Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extreme Spoiler Chat: Harbingers in the Fountain

Spoilers have arrived! It's our first 'Spoiler Chat' post of Season 5: Harbingers in the Fountain.

Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

Since it's the start of the Season, and there are new readers who don't know where to find sides, I will post links THIS TIME. I do not plan to make a habit of posting sides though, as we're not a spoiler-heavy blog around here. But just this once...

SpoilerTV (He's looking for support for posting Bones sides, so if you read them, give it to him!)
Bones Spoilers LiveJournal
BonesSpoilers Blog
View all Spoiler Chat Posts

David Boreanaz sighting

The Insider has a daily challenge to guess who's in the picture - check out David Boreanaz signing an autograph for a cop in LA.

Vote for Bones - TV's Best Crime Solvers

TV.com has a poll up for TV's Best Crime Solvers. Vote Bones - currently winning with 57% vs Mulder and Scully.

Thanks, Emilie!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hart Hanson on Show Production

Today is prep day at Bones - and the actors return to work next week!

Stephen Nathan on writing Bones

Stephen Nathan tweeted Saturday about writing Bones. Link only, possible spoiler about an episode location (kind of cryptic though!).

Hart Hanson on Writer's Block

Hart Hanson tweets about how he deals with writer's block:

King of the Lab

A bit different this week. Maybe just to switch it up, or maybe because I'm so sleep deprived it sounds fun and different! :)

You can be King of the Lab if you can identify this 2009 movie, given a more Bones-y title.

The Future from the Past

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Season 1 Bones Reviews - Update

I recently opened up Obsessed with Bones to guest reviews of Bones Season 1 episodes. I want to begin posting them soon, but we need a lot more!

Here's what I have so far:

# 121 - 'The Woman in Limbo" - Jenny
# 120 - 'The Soldier on the Grave" - Kaitlynd
# 119 - 'The Graft in the Girl" - Pua
# 118 - 'The Man in the Morgue" - Kate
# 117 - 'The Skull in the Desert" - em-jay
# 116 - 'The Man with the Bone" - Emma
# 115 - 'Two Bodies in the Lab" - DaLiza
# 114 - 'The Man on the Fairway" - Sai
# 113 - 'The Woman in the Garden" - Kate
# 112 - 'The Superhero in the Alley" - Ellynne
# 111 - 'The Woman in the Tunnel" - Winona
# 110 - 'The Woman at the Airport" - Robyn
# 109 - 'The Woman in the Car" - Milky
# 108 - 'The Man in the Fallout Shelter" - Emma
# 107 - 'The Girl in the Fridge" - Jenny
# 106 - 'The Man in the Wall" - Jen
# 105 - "A Boy in a Bush" - Bekka
# 104 - 'The Man in the Bear" - Sarah
# 103 - 'The Man on Death Row" - My Review - Meryl
# 102 - 'The Man in the SUV" My Review
# 101 - "A Boy in the Tree" My Review
# 079 - "Pilot" My Review
Please post here or email me if you would like to add a review.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farah Fawcett has died

This is not directly Bones news, but, as a fan of Ryan O'Neal, I wanted to pass on that Farrah Fawcett has died. I am guess he never go the chance to make good on his accepted marriage proposal. So sad.

At this moment, it is just breaking news, so there is no story to link, but Hart Hanson has already put out his condolences to Ryan O'Neal, via his Twitter, to the fans.

Emily (and Zooey) Deschanel at 500 Days of Summer Premiere

Getty & Wireimages have a bunch of pictures of Emily Deschanel and her sister Zooey Deschanel at the premiere of Zooey's new movie, 500 Days of Summer .

Thanks, Robyn, for the information!

Bones Contest for D.C. Area Residents

Bones fans in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland are eligible to enter a Bones-themed spy contest. Check it out here. Thanks, Calla, for the link!

Pre-order Kathy Reichs new book

Kathy Reichs releases a new Temperance Brennan book each year. The upcoming installment, 206 Bones, is now available for pre-order. If you pre-order from VJ Books, however, you can it signed.

