Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Emily Deschanel due to appear in Monte Carlo

Last year, David Boreanaz attended the Monte Carlo TV Festival. It looks like Emily Deschanel is set to appear this year.

Thanks, Sherri, for the link!


mo said...

omg!! I USED TO LIVE IN VEGAS!!! ERG!! did i have to move

Stephanie said...

To make you feel better, Mo, this isn't the Las Vegas Monte Carlo. This festival is in Monaco, which is in Western Europe. So you're not missing anything!

Can't wait for pics of Emily!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I can't wait for pics too. Emily is, honestly, the prettiest girl I have ever seen on tv. I used to think it was Jennifer Garner from Alias, but not anymore!

Anonymous said...

Personally I think that Emily is pretty but nothing special. I base this on her looks changing from photo to photo, the last event I hardly recognized her and what was with the socks? Ugggg.

Anonymous said...

I wish David was going too. ED is kinda boring on her own.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. After the recent interviews that Emily did, basically lying to everyone. I don't think I am bothered at all in hearing what she has to say anymore. Sorry, it's how I feel. I use to be a fan but I have seen a new side to Emily, one I don't like.

Angelina said...

Here in Belgium you can win a meet&greet with ED in Monaco. Soo stupid I have my exames then!

Rini said...

Could't agree more with Anon June 4 6:35 am. She fooled us all. BIG LIAR.
Two of my friends told be to me aware of a person who seems that nice in intervews. They have a hidden side. Agree also with Anon June 4 5:57 am about her different looks. If you see her most recent photos from The Sea Shepard Benefit, She has a black dress with either brown boots or socks. Bad look. In one of these photos she looks heavy. She always looks great when she takes photos with Boreanaz. Of course David would make any (pretty/nothing special) woman look good.

Anonymous said...

I think of ED as one that has classy good and quite a real person. Who doesn't have a bad dress day or bad hair day; bad lighting, wrong angel of shots can make anyone looks not so good. When you look at a photograph, it has a lot to do with the skill level of the one who takes the picture too. I think she is excellent in her acting, smart and beautiful (not just me, you hear that from HH and Ryan on the DVD) totally stand on her own.

I don't see her interviews being lying, definitely not a liar, rather she answered intelligently, those promo interview we have no idea what they cut out or leave in the piece - it is called marketing, even if it backfired on them, cast/crew may have no idea what the end looks like after editing!

lena said...

While I can understand that some people might feel upset at being “lied to” by Emily about the season finale, it is likely that she was restricted in what she could tell people so she could only answer the questions asked with the information she was allowed to release. What I don’t understand is how anyone could feel so outraged that they resort to immature attacks on Emily of a personal nature about her appearance etc. My guess is that most of the people making these comments are DB fans rather than fans of “Bones”.

Anonymous said...

Emily did lie. Guys, checkout the interviews she gave to Ausiello, The View, Bonnie Hunt, Fallon, May conference call. She twisted her words and lied, just like Hart did. All she had to say was no comment when asked if it was a dream or a hallucination. But she didn't.

What was it all for? Ratings? getting publicity for herself? The ratings weren't great, 8.88 mil, many other S4 epis had better ratings. And she just let viewers down with the lies. I don't really want to read anymore ED interviews anymore.

Poetic_line said...

You need to stop insulting Emily. She is a lovely sweet woman.

She couldn't give everything away. It's a nondisclosure clause in her contract.

So back off please.

No need for personal attacks at all.

And none of us looks perfect all the time anyway.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Poetic_line!

Lena said...


Totally agree with you. These personal attacks on Emily are so unnecessary.

Shep said...

I'm with Poetic_Line. What's with all this 'Emily lied to us' stuff. She couldn't exactly tell us what was going to happen whether she wanted to or not and all she did was confirm the they're-going-to-be-in-bed-together thing and say that HH had written the episode in a very clever way.

And how has the episode got anything to do with her personality or looks? All these personal attacks are rude and disrespectful.

Stephanie said...

