Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2nd Bones Companion Book - out this fall

The 2nd Bones companion book, "The Forensic Files," will be released on October 27, 2009. You can pre-order it at Amazon. It is the followup to "The Official Companion Book," previously released. Both books delve into the episode, production, and more, and include unique information and pictures. Thanks, Terri, for the heads up!


Mayflower said...

finally, can't wait!

Jen said...

I want to know when the next Kathy Reichs book is coming out. Any one hear anything?

Louise said...

"Booth books"? Good Freudian slip there :)

Wendy said...

Hah... no kidding... :)

Stephanie said...

The next Kathy Reichs books, "206 Bones," comes out on August 25th and is already available for preorder on Amazon. I think she needs to release her books around early July, so all the TV fans can get their mid-haitus Tempe-fix :p

So glad to see they're doing another companion book! I love the first one! I even used one of Stephen Nathan's quotes about Booth & Brennan's frequent and civil discussions on their opposing beliefs in a paper for school once, haha.

n2seeleybooth said...

This is a article I found sorry don't know how to link it had to copy and paste o Yahoo! Buzz
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By Robert Bianco, USA TODAY
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•Sometimes patience is rewarded. When tonight's episode of Bones (Fox, 8 ET/PT) first aired back in February, some viewers were nonplussed by the apparent appearance of a ghost who helps Booth (David Boreanaz) escape the clutches of the evil Grave Digger. Now, thanks to the final few episodes, we know that the ghost was a hallucination sparked by a brain tumor. You may not have found that revelation or the hallucinatory finale it provoked particularly rewarding. But you have to give the writers some credit for paying off a plot point rather than just leaving us hanging.

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