Win a Bones Box Set - UK

Sky1 is holding a simple contest to give away Bones DVDs. The grand prize is a box set of all 4 seasons, but runner up winners can still get Season 4. Contest ends June 30th.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bones appearing at Comic-Con

I've been camping Kristen's Comic-Con page for two weeks now, looking for some Bones news and now we have it! There will be a Bones panel at Comic-Con again this year, on Friday July 24th, from 3-3:45. Thanks, Shep, for the additional link.

So far, it looks like Hart Hanson, David Boreanaz, and Emily Deschanel will be appearing. How about you? Any fans making plans to go? Please email me if you do - I'd be happy to post your pictures, stories, etc here for everyone to share. Be the envy of fans everywhere, just like Lucy! ;)

Emily Deschanel goes to bat for apes

Emily Deschanel is urging California Congressman Henry Waxman to support legislation that would work to eliminate invasive primate research and secure the release of about 500 chimpanzees into sanctuaries. Read about the letter here, and the full text of what she sent, here.

Thanks, RobsSilverstone, for the link! (via twitter)

Emily Deschanel's Flawless Skin

The Beauty and Fitness Addict blog has a short piece about Emily Deschanel's flawless skin. Thanks, Mikey, for the link!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lucky Lucy meets DB... again!

Lucy is one lucky (or industrious?) Bones fan. She met David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel last year when they filmed in London and today managed to snag yet another short chat, and picture, with David Boreanaz when he was interviewed for BBC 1 radio.

"OMG Wendy you will be proud, I heard DB was gonna be on Radio 1 so i skipped lectures at uni and went down there to see if I could catch a glimpse....and i was lucky YAY!!! I chatted to him really briefly about S5 and yet again he was so lovely! Thankfully I was a little more prepared this time so was actually able to speak! I was even lucky enough to get another pic!"
Congrats, Lucy, and thanks for the picture!

David Boreanaz on BBC1

You can hear the David Boreanaz BBC 1 interview from this morning here. Thanks, Su, for uploading it (and Jenny for sharing it with me!).

David Boreanaz Wall Calendar

Get your 2010 David Boreanaz wall calendar (on pre-order) here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ryan O'Neal to Marry

Ryan O'Neal has asked longtime partner Farah Fawcett to marry him, and she has agreed.

Measuring Online Fan Engagement

Wetpaint has rolled out a new 'top 100' measure for online fan engagement for TV shows called the Fandex. It looks at the wide spectrum of online fandom - including Twitter, Google, etc - and rates the top fan involvement each week. Looks like Bones hangs out in the top 10. Let's keep it there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bones Deserves an Emmy - Petition

Show your support for how much Bones deserves an Emmy. Sign the online petition here.

Star Central Magazine - 10 Sexiest Vampires

David Boreanaz, as Angel, comes in at #5 on this list of sexiest vampires.

5. David Boreanaz as Angel

“Angel” is actually a spin-off of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The main plot of the show revolves around the ongoing trials and tribulations of Angel, a yummy vampire whose human soul was reinstated to him by some gypsies as a form of revenge because he killed a gypsy. After more than a century of torturing and killing innocent people, His restored soul now tortures his damned soul with guilt on a daily basis. He works as a private detective in the TV series where he and a group of friends “help the helpless” and save the souls of those who have veered away onto the wrong path.

Angel is actually considered to be one of the sexiest men in TV - and we’re definitely not surprised! With a name like Angel, no wonder he’s a heart stopper!

TV's 50 Coolest Dads

Seeley Booth comes in at #13 on this list of "TV's Coolest Dads."

#13 Seeley Booth, Bones

Saving the day every day from the bad guys is enough to make Seeley Booth cool, but his devotion to his son Parker is what makes him a truly cool dad.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bones is Heavily DVR'd

The season DVR numbers are out and they show that Bones is very heavily DVR'd.