Ugh, I wasn't going to get involved in another post-finale argument, but I agree with Poetic, these attacks against Emily are just ridiculous and way uncalled for. Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, and I personally think Emily's absolutely gorgeous, but if you don't agree, there's no need to come on a website just to say she's boring or nothing specical or whatever else you all have been saying. There's just no reason for it. I've never understood why people waste their time making rude comments online about celebrities. Let those who love her talk with other fans and be excited about a few pictures without trying to ruin it for those people.

And, just as I said about Hart Hanson in the other thread, I don't think Emily lied at all. She's only allowed to say what the network lets her (it's in her contract,) and you know "no comment" never ever goes over well in Hollywood. "No comment" is pretty much the equivalent of "yes, everything you just asked or suggested is absolutely true." Twisted words and flat-out lying are two very different things.

Anonymous said...

Emily is great. She's really beautiful and adorable and also friendly.
I'm totally disappointed to read all this stupid comments. I'm sorry, but Emily didn't tell an untruth... she just prettifies the facts.
I think most of you expected too much of the finale but that is not a reason to blame somebody else.
I love the finale, I love Bones and I love Emily - and I'll be happy if she really comes to europe :-)

Anonymous said...

Ausiello May 6/7 Emily ''it's not a dream''

Ausiello - she also confirmed it's not a hallucination.

What part of this is the truth? None. She flat out lied. Not once but in serveral interviews.

Ya know. Emily is all grown up and media savvy, don't think for one second that she doesn't play with the press to get attention like all actors do.

And by the by, I am a Bones fan, not of the actors and have no view on their looks.

Anonymous said...

Emily is the prettiest actress I've ever seen. Everyone doesn't have to agree, but I don't get why all the negative things about her on a website dedicated to her show?

I love her and her interviews; I think she's hilarious and genuinely excited about the wonderful Bones and all the fans.

She didn't lie; I've never know anyone on any show who was just able to come right out and say the exact plot of a finale before it airs? I don't get it at all.

Love her.

Anonymous said...

I notice that there is a double standard going on here. Several other thread comments have been bashing DB, but that's ok. But people voicing their opinion on Emily and that is some sort of crime. Interesting and very unfair.

Anonymous said...

I love DB just as much as Emily. I don't get any of the bashing towards them. People can definitely have their opinions; I'm not saying everyone has to feel the same towards them but on a site dedicated to their show, it's weird. I love this site and it makes me sad to come here and read negative things about the actors.

Anonymous said...

Emily lied. Hart lied. Deal with.

It is out there in the internet, in the press, on TV. What's the problem?

If I was booking tv appearances or doing press. I'd think twice about giving Bones any press at all in the future.

The finale has left the show in a very bad light with the fans and the press.

EmilyRocks said...

Bad or good - ppl are still discussing the finale which means it was a success in its own right.

Love ED and DB and Bones...and even HH.

We will know better next year that Hart likes to obfuscate... :-)

Anonymous said...

Reading the majority of comments, this thread is definitely pro ED. DB never said anything about the finale. Emily was the one who did all the talking. NO DREAM/NO HALUCINATION. For the posters who still say she didn't lie, what was that? I guess that was telling the truth. Stop making excuses for her. To say she didn't lie is a joke. She made a lot of fans look like fools.

Poetic_line said...

I agree with EmilyRocks that it was Hart that really blew smoke in our eyes.

I'll be a little more skeptical of his comments but he's not commenting now about the future.

Perhaps we've all learned from that.

And I loved the finale. We got tender sweet Booth and Bones love, so if it isn't exactly real, I don't care.

And I don't know about DB bashing. I love Booth although I have been known to get very annoyed with his lack of action on the Bones front.

Still, I can understand the need to preserve the UST a bit longer even though I don't like it much.

I'll always love David, though even though there are times I just don't agree with him.

Anonymous said...

Hart lied and so did Emily. I for one will never believe one word that she or Hart says again. I actually don't know how she or Hart did all those interviews misleading the fans. I really don't.

A lot of respect has been lost.

To say that Hart or Emily didn't lie or mislead is just denial.

