Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ecorazzi's Top 5 Vegan Celebrities

Ecorazzi, which often features Emily Deschanel charity appearances and more, has named her to it's Top 5 Vegan Celebrities list - at number 2!

2. Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel is one of those glamorous vegans that prove the power of plant-based foods. A vegan of over 16 years and a supporter of many great animal organizations, Emily is a rock in the movement and angel for the animals. For all of these reasons, we give her a high-five and spot number two.

Check out the full list. Thanks, Emilie, for the info!


Stephanie said...

Very cool! Love to see Emily get credit for great stuff like this! And I gotta say, I think Ellen DeGeneres deserves the top spot. I watch her show every day and, while I'm not a vegan myself, I was pretty impressed at how quickly she began a vegan and how passionate she seemed to be about it. I love that the site called this their "list of awesomeness" at the end, haha. Thanks for posting!

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