Largest 18-49 Demo Increase From DVR Viewing for Broadcast TV Shows:

Rank Programs Net 18-49 Live (rating) 18-49 Live+SD (rating) 18-49 Live+7 (rating) Increase From DVR Viewing % of All Viewing By DVR % of DVR Viewing On Airdate
1 DOLLHOUSE FOX 1.19 1.46 2.00 68% 41% 33%
2 OFFICE NBC 3.10 4.01 4.86 57% 36% 52%
3 LOST ABC 3.33 4.24 5.17 55% 36% 49%
4 HEROES NBC 2.90 3.58 4.44 53% 35% 44%
5 90210 CW 0.78 0.95 1.19 53% 34% 41%
6 LIPSTICK JUNGLE NBC 1.31 1.49 1.99 52% 34% 26%
7 24 FOX 2.92 3.65 4.33 48% 33% 52%
8 TERMINATOR: SRH CNR CHRON FOX 1.42 1.68 2.09 47% 32% 39%
9 AMERICA’S TOP MODEL – 6 CW 1.46 1.78 2.10 44% 30% 50%
10 BONES FOX 2.35 2.80 3.38 44% 30% 44%

Largest DVR Audiences for Broadcast TV Shows:
Rank Programs Net Persons Live (000s) Persons Live+SD (000s) Persons Live+7 (000s) Same Day DVR Viewers (000s) Total DVR Viewers (000s) % of All Viewing By DVR % of DVR Viewing On Airdate
1 AMERICAN IDOL-TUE FOX 21,368 24,743 26,308 3,375 4,940 18.8% 68.3%
2 AMERICAN IDOL-WED FOX 22,432 25,532 26,878 3,100 4,446 16.5% 69.7%
3 LOST ABC 7,941 9,525 11,279 1,584 3,338 29.6% 47.5%
4 HOUSE FOX 10,306 11,906 13,622 1,600 3,316 24.3% 48.3%
5 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC 11,500 12,891 14,785 1,391 3,285 22.2% 42.3%
6 24 FOX 9,557 11,182 12,741 1,625 3,184 25.0% 51.0%
7 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ABC 12,944 14,441 15,869 1,497 2,925 18.4% 51.2%
8 OFFICE NBC 6,448 7,903 9,292 1,455 2,844 30.6% 51.2%
9 HEROES NBC 6,464 7,609 9,265 1,145 2,801 30.2% 40.9%
10 CSI CBS 16,501 17,432 19,151 931 2,650 13.8% 35.1%
11 SURVIVOR: TOCANTINS CBS 10,408 12,105 12,997 1,697 2,589 19.9% 65.5%
12 SURVIVOR: GABON CBS 11,416 12,914 13,810 1,498 2,394 17.3% 62.6%
13 FRINGE FOX 7,691 8,631 10,018 940 2,327 23.2% 40.4%
14 BONES FOX 8,579 9,591 10,899 1,012 2,320 21.3% 43.6%
15 NCIS CBS 15,729 16,804 17,989 1,075 2,260 12.6% 47.6%

Greatest % Of DVR Viewing for Broadcast TV Shows:
Rank Programs Net Persons Live (000s) Persons Live+SD (000s) Persons Live+7 (000s) Same Day DVR Viewers (000s) Total DVR Viewers (000s) % of All Viewing By DVR % of DVR Viewing On Airdate
1 DOLLHOUSE FOX 3,183 3,723 4,702 540 1,519 32.3% 35.5%
2 OFFICE NBC 6,448 7,903 9,292 1,455 2,844 30.6% 51.2%
3 HEROES NBC 6,464 7,609 9,265 1,145 2,801 30.2% 40.9%
4 LOST ABC 7,941 9,525 11,279 1,584 3,338 29.6% 47.5%
5 90210 CW 1,647 1,912 2,298 265 651 28.3% 40.7%
6 TERMINATOR: SRH CNR CHRON FOX 3,945 4,505 5,372 560 1,427 26.6% 39.2%
7 AMERICA’S TOP MODEL – 6 CW 3,339 3,889 4,461 550 1,122 25.2% 49.0%
8 30 ROCK NBC 5,822 6,650 7,764 828 1,942 25.0% 42.6%
9 24 FOX 9,557 11,182 12,741 1,625 3,184 25.0% 51.0%
10 LIPSTICK JUNGLE NBC 3,846 4,187 5,121 341 1,275 24.9% 26.7%
11 REAPER CW 1,875 2,107 2,484 232 609 24.5% 38.1%
12 HOUSE FOX 10,306 11,906 13,622 1,600 3,316 24.3% 48.3%
13 GOSSIP GIRL CW 1,917 2,212 2,517 295 600 23.8% 49.2%
14 FRINGE FOX 7,691 8,631 10,018 940 2,327 23.2% 40.4%
15 FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS NBC 3,552 3,962 4,583 410 1,031 22.5% 39.8%
16 PARKS AND RECREATION NBC 4,698 5,390 6,051 692 1,353 22.4% 51.1%
17 CHUCK NBC 5,720 6,507 7,359 787 1,639 22.3% 48.0%
18 GREY’S ANATOMY ABC 11,500 12,891 14,785 1,391 3,285 22.2% 42.3%
19 PRISON BREAK FOX 4,175 4,649 5,334 474 1,159 21.7% 40.9%
20 BONES FOX 8,579 9,591 10,899 1,012 2,320 21.3% 43.6%

