Tuesday, June 23, 2009

David Boreanaz on BBC1

You can hear the David Boreanaz BBC 1 interview from this morning here. Thanks, Su, for uploading it (and Jenny for sharing it with me!).


*Lucy* said...

OMG Wendy you will be proud, I heard DB was gonna be on Radio 1 so i skipped lectures at uni and went down there to see if I could catch a glimpse....and i was lucky YAY!!! I chatted to him really briefly about S5 and yet again he was so lovely! Thankfully I was a little more prepared this time so was actually able to speak! I was even lucky enough to get another pic!


xhio said...

Is it just me or he had a strange voice in the first part of the interview? O_o
In the second he try someway to imitate English accent, but in the first one his tone has something strange....don't you notce it?

merlo84 said...

I noticed it as well. I think he was trying to imitate Edith's Scottish accent slyly but he wasn't doing a very good job of it!! lol.

Did any one see his interview on This Morning today? He was very funny (as usual!) I know there is a video on the itv website (if you search This Morning on itv.com it is the first video) but I think it is only available to us in UK. Hopefully someone will upload it so everyone can see it.

Shep said...

Crap! I missed the 'This Morning appearance. Watching it now.

The Radio 1 interview was hilarious! I was trying to type out a transcript but it was a bit fast and I was having lunch. His answers to some of the questions were great:
'What is your greatest skill?' 'My tongue' LOL!
I almost choked on my food!

Shep said...

HH on twitter:

'Morning text from David Boreanaz across the pond: The fact u Twit, Twirl, Twett, whatever the Twit it is, is just...just...just TWITTY!'

Anna said...

Here's the This Morning interview, hopefully the upload has worked alright


Anna said...

Oh, and sorry it's not great quality. I got it off the itv website as I couldn't record it myself

Anonymous said...

Yes, I noticed the semi-sorta accent as well. Some people just slide into accents when they are surrounded by one.
When I first moved to TX (I am from IL), I would be talking to someone and HEAR myself sliding into a drawl I didn't even have. It was embarrassing! I always worried they would think I was making fun of them or something. I wasn't! It would just happen.

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