This my pov as a Bones fan. A very disappointed Bones fan.

Anonymous said...

Hart and Emily knew exactly what they were doing. Crafty comes to mind.

They both must think it is ok - at worst to totally lie to the fans or at best - twist the truth to get as much press as possible.

It has back fired, it is nobodys fault but their own. And they just have to suck it up and accept the backlash.

Anonymous said...

Hart likes to obfuscate.

Looks like he taught ED very well how to obfuscate too.

Sad really.

Anonymous said...

This is for all the people who said the reason she doesn't look good in some photos, is because the photographer was sub par or the lighting was bad. The reverse of that might also be true. A good photographer and lighting might flatter her. I have seen photos of her on some sights without makeup and it wasn't a pretty sight. Prettiest girl ever on TV. You have got be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Emily told Ausiello NO DREAM and he also confirmed she said NO HALLUCINATION when asked.

Why is it hard for some people to refuse to believe that Emily lied. She did. A lot of actors do, unfortunately, it is all to done to get publicity for a certain storyline, for themselves and the show.

The fanbase are hardly ever taken into consideration.

Anonymous said...

For Brennan, it is not a dream nor is it hallucination. For Booth, it is logical for viewer to think it is either dream or hallucination. What Brennan wrote, Hodgins "narrated" , etc. it's our interpretation of what it is. The word is interpretation. at this point, we don't really know, do we? and yet many who had made up their minds on what's real, what is not ...and determine if it is lie or not. Well, it is YOUR belief, which does not mean they lied. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you have done? especially those who are so offended.

I have enjoyed this blog site, because it is a place showing thoughtfulness and caring. Good to have debate, Saying you FELT lied to is you sharing your feelings.Sure. But calling someone is liar (in this case ED) basing on feelings and incomplete facts is just lashing out your own anger on others, it shows no respect for others, or yourself.

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen the David bashing on this site. If I did, I would probably be defending him, too, depending on what people were accusing him of.

I wouldn't say that either of them lied yet because we don't for sure know WHAT the finale was yet. They didn't really explain what we were watching. Were we watching Brennan's book or Booth's dream? What of the episode was Booth's dream and what of what we saw was what Brennan was writing? We don't have definite answers on that yet, so to say they lied is a little premature, in my opinion. Be upset with how it turned out if you want, but some of us loved it. I know I'm not the only fan out there or on this site who loved the finale and doesn't think anyone lied about anything.

Someone mentioned the Bonnie Hunt interview. The only thing I clearly remember from that (that dealt with the finale) was Bonnie asking Emily if they were really together and Emily kinda shrugged. She's contractually required to say what the producers/networks tell her to say about the show or else she could get in trouble for giving spoilers away. And as for the one who said Emily did all the talking, there is no doubt in my mind that you all would be saying the exact same things about David had HE had been responsible for the finale press, but it was Emily's turn to do publicity, so she's the one getting unfairly attacked.

As for this fan, the finale or the way it was dealt with in interviews has not left the show or anyone in a bad light. I loved the finale, so if anything, it made me love them all more. And that is not me being in denial. It's me understanding that this is the television business and they can't give away entire plotlines while doing press for the show and deciding to give the actress I love and the showrunner of my favorite show the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Actually Hart said that it was a cross between a story and a dream in the TVGuide mag.

Fact remains the sex didn't happen, regardless of whose dream it was.

The reality is, that the actress and the showrunner, they used semantics in saying that Booth and Brennan would be hooking up and it wouldn't be a dream or hallucination.

Hart knew what he had done. What the Keck in the tvguide had to interview him and question him, make him justify himself. The tvg were annoyed with him and I don't blame them.

Yssel said...

I think there is 1 (and only 1) anonymous here writing plenty of unpleasant comments about Emily.
From liar to ED is boring on her own, and Rini saying she looks good only because of David.
We even have the ones saying she is heavy and ugly.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am one of those fans that didn't even know David before Bones and I watch it more for Brennan/Emily than Booth/David.