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stephen Fry Article - small Bones mention

The DailyMail has a great article on Stephen Fry - his amazing weight loss, Twitter, and more. It includes a mention of various upcoming commitments, including the desire to get him back on Bones. He's a fascinating guy - worth the read!

Vote Brennan/Booth for Best TV Couple Chemisty

Kristen at E! has a poll up for TV's best couple chemistry. (Along with a mainstream nice nod to fan vid makers by using one to illustrate the poll.) Vote Booth & Bones here.

Thanks, Yvanne, for the European link too!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How did you develop your Obsession?

So, other Bones-obsessed fans, how did you find Bones? Are you an 'original' fan? A writer's strike fan? When did you find it, and what kept you coming back?

I am a proud writer's strike fan who kept coming back for the entire package, with the BB relationship edging out the rest of the reasons :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fox Confirms Bones Season 5 Premiere Date

Fox confirms what Hart Hanson told us awhile ago: Bones Season 5 will premiere on Thursday, September 17th. It is NOT (also something HH already said) a 2 hour premier this year.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the Pre-emptions begin

Go ahead and get out your groaning and complaints - the pre-emption list has already started for this fall. These are expected (baseball does this every year) but if you're like me, any week without Bones is worth some fussing!

The potentially hardest hit will be Thursdays and Saturdays with up to three pre-emptions, while Tuesdays and Fridays will sit out just one week at most.

("Bones," "Fringe")
October 22 (ALCS Game #5, if necessary)
October 29 (World Series Game #2)
November 5 (World Series Game #7, if necessary)
Thanks, lorapalmer, for the heads up.

Kristen Spoils: Two items

This week's spoiler chat with Kristen at E! has back-to-back Bones questions down past the "Spoiler Line - Do Not Cross!" One involves Brennan, the other Angela.

Thanks, Mickey!

Vegdaily mentions Emily Deschanel

Vegdaily highlights the words of Emily Deschanel and her advice on being environmentally conscious (and Vegan). It's the same stuff we can see her say directly in this video, but any extra mentions of the stars is good for Bones!

Thanks, Mickey, for the heads up!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

(Belated) Happy Birthday to Michaela Conlin!

I knew I was missing something...

Happy Birthday to Michaela Conlin! She turned 31 on June 9th, 2009.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ausiello: Hart Hanson on Booth's Question

In the latest Ausiello, Hart Hanson answers to the meaning of Booth's question at the end of the Bones Season 4 Finale.

David Boreanaz Pictures and Poll

The Insider has posted some airport pictures of David Boreanaz in LA. Alongside that (on the right side), you can vote for him in a TV's Alpha Male poll. (He's currently winning by a LOT - keep it that way!)

Emily Deschanel talks to Digital Spy

Emily Deschanel talks to DigitalSpy about Eric Millegan, Bones Season 3 and 4, Brennan, and more in this interview video taken at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.

Thanks, Mickey, for the link!

Kristen talks to Emily Deschanel

Kristen talks to Emily Deschanel about the Bones Season 4 finale and what might or might not occur in Season 5. (Actually, I think it's just a reference to these interview clips.)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Emily Deschanel - Monte Carlo Closing Ceremonies

Multiple style pages have mentioned Emily Deschanel's gorgeous gown at the Monte Carlo TV Festival closing ceremonies.


I think it, and she, deserve the praise, don't you?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hart Hanson on the Season 5 opener

Hart gives the unofficial title for the Season 5 Bones premier.

