

I'd like to see them get together, and fight about all the living together stuff: which place do they live in, or Booth watching loud sports game while Brennan is trying to study, how clean to keep the kitchen, etc. That would amuse me. I think they would eventually work out some really quirky, creative solutions.

Anonymous said...

So glad this came up: I would LOVE if they brought back Booth's no-nonsense cop thing he had going on before (seasons 1, 2); Brennan & Angela's girl-on-girl talks (does anyone else miss those??); Max & Parker were great (what happened to them?); Car scenes with B&B; Nosy Angela was the greatest (was she not?); Emotional episode were always fantastic (woman in limbo, soldier on the grave); Drama used to be the main focus (not anymore)

**If they do carry out Brennan wanting a child, maybe they could have something traumatic/dramatic happen during the pregnancy**

Anonymous said...

OH!! And can we have Booth's grandfather come in?? After all he is the reason Booth is still alive.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could see more of Eric Millegan. He was one of my favorite characters from the first 3 seasons.

Shep said...

I want to see Sweets actually deal with Zack's reveal in PPitPP that he didn't actually kill anyone. He dropped a bombshell and then it just kind of fizzled out!

Anonymous said...

oh i want many things, i want really jealous Bones, i want Angry Dark Booth fighting someone for going after the people he cares about. I want Angela to be nagging Bones and doing their Girltalk more. I want Parker, Max, Caroline, Gordon, Cullen and even Becca on more. I want Bones to bite the bullet and make Clark full time and Wendell her assistant so we have the two best there. ( not just saying taht cause i hope my friend shows up as Clark's girlfriend again) I want Gravedigger back.. the partner at least! I want Charisma Carpenter to guess star on the show. I want Bones and Booth to be locked in a room together till they see what is there! i have more but i should go and do work..


Don't Call Me Bones! said...

You know what else I really want to see in Season 5? A nice B/B slow dance!! I remember before Hero aired, I was hoping that they would actually get to the party, so this could be a possibility! We all know how that turned out. Please HH, give us a sloooow dance! :)

kjean said...

My biggest hope is for more consistent story arcs and a more consistent tone. I thought that Season 4 was all over the map: sometimes serious with emotional B&B moments; other times silly with heavy-handed caricatures (from geek fandom all the way to a Japanese "Pat"). There was no larger vision from the perspective of a viewer and fan. And, if I really had my way, I wish for a more serious tone, with a sometimes angsty Booth (as others have said), development of Brennan's character that makes sense (it really bothered me when she acted all weird in the interrogation room when she already handled it several times before on her own), long story arcs, recurring villains, more Booth backstory, tension and angst between B&B that develops over many episodes. In other words, more of a drama, less of a "dramedy" or a "crimedy" as HH was quoted as saying.

Cathers said...

Nina, I love your list. I agree with all of it :-) and Brenannite, yours too!

Rachel said...

Jumping onto the bandwagon a little late:

- I actually really liked season 4. I thought it was a nice mix of lighthearted episodes and more serious, dramatic ones. Different than previous seasons, yes, but certainly enjoyable. I felt like Brennan really grew a lot over the course of the season and I'd like to see that continue.

- I'd like to see another Cam story. I like her character a lot, always have, and would like to see her explored further.

- One consistant intern/grad assistant. I appreciate the variety they get by rotating them, but I'd like Brennan to just pick one and get it over with.

- I don't know what I think they should do with the Booth/Brennan thing. There has been so much development this year on an emotional front, and I think they're reaching the point of no return with them, the point where it would be dishonest to keep them apart. But I can see the dangers that putting them together would present and, frankly, I just can't picture them sitting around picking out china patterns. I definitely think it's an issue to be addressed between them, with Sweets, whatever.

- Despite my previous statement, a kiss would be nice. Preferrably following some sort of traumatic, emotionally upheaving event ala the House/Cuddy kiss this season.

- I'd like to see Angela and Hodges maybe get back together. There's still something there, in my opinion.

- More Caroline. I freaking love her.

-More episode reviews from YOU. :)

Overall, though, I was satisfied with the season. Granted, I watched it all in the space of three days, like I did the other three seasons because my discovery of Bones was recent, but my opinion remains.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Dormer should definatly guest star in the next season. Anon is right. She's an amazing actress.
I would love to see more Booth and Brennan rescue, jealousy moments. I really want Booth to get back to his serious but funny and humorous side. Not the one that doesn't even know who Bones is. I really wanna see more of Parker and Mx. Especially Parker. He's a really cute kid and I miss him. I wanna see him ask Booth if he's dating Bones or something. You know how kids are when it comes to their dad's relationships. I definatly don't wanna see more dream-sex. This is NOT BONES! I miss the old Bones in s1 and 2.

