Monday, June 1, 2009

David Boreanaz talks to Daemon's TV

Daemon's TV has an interview with David Boreanaz. They talk Booth, directing, Bones renewal, Booth and Bones, the S4 finale, Our Lady of Victory and much more. From what I see, it is spoiler-free.

If you could guest star on any other show which one would it be?

David Boreanaz: Probably 'Damages'. I think that I really kind of would definitely want to do something like that. I'm still trying to get on that show. I know I told my agent that I'd really like to be on 'Damages' as a guest spot or something or kind of a small character that comes on. I just think it's a really, really smart piece. My mom told me about another one called 'Breaking Bad' which is another really great series. So one of those two.

Thanks, Fay, for the link!


Anonymous said...

Interesting interview. Also, the guy has the best taste in tv shows. The Wire, Damages, Breaking Bad...awesome stuff.

Kili Climbers said...

That is a great interview. Damages is a cool show - it would be great to see David in different roles. As much as I love him as Booth - I am curious to see if he will give movies another chance after Bones is done. I would love to see him on the big screen.

Kili Climbers said...

Movies that don't go straight to DVD that is. :-) I hope Our Lady of Victory plays on the big screen.

Shep said...

Good interview. I hope he gets a good episode to direct next season.

I'd like to see him guest star on Dollhouse too!

Found some interesting HH twitters:

@jcn747 We start filming again in mid-to-late July.

@BonesFan021 Booth can take it! David likes being knocked around and it's satisfying to whack him every once in a while.

@FereJohn David & Emily have been invited to Comic-Con. Beyond that, I'm not sure what panels are in the offing.

@HartHanson Can we get more pathos? Loved Secret in the Soil, Sweets sessions with B&B. We got awareness and longing and I loved that
@Poetic_line Yes. I can promise more of all of that in the upcoming season. A bit more "ticker" amongst the laughs. (Ticker=heart)
Loved this one:
@Bookwormlady2 David does every single stunt he's allowed to do. But he's afraid of fish and chickens so that cuts into the list.

Kili Climbers said...

Oh, David on Dollhouse would be awesome. :-)

Anonymous said...

i love me some DB, but the man needs to work on speaking in complete sentences sometimes.
doesn't come across as the most eloquent speaker in the one.

Anonymous said...

You always wonder how much people share when you ask them questions. He was totally bragging about his power over changing scripts.

Now we know where some of the crap in s4 is coming from. DB and ED weren't producers in s1 and 2 and that's why those two were better than rest. So it is safe to assume that monkey jokes must be his ideas not poor writers. I mean DB is not funny but he is under impression that he is.

Kili Climbers said...

I think DB is funny - but I think his funny acting needs more work. He has improved tremendously though if you watch some of his earlier funny works like Mr. Fix-It and compare that to the last episodes of S4. I definitely agree that the goofier Booth is David influence...

I think it is great that David wants to be a funny actor. He could play any alpha-male, sexy role out it is great he wants to expand his talent and isn't afraid to try something else.

Anonymous said...

to anon (June 2, 2009 3:22 PM ) - good observation ... somewhere heard that DB had in his contract to be producer or something like that! Agree that S1 S2 are definitely better - S3 still pretty good, but S4 really seemed to be all over the place and narrow, too much on character like those actors said, not enough the science/crime which provide the context and contrast ... without those, it's just like the average joe type of show. hope the next 2 seasons get back on track...

Anonymous said...

DB is good-looking, but ED is a better looking (for a girl).

jenny said...

Yes,completely agree with anon @ June 2, 2009 3:22 PM-although I would not put it that ...agressively! lol It's true that it made me a bit angry to read that when I first read this post the night before yesterday and I stopped myself from commenting waiting to see if I would be the only one to think of it(and not wanting to post another ranting comment lol!)DB has said he has been providing them with ideas this season in a previous interview,too,and it is kinda obvious that sometimes this season the goofball!Booth we saw was his influence.But I find it really hard to believe that ED would actually *prefer* this season's two-dimensional(to phrase it as "painlessly" as I can)version of her character to the real deal-S1&2 multifaceted and unique Brennan,that is.. I really can't believe that the Brennan we saw this season was what she wanted!If it is true..I really don't know what to think..
I must say that I really admire and appreciate the fact that even it's their fourth season they want to work hard and be productive and bring ideas and all that,but maybe they should leave the writting to the writers..This interview even got me thinking if I was too unfair towards HH when I thought that all the bad stuff this season was his responsibility..After all,ED once said that he is "a real softtie"..But isn't he supposed to have the final say?
I don't know what to think anymore..And what strikes me most is that he talks about it so proudly...!So does this mean they'll keep it like this this next season too? Oh God!
P.S I also agree with the first anon lol!It even got me thinking that maybe it's me that doesn't get him sometimes because english isn't my first language :)!But I think it's not his language knowledge(or at least not only this) but (also) the fact that he is really spontaneous so when he talks about sth and thinks of sth else that is relevant, he jumps to that new subject without rounding up the previous one..I used to do that too when I was younger lol!

Anonymous said...

lol this reminds me of that episode of Friends in which Joey's character is thrown down the elevator shaft because he had bragged about altering the scripts...

sorry that was a little random.

Anonymous said...

Totally disagree with Anon June3 9:48. David is a much better looking man than she is a girl.

Anonymous said...

You guys are way to harsh!! Not once did David say that ED/DB wrote the scipts. All he said was that they had a little input in if they thought the charcter would or would not do or say a certain thing.

Newsflash!! all actors get to do that. They aren't robots. Do you want them not to have a POV or a say? We do, why can't they?

Listen to the dvd commentaries, ED/DB always have had an input starting way back in S1.

Chill, this is the cast/crew show, not ours. Don't like it, stop watching. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Read Hart's Twitter. He has made it very clear that if we don't like anything, it is with no doubt his fault. What we see, is what he wants us to. The buck stops with him. So lay of the actors. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am really ticked of with Emily for lying to everyone in all the interviews she did in May

She just bare faced lied to everyone - on The Bonnie Hunt Show, The Fallon show, to Mike Ausiello, in her conference call. Someone should inform her the definition of a dream or an hallucination. Oh and what a clever way is that Booth&Brennan hookup. Cos it wasn't. It was a ridiculous.

I am really disappointment in her and have lost a lot of respect for her. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Anon, June 4 6:11 Am. I am taking your simple advise as you put it and stop watching this show. If one or two million other people take your advise see how long this show stays on the air. HH stated on his Twitter, when doing an interview lie. Guess Emily took his advise.

Anonymous said...

If only HH, DB, and ED could check their heads for reality and stop these nonsense cockiness, we could all enjoy our smart show. Their show is about productivity and teamwork and that's what exactly missing in season 4. The show has become a mirror of their personalities .

We fall in love with Brennan's logic and reasoning but we saw a selfish, egocentric, unreasonable Brennan (I am talking about Brennan's interrogation in The Bones that Form ep.).

And don't let me started about DB. What did happen to unrested Booth seeking justice, now he finds monkeys in the zoo more important than a corpse (The Doctor in Den).

Last but not least HH. In The Hero in Hold, we witness HH vision at its lowest. Gravedigger turned out to be a middle age woman who dragged heavy unconscious Booth from window although she entered his apartment from front door!?!! We used to watch fool proof cases and now have to suffer through the nonsense cases.

And we are rightfully mad at them because they created a great show that we loved so much and they ruined it over their captivation by their own fame.

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