Kristen Spoils: Jared

Kristen asked Brendan Fehr about his Bones alter-ego Jared, and Season 5. (Scroll down just below the '24' picture.)

That Shark Rears Up Again

Sigh. As much as I hate to reference the finale again, TVGuide has put Bones on a list of Season finales and Shark Jumping. Even if you hated the finale maybe you can go vote for another show?

Obviously those who enjoyed the finale won't agree with the premise, but, for those who didn't enjoy it, do you think so badly of it that you would consider it "Jumping the Shark?"

Emily Deschanel in Monaco

Yvanne and Michelle both sent me some links for Emily Deschanel interviews and pictures in Monaco.


And the videos, 5 parts, of her interview at the festival:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey, you, Bones fan! Where are you from?

Time for a meet-n-greet type post (first of many, so don't share your entire life and Bones-related story just yet!) to pass the summer -

Where are you from?
Additional question: Which country and/or continent do you think would lead in Bones fan love? The natural inclination is to just assume USA/North America, but what do you think?

I'll edit this post with all the answers and see how different regions stack up.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

North America
USA - Wendy (East Tennessee)
Mickey, West Tennessee, USA
Laura, Seattle, Washington, USA
Louise; Chicago, USA
Katrina; Pullman, Washington
Alanna - Omaha, NE
Tiana; Florida
Deepa; Arizona, USA
Michelle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Carrie; NY NY USA
Leanne, Massachusetts, USA
Stephanie - USA
Kim, San Diego, California, USA
kjean; Ithaca, NY
Mary; Maine
Denisse; nuevo leon, mexico
Rebecca; Colorado, USA
Lisa; Halifax, N.S. Canada
Adriana, from Mexico
MC; East Tennessee
Kili Climbers; Los Angeles, CA
Cheryl and I am from a town called Chelmsford in Ma
singinglupines; USA, Southern Ohio
Noelle; Northeastern Ohio, USA
Dianna; I live outside DC in MD, USA
Turtle; Greenville SC USA
Brenda, Brunswick Georgia
Poetic_line; North Carolina, USA
Jess; Indiana, USA
Fay; Boston, Massachusetts, USA
N2seeleybooth; Indiana, texas, north carolina Air force globe trotter
Don't Call Me Bones!; Philadelphia, PA in USA
Anonymous; Toronto, CANADA!
Caitlin from just outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Lauren: Boston, MA
Lindsay; Northwestern Florida
Vanessa-Mora; Mexico City, Mexico
Anonymous; Monon, Indiana
Liz; Portland, Oregon
Erin; San Diego, CA
Melinda; Riverside,CA
Robyn: Richmond, Virginia
Megan; Davis (near Sacramento) California, USA
Theresa; Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Lawrence; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada\
Lerena; Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
Caydee; Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Steph P; Chicago, Illinois, USA
Caitlin---Canton (The Detroit Area), Michigan, United States
Westernsky; San Antonio, Texas
Catherine; Long Island, NY
Mary- Medford MA
pranksterjo; Jamaica
Anonymous; Minnesota
tybonium; Tylina Texas, USA
Anonymous; north-east Florida
Melissa from Boston
TalkFast; Atlanta, Georgia
Alicia; Dublin, Ohio
Veronica, Decatur, Illinois
Brittany: Lancaster, PA, USA
Mary Princeton NJ
gilliAHHn; Portland Oregon
Mysti; Rochester Mills, PA
Danielle; Washington, DC
Julia; London, Ontario, Canada
Kristen; Lawrence, KS
Diana; MEXICO CITY, Mexico
Delyme; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Leila; Montreal, Qc,Canada
Emma; Washington, DC
Ali, San Diego, CA
Amanda; Totowa, New Jersey
Phil; Houston, TX
Teri Sioux Falls SD
Burnsy, Sudbury, Ontario Canada
Lisa, Buckeye- Arizona, USA
Nini...Miami, Florida, USA
Jen from Ft Lauderdale, FL/Chicago, IL
Christina; Texas, US
Sarah Southern Califonia
Jane, Middle Tennessee
Nina, NYC, NY
ForensicMama (Sarah), Seattle, WA, USA
Cindy, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Ana P, La Romana, Dominican Republic
Priscila, VA, USA
Chelsea from Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Jessica; Baltimore, Maryland
Winona - washington, DC
Mary; Atlanta, GA, USA