Anonymous said...

Here's one storyline that I would like in S5. Brennan says or does something so outlandish that it aggravates and realy hurts Booth. Similar to The Con Man episode when she was reluctant to answer when confronted with the LOSER remark. Booth let that one slide. This time Booth really gets infuriated and storms out without wanting to see or speak to her for at least two episodes. This would only magnify the UST.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think a really good knock 'em dead, drag 'em out fight between Booth and Brennan would be great! I'd like to see them get ferociously angry with each other to release some of the tension. Then, I'd like to see Booth get a "Sully" so that Brennan can turn into the green-eyed monster. Somebody said angela in danger....great idea? Vehicle for her and Hodgins to get back together? I'd love to see Brennan and Booth in a struggle for survival situation where they have to rely on each other's diverse skill sets to save themselves. I really want to see a deeper side of Booth. He knows Brennan's vulnerabilities, but does she really know Booth's?

Anonymous said...

No soap opera-y drama/angst.
No miscarriage.
The tone/atmosphere of S1 & 2 (subtle humor, depth...).
No more Brennan totally oblivious of Booth like in CitC.
I want Booth to confide more in Brennan & show himself vulnerable to her & of course I want her to be there for him, It's time for the other way around. I want them to be there for each other, I don't want 'Bones' to turn into a fairy tale where it's always the prince Booth saving the princess Brennan from her dungeon or danger. She is supposed to be a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man, if she finds one it's great but she is not supposed to absolutely need one. Like Booth is not supposed to absolutely need a woman.

Rosie said...

This is a ridiculously late comment, but I just had to add my views. Firstly, it's been great fun reading through everyone else's comments, and I agree with pretty much EVERYTHING said! Apart from wanting more Caroline because in all honesty, I really can't stand her. This show is full of characters that are so layered and real, and they have a history - but Caroline just shows up every so often, makes a sarky comment or two, says 'cherie' more than is humanly possible, and then her scene is over. Don't hate me for that, it's just how I feel!

In case anyone's wondering, I linked this page to HH on Twitter. I wonder if he'll check it out, LOL.

Here's things I really want - some of which will probably have been mentioned already.

1) An explanation as to why Parker and Rebecca weren't at the hospital right before Booth went into brain surgery. He might not have survived the operation, surely he would've wanted to see his family before he went under?

2) Everyone's said this, but I'd love to see jealous Bones. Where it's really OBVIOUS that she's jealous, not just a vague hint. We don't need any more Booth jealousy, we've had an ample amount of that already.

3) Some sort of story where B/B have to go undercover, and stay in accommodation together for a few days. Imagine the tension! Two beds though, none of those 'they only gave us one bed' cliches, but having to stay in close proximity for a few days, doing all the regular stuff like showering and getting dressed and cleaning their teeth... that would be such an awesome episode.

4) Brennan showing us more of her amazing karate skills. Seriously, what happened to that? In the first season, and I think some of the second, she could absolutely take care of herself, and we were even given the impression that she could take Booth at times, LOL. But in the past few seasons, there's been no demonstration of her skills. This needs to be rectified. XD

5) This seems extremely unlikely, but at some point I would LOVE for Booth to confess his feelings for Brennan to Dr. Sweets in a meeting. I can definitely see him being the first out of the two to confess, and as he absolutely wouldn't confess to Bones so as not to rush her, it would have to be to someone he knows. Sweets would be my first choice, or maybe Cam.

6) Stop making Brennan out to be some sort of social retard. If you watch series 1 and 2, Brennan started off with a lack of social skills, but being around Booth taught her so much, and by series 2, and even series 3, she was able to hold her own in the interrogation room, sometimes even interrogating the suspects without Booth. But then in season 4 there was that awful bit where Brennan asked Sweets to help her with social skills, or whatever, and she was trying to recognise facial expressions such as 'happy' and 'angry'. God, that scene made me mad. Since when has Brenna not been able to recognise facial expressions? It's almost like in series 4 she's closed up more, and I don't know whether this is intended, or simply poor writing.

I could seriously list about 20 more things LOL, but I think I'll leave it here.

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