Fans of David, just back off and stop saying ugly things about her. There are fans who really like her for what and how she is. Not all of us love the pre-stamped mono-expression skinny barbie actresses.

She is beautiful and sweet, and a great actress.
You don't like her? Ok.
But if you feel the urge to go on a website and spread venom on a celebrity, please go and see a psychiatrist. NOW.

And guys, is it that difficult to sign as well??

Julie said...

My Soroity sisters and I used to put Emily on a pedestal. We were all in agreement that Emily was pretty, nice, and honest. We were all pro Emily/Brennan fans although David is great to look at. We were even happy when Booth was jealous. NO MORE. All of us are deeply disapointed in her. She blatantly lied about everything. She is probably thinking these negative comments are amusing knowing her.

Anonymous said...

Hart said on Twitter that it was some psychic link that Booth and Brennan shared through his coma dream.

This actually scares me a little, what, is he now going into StarTrek mode - a vulcun mindmeld or something? I jest but still it doesn't seem very Bones to me.

But anyways you look at it, the sex didn't happen, hence the annoyance by some fans and media in being lied to.


Anonymous said...

I don't know where the assumption is coming from that only DB fans are stating their pov on Hart and Emily.

In fact it has been said that they are Bones fans. Stating their pov on a Bones actress and on a Bones showrunner.

Is this not allowed? To say you don't like being duped? And it having nothing to do with liking one actor or another.

I can assure you if any of the other Bones actors or Bones Ex-producers had lied or duped. I would be feeling the same thing - not very happy at whomever.


Cindy said...

Yssel, I'm sure that is your real name. You are probably one of the people who constantly posts under different names. Talk about calling the kettle black. A Psychiatrist PLEASE!!! I think you need one.

Just to let you know my name is Cindy.

Cindy said...

Yssel, I meant to say The pot calling the kettle black. It probably means that I need a Psychiatrist!!!!


Louise said...

[eyeroll] Here we go again ... "wah, wah, they lied to me, wah, wah" ...

Where did this opinion come from that the makers of a tv show have a duty to tell the viewers exactly what is or isn't going to happen? Maybe they did lie - so what?!

Stephanie ... I agree with everything you said!

jenny said...

Stephanie,that was exactly what I was thinking too-the Bonnie Hunt interview!She had just raised her hands in a kinda hopeless expression as if she said "why are you asking this so straight you know I can't say".And I agree that it was just her turn to do the publicity stuff this time-I remember wondering why we saw only her in interviews in fact.And although I've openly admitted I'm more a fan of hers than of DB and I risk being considered not objective I have to say that,even though I understand people who feel lied to(although I really don't understand the way they express their disappointment) for me it was quite the opposite:I was all optimistic and thinking it would be real hearing/reading what HH had to say but,the last couple of weeks,as we got closer to the finale,the things I was hearing,which were mostly ED's interviews,were making me doubting more and more that it would be real.So I don't feel lied to by her(and I don't think that's denial).The finale was definitely a disappointment for me and the realisation of all of it being dream/AU/whatever was like a slap on my cheek,but I can't say I hadn't seen it coming(although that didn't make it hurt less).
I also totally agree with anon@June 4, 2009 2:36 PM.That's the only reason I didn't decide to stop watching the show the first days after the finale that I was so disappointed.It's true we don't have all the facts yet-and he/she is right when he/she says that people here should be a little more careful with their comments around here.
The only thing I'm worried about about ED,as I said to the previous thread,is if DB meant that she had sth to do with her character's "transformation" this season-Booth's was blindingly obviously influenced by him..But from what I know about her I find it really hard to believe,so if she doesn't say so herself,I'm not going to believe it(you can cal this denial all you want,btw,I dont care! lol)

Anonymous said...

so that means DB also lied too if you say ED lied. DB said in interviews they'll "do the deed" and doesn't that contradict to "the sex didn't happen"?

agree that whatever all these spoiler/promo stuff they did backfired and I'd rather they spent more effort on the writing/planing story line than these activity, however, have no idea if it is their idea or network's idea they had to comply - probably both.

but if you buy into it (the interviews/promo), then you are agreeing to open yourself up with the risk of being duped - and so please take your reaction in the that context. Personal attacks are totally unnecessary, nothing is gained by doing that.

jenny said...