Yvanne; Dublin, Ireland
Deborah; Andalusia, Spain
Morgane; Paris, France
Emberlynne (abbreviated to Ellynne); Budel, Holland
Lara; Lisbon, Portugal
Zuzana; Prague, Czech Republic
onebreath; Scotland, UK
Angela: Italy, north-east, little town in the Dolomites mountains
Lily - Tychy, Poland
Sara; Turku, Finland
Sara. I'm from Canary Islands, in Spain
Vanessa, Sweden
Sandy; Madrid, Spain
Karolina; Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
Laura, Törökszentmiklós, Hungary
Emma; Grantham, UK
Claire, U.K. & Greece
Jessica, one foot in Finland one in Sweden (Island inbetween)
Marie; Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe
Michaela; Trnava, Slovakia
Yssel; Milan, Italy
Ann, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Lore; Torhout, Belgium
Anne; Altentreptow, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany
Lizou; Paris, France
Doty (abbreviated for Dorothy) Beziers, South of france
Aleksandra, Wrocław, Poland
Lynn; Brussels, Belgium
Sarah: Vilvoorde, Belgium
Maria; Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Rachel, from Madrid, Spain
Lena; Louth, Ireland
Anita from Barcelona,Catalonia, SPAIN
Emilie : East France
depi; Greece
Valleria; Czech Republic, Europe
Ciara: Cork, Ireland
Regina, from San Sebastian, Basque Country, SPAIN
cd3010; Vienna, Austria
Petit Chat; Alsace (Elsass in Alsatian), France
Elisa; Mikkeli, Finland
Bobob; Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Maria from Sweden
Choy; Tring, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND
Shefali: London, UK
Emily; England, UK
Ali; Alicante, Spain
Krys, Fréjus, French Riviera
Jeanne; Paris, France
Aleksandra;Lopare, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sammy; England, UK
Monisse; Lisbon, Portugal
Jenni, UK
Agata; Sosnowiec, Poland
Jenny; Thessaloniki, Greece
cordy; Germany
KaNia- Pionki- Poland
Jennifer; Frankfurt, Germany
Beograd, Serbia, Europe
Irishka - Moscow from Russia
ktulhueatingmind; Moscow, Russia
Vanessa, Portugal
Lucy; London, England
Maria; Athens, Greece
Just; Łódź, Poland
depi; kavala, Greece
Barbara; Lisbon - Portugal
Laura; Canary Island , Spain
Vanessa; La Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Hampshire, England. Merlo
Pia, Bielefeld, Ostwestfalen, GERMANY
Anaïs, Eysines (near of Bordeaux, Aquitaine), FRANCE
Bernie..Dublin Ireland
Yvonne, Norway
aimee, Liverpool, England
Becca, Hampshire, UK
Lynne; from Scotland
Groovycathers - Just north of London, England
Chloe, Chatham, UK
Magdalena; Wroclaw; Poland
Anna;Kraslice,Czech republic
Linda - Drammen, Norway
Croatian girl, croatia, europe

South America
Amanda, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Brennan Booth Fan; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jean; Chile
Claudia; Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Consuelo, from Chile, South America
Marina (Maru!) and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina =)
gsquinterob; Bucaramanga, Colombia
Silvana; Asunción, Paraguay (South America)
Anais, Punto Fijo - Venezuela
Sofi; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariana; São Paulo, Brazil, South America
Thaysa; Recife, Brazil
Grissom's Girl, Brazil
Marcela; medellin, colombia
Mariano aka XiaolinDashi, from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucia from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santa Fe, Argentina

Karyn: NSW Australia
Macy; Wellington, New Zealand
Victoria; Brisbane, Australia
boldaslove; Sydney, Australia
Carla; QLD Australia
olivia , South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Mel- Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Kamara - Sunshine Coast - AUSTRALIA
Lillian : Sydney Australia
Anonymous; Christchurch, New Zealand
Anonymous; Levin, NEW ZEALAND
Krissie; Sydney, Australia
Lauren; Dunedin, New Zealand
Moshe; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jessica Anne NEW ZEALAND
Nicole; Brisbane, Australia
Jess(ica), Sunshine Coast, Australia
Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand
Adelaide South Australia
Leanne, Australia
Jess, Australia

Pam from the PHILIPPINES. :D
Eli - Asia - Malaysia
Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan
Triveni; Mumbai, India
Tanya; Russia
Ling Suan; Singapore
kath; philippines
Thu; Vietnam
Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan
tinie - Malaysia
Sai - From India
Lyssa, Philippines
Rieu; Seoul, Korea

Mai; Cairo,Egypt
Robyn - Cape Town, South Africa (& London)
Madelein; Johannesburg; South-Africa
Sahar; Rabat, Morocco (Africa)

King of the Lab - Trivia

What is the context (and episode) of a conversation that mentions Snell's Law?

2nd Bones Companion Book - out this fall

The 2nd Bones companion book, "The Forensic Files," will be released on October 27, 2009. You can pre-order it at Amazon. It is the followup to "The Official Companion Book," previously released. Both books delve into the episode, production, and more, and include unique information and pictures. Thanks, Terri, for the heads up!

Ecorazzi's Top 5 Vegan Celebrities

Ecorazzi, which often features Emily Deschanel charity appearances and more, has named her to it's Top 5 Vegan Celebrities list - at number 2!

2. Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel is one of those glamorous vegans that prove the power of plant-based foods. A vegan of over 16 years and a supporter of many great animal organizations, Emily is a rock in the movement and angel for the animals. For all of these reasons, we give her a high-five and spot number two.

Check out the full list. Thanks, Emilie, for the info!

Emily Deschanel with fans in Monte Carlo

Thank you, Emilie, for this video of Emily Deschanel signing autographs and taking pictures with fans in Monte Carlo. Even with no makeup, she's beautiful! She does look a little tired, though. It can't be easy doing all that when, it looks like, you just want to go into your hotel.

Emily Deschanel - Candids in Monte Carlo

Emily Deschanel and her boyfriend, together on her visit to Monte Carlo for the TV Festival:

You can see a lot more pictures here. Thanks, Stephanie, for the link.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Reviewers - Calling on You!

I am taking Noah out all day today to visit various family members. (Eek!) So, I can't implement the suggestions yet or update today but I would like to get started on one of them: Guest Reviews!

I would like us to go classic and start with Bones Season 1. I've done a few reviews for the first episodes of that season, but I would like to open it up for any of you to email me a review for any of the Season 1 episodes. I'd like to get at least 1 for every episode, and then start posting them every couple of days. I'll wait a few days for people to start sending some in (or at least commitments to certain episodes) and then post again on which ones are empty. Please email me at obsessedwithbones@gmail.com with actual reviews. Commitments can be emailed or posted here in comments.

Posted reviews will, of course, be credited to you. Along with that I will happily link to your own website or blog, provided it is not x-rated, etc. (It does not have to be Bones-related at all but linking is at my discretion. I will be pretty open but I will say upfront that I will go look at the sites before I link to them.)

In between the episode talks we'll do some of the other ideas. Please check out this post if you have no idea what I'm talking about and then give me some more! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Emily Deschanel - coming to theaters soon!

I know many of you know this and have pointed it out, but I want to make sure that everyone knows (and remind the rest of you) that Emily Deschanel will be on the big screen soon with a small part in My Sister's Keeper. It will be released on June 26th. Emily plays the character Dr. Farquad.

What other works of Emily's have you seen and what would you recommend to others?

I, for one, love Cold Mountain. It is a painful, harsh film but it seems very well done and realistic. Emily is only in one short part of the movie, but she does a fantastic job.

Emmy Ballots are Out

Emmy ballots are out and David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, and Eric Millegan have all been submitted in their categories. Check out the PDF here.

Thanks, Stephanie, for the link!

Emily Interviewed at the "Home" screening

Thanks, Ellynne, for this video link of Emily Deschanel being interviewed at the "Home" screening about environmentalism, veganism, and more.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bones Season 4 DVD Information

We don't have 'official release dates yet' (retails can just name one at will and then later change it) but both US and UK versions are available for pre-order.