Oh God this is getting really ridiculous!!!PEOPLE!BEHAVE YOURSELVES! Everybody has their own opinion and supports it with passion but that doesn't mean you have to insult people that don't agree with you!RESPECT each other,PLEASE!
This is one of the things I liked about this blog in the first place,that I could come to talk about my favourite show with other people without feeling obliged to necessarily agree with them and knowing there would be mutual respect of all opinions!Please don't take that away from us!
Remember,a homogenous world would be really boring!!Beauty lies in the differences and the variety!

Anonymous said...

DB did said they would be doing the deed. True. And they did. Not once did DB say it was not a dream or a halluncination. All he said it was not going to be the usual hookup. (People Mag) Which it wasn't.

Both Emily and Hart said it wasn't a dream or a hallucination, therein lies the difference, therein is the lie.

Anonymous said...


I do think Hart and Emily give the fans the run around. With their storytelling

It is all so disppointing.

I so wish that Hart just give us something real, a kiss, admitting their feelings, in the real world. Nothing really 'real' happened between B&B. Are they emotionally closer than they were in S3? I don't think so.

That was the worst thing about the finale. It was a wasted epi, nothing real happened. Except for 2 mins at the end.

jenny said...

Also,remember last year with Zack that after the finale Eric said in an interview that he was afraid that fans would be very angry at him because he had said in an interview that he was not the apprentice?He said they had asked him directly and he had answered No because that's what he HAD to do,that's what he was told to say(by HH,perhaps?)and all the days after that and until the finale and the first reactions he was really really anxious and worried for having said that.And he went on saying that fans were really sorry it was him and were showing him and the character all their love and affection and how grateful he was for that.
Does that mean that if HH decided to make her a killer or kill her or sth,you people would stop shooting around these nasty comments?Maybe some people are just a little bit jealous of her(for,say,working with DB every day and shooting that scene with him?)?Just wondering...Not meaning to hurt anybody's feelings,I honestly would like to know what you "Emily lied to us"-people think about that...
P.S Anon above me,I'll agree with the last of your comments:the epi was indeed wasted imo,perhaps the whole season even..What I though after the finale is that S4 could be omitted without any serious problems for the continuity of the show,and this could be Brennan at the hospital with Booth injured right after Wannabe in the weeds-in fact,let me think...Angela and Hodgins would still be together,Zack wouldn't have been the apprentice and we would have avoided a few ridiculous storylines like "I can't recognise basic facial expressions" or "I want a baby.I JUST REALISED IT"["over a stupid game?"]!Yep!I can live with that! lol

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I know Hart said that it was both Brennan's writing and Booth's dream, but my point was we don't know which was which. The sex at the beginning could've been what Brennan was writing (we know she writes sex scenes between the male & female leads in her books) so if that ends up being the case, it WASN'T a dream, it WASN'T a hallucination, and so by what you guys are saying, there would be no lie if that were the case. There's also a theory that the beginning scene was set in the future (which is plausible because we know Brennan stays late in the lab frequently.) This would be another example where there would be no dream, no hallucination, and therefore, no lie. Until we all know for sure what we actually saw, it's premature to say anyone lied.

And personally, I think anyone who thinks a showrunner/actor/actress would actually come out and tell everyone the main couple of the show was hooking up that far in advance obviously doesn't know much about how the television business works, but that's just me. When it really happens, we won't know about it a year in advance. The fact that Hart announced it last July should've been the first indication that it wasn't going to be real.

Louise said...

Anon 4:47pm ... I think Hart et al left themselves in a tricky situation with the finale, given the way the penultimate episode ended - it was very similar to Wannabe in the Weeds/Pain in the Heart. In those eps, they decided to just move the storyline along, and we ended up with the stupid fake death/miraculous recovery storyline, and didn't get any real detail of their feelings over the shooting.