US (Amazon)

UK (Play.com)

Thanks, Mickey and others for the links!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Emily Deschanel "Breaking Bread"

Emily Deschanel is taking part in a show where celebrities discuss their favorite causes at dinner parties. She participated in a vegan discussion. No idea when it will air, at this point, but you can read about it here.

Thanks, Amanda, for the link.

Emily Deschanel at the Arcona launch party for Eco-Beautiful

This appears to be from last Wednesday, when Emily Deschanel made an appearance in support of make-up artist Lisa Hanson.

Check out the full blog entry here. Thanks, Sherri, for the link!

Hart Hanson answers our questions for Variety

Hart Hanson took the Bones fan love and angst on in equal measure with a Q&A of fan-submitted questions for Variety. It's a very long interview, but worth a read! There are 'technically' spoilers in that he answers over-arching trend questions for Season 5, but I don't feel there is anything a spoiler-phobe would hate themselves for reading. At this point, with the opener not even written, it's all likely to change anyway.

Q. What is something you really want to do on the show but feel you would break the budget with if you even attempted to have it done? (Natashadelovely)
A. Oh, there’s so much we could do with more money. We’d like to be out in the world more, we’d like cooler effects, we’d like to use the Angelator more, we’d like to give David more action sequences, we’d like to do a “train” episode … it’s a very long list. In fact, we’d like to utilize some of our favorite guest stars even more. But this is a harsh world and somehow we have to use intelligence and creativity in place of budget to get the effects we want — money is a lot easier.
Thanks N2SeeleyBooth and more for the link!

Emily Deschanel at "Home" screening

Various links to view pictures of Emily Deschanel at the screening of "Home" on June 5th.

London4Ever's LiveJournal
BonesSpoilers Blog

Friday, June 5, 2009

Holy Cow, People

First, let me say that I'm sorry I can't be as involved as I'd like in the blog right now. On the one hand, there's not much news anyway, but even still I wish I could keep things moving on a daily basis so that things don't degrade like they have.

I am appalled at the negativity and attacks that have been going on in some recent threads. Not only have some of you been unforgiving and harsh toward Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel, you have also taken to attacking each other.

I. Can't. Believe. What. I'm. Reading.

Seriously, people. Why? What is the point? Can you not find one shred of the positive, or simply take the summer off to do something else? If negativity and hatefulness is all you have to share, why share anything? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if that's all you have toward the show, it's stars, and other fans, why are you still hanging around? Why come here and turn a positive site into something so frustrating, hateful, and devoid of joy?

I honestly don't know what to say right now. There's not much for me to post, other than a few tweets that confirm things like the Season 5 opener plot is being laid out, the show returns to production in 6 weeks or so, etc. At about that time, we will have spoilers to discuss as casting sides come out, there will be continual news, appearances cropping up, etc.

Until then, I am open to suggestions. How can we POSITIVELY pass the next couple of months? I really, really hope to pick up reviews again soon (I know I've said it for months and the hope and desire is still there - eventually results will come from it!) but there have to be other ways we can enjoy Bones as fans throughout the summer.

Contests? Wish lists? Scavenger hunts? Sharing posts like "Where are you from?" or Favorite fan fiction stories?

I'm open to ideas and help on this. I don't like what's been going on around here since the finale. OWB has always been different and I, for one, am not willing to just let it slide into the general, hateful atmosphere that other places embrace.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emily Deschanel due to appear in Monte Carlo

Last year, David Boreanaz attended the Monte Carlo TV Festival. It looks like Emily Deschanel is set to appear this year.

Thanks, Sherri, for the link!

Monday, June 1, 2009

David Boreanaz talks to Daemon's TV

Daemon's TV has an interview with David Boreanaz. They talk Booth, directing, Bones renewal, Booth and Bones, the S4 finale, Our Lady of Victory and much more. From what I see, it is spoiler-free.

If you could guest star on any other show which one would it be?

David Boreanaz: Probably 'Damages'. I think that I really kind of would definitely want to do something like that. I'm still trying to get on that show. I know I told my agent that I'd really like to be on 'Damages' as a guest spot or something or kind of a small character that comes on. I just think it's a really, really smart piece. My mom told me about another one called 'Breaking Bad' which is another really great series. So one of those two.

Thanks, Fay, for the link!

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