This time, the surgery wasn't just neatly resolved, and I like that. I think the alternative reality/dream/book whatever it was was a really clever way to fill an episode while still continuing with the surgery storyline.

As for those that say the alterntive reality didn't develop their relationship in anyway, I strongly disagree. As far as we can tell, everything that happened came from either Brennan's or Booth's imagination... that's big! Even the fact that they are thinking about each other so much while he is unconscious - very powerful.

I'll be interested to see how S5 kicks off, just in terms of the timeline if anything. I think there's a strong chance that it will jump forward to a time when Booth is fully recovered, but I think that will make more sense from one season to the next rather than one ep to the next.

Hmm, not sure if that all makes sense ... it does in my head!Anyway, it isn't about Emily in Monte Carlo, so sorry about that!

Helen said...

Hart has just posted on twitter about season 5:
HartHanson - season opener: The story idea is set, now I have to lay it out and see if it works. I pitched it to myself. Now let's see if it lays out.

just thought you guys might want to know

Louise said...

Jenny ... great point about Eric Millegan being put in the same situation last season. And we all know from that that HH LOVES the strong reactions from fans - good or bad. He probably knew this 'trick' would cause outrage.

jenny said...

Louise,your arguments/points sound interesting! Really interesting POV!You are honestly doing quite a good job convincing me lol! ;) Not there yet,of course,but a little closer now than before ;)
I want this all to work out well so much!!!
And about Emily coming to Europe(which was what the thread was originally about lol) YAY!If only I didn't have my exams these days!I would so fly to Monte Carlo!:D

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that all the Emily defenders would think that only Boreanaz fans are the ones that are complaining about being lied to by ED.

jenny said...

Lol Louise we posted the same time!Yeah,I remember him saying that...quite well,in fact,because it was the first thing that made me start change my opinion about him(I mean in a bad way).I understand that this is showbusiness,but this is a very fine tightrope to walk on-there a considerable number of fans who decided to quit the show..One of them even had the guts to tell him that straight in his face on twitter..

Louise said...

Well, glad to see I'm able to lure some people over to the dark side :)

Honestly though, I can't think of any other way to deal with the final ep, without taking away the surgery storyline. And I loved that storyline, because it gave an explanation to all those hallucinations that Booth was having (which turned the hallucinations from 'overused plot device' to 'story arch' in my view). And those final two minutes where we get to see how worried Brennan was, and how happy she was to see him awake? Magical.

It must be hard to make a tv show ... each decision you make for the storyline leads to more and more decisions - it must be tricky not to trap yourself in a corner.

[But I also agree that HH is a sneaky sneaky man. Don't trust him!]

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I was going to mention the thing about Eric and Zack last season, too (becuase TV Guide asked if anyone was leaving the show, and someone, I think Eric, flat-out said no,) but I figured people would just start saying "well, there was outrage then, too!!"

I'm just surprised that people seem to be more upset about a sex scene that didn't go the way they wanted it to but still happened than losing Zack last year. Because that caused a lot of outrage, but it pretty much died down after a week or so. Plus, last year was lying. Saying no one was leaving the show when someone did was a lie (but had to be done because they couldn't say yes without ruining the finale.) I still don't think anything that happened this season was a lie.

And no one said that ALL the complainers were DB fans, and not ALL of the ED defenders have said that, but there seems to be a pattern on other sites of hardcore David fans not liking Emily very much (and I, personally, have not noticed the opposite with the hardcore Emily fans,) so I think whoever asked if the complainers were DB fans had some logic in doing so.

jenny said...

LOl I just realised I didn't make it clear enough that I was talking about HH on the last comment,not Eric!I love Eric!Silly me!

Anonymous said...

One thing you have to say I guess is that Bones fans are a passionate group!

There are a couple of points I would like to make on this thread.

1.Bones was heading into season 5 without a contract. Many shows don't make it this far. To surive, the show needed to build hype, generate publicity and deliver to the network great viewer no's. to ensure a re-signing. They had to play the game to survive. This is a cutthroat business people!

2. I agree that ED was required to promote a certain line in the promotion. We screamed for information, they gave us the version that built the hype. Result... a two year contract!

3. I may have it wrong, but ED seemed to me, to be doing the majority of the promoting.... giving up her spare time to help promote those nos. and do what was required to get the show re-signed.

4.Hart has expressed that he was disappointed how the finale ending was perceived. He has stated if he had his time again he would have rewritten the ending to have a clearer ending. Maybe we just need to await s05 for an explanation.

We would have been devastated if the show had not been renewed.....
time to take a breather people ....shake off the negativity and build the anticipation for Season 5!

Shep said...

Just to get this out of the way, I am a fan of both David and Emily. They both have enormous acting talent and I have great respect for them.

I really don't see how arguing about whether Emily, David, or Hart lied or not is going to get us anywhere! It doesn't affect anything.

I get the feeling some people are just arguing, for argument's sake in an effort to be right rather than because they feel they have a point of discussion.

S4 is over, it's time we just put that behind us (though it's fair to keep the feelings of disspointment) and look to S5 and hope it's a good'un!

Anonymous said...

The point is, if Hart and Emily lied to hype up the show. To generate publicity, ratings - it failed, 100 fold.

It was the fourth least watched episode in the Thurs 8pm slot End (8.88mil) Mayhem (8.85) Critic (8.76) and Mask (8.42)

It was the least watched Season finale -

1 - 8.9 mil
2 - 10.85 mil
3 - 10.3 mil
4 - 8.8 mil

The S4 premier opened with 9.74 mil and from Sep to May, Bones dropped nearly a million viewers.

Hart should be worried. Very worried. Fans are already switching off and fast.

Stephanie said...

He doesn't need to worry that much. Overall, season 4 was up 21% in viewers from the previous season, and that was during a season when almost nothing did well. Plus, he's got a double season pickup, which is rare in the TV biz. There are too many factors (DVR ratings, competition) to look at only the numbers. I'd be pretty darn happy if I were him or Emily or anyone else involved with the show.

Anonymous said...

Most of that % increase came from the earlier episodes in the S4. Which got the high 9/10 mil figures. The later S4 figures were lower

The point is that even with all the hype surrounding finale it got only 8.88mil

Hart even said on Twitter, that 8.42 mil for Mask wasn't that good, no matter how he looked at it - End only got 0.46mil more

2 season pickup means Fox could show Bones for 2yrs, not that it will.

Fact is, if the ratings drop too much and Bones will get cancelled 2yr deal or not.

Anonymous said...

Why build the anticipation for S5 when we all know that nothing and I do mean nothing is going to change. HH and those boobs that he calls writers will give us the same plotlines every week. Every episode will end with Booth and Brennan sharing intimate glances and nothing will happen between them. Hart Hanson is a liar who loves all this bickering between fans. His primary job as a showrunner is to infuriate the loyal fans. A lot of us could not wait for a start of a new season and interviews with DB and ED promoting a new season. I hope all the lying that Emily did doesn't rub off on David

Anonymous said...

Know I will get under some people's skin when I say this. I am David Boreanaz's biggest fan. He is eveything that a man should be. He is gorgeous,nice,caring,good father and husband. He is the only reason that this show is a somewhat success. I will be first to admit that I don't like Emily anymore after all the lying she did. Make no mistake, if this show doesn't improve over S4, and viewership declines because of bad plots and writing this show will be cancelled after S5.

Anonymous said...

wow you guys are harsh =[

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

WOW!!! This used to be my favorite site to come to, to talk Bones. Since the finale, there has been so much negativity, bashing and hating, that I almost don't even want to come here anymore. I can't believe all the negativity that is *still* going on. What a shame! :(

I love this show, so to read all these negative comments day in and day out...it just leaves me with a crappy feeling. I want to talk with people who care and love this show...people who are excited for next season, and want to try and figure out what we were given clues to, in the season finale.

I respect that everyone has their opinions, but I'm so sick of all the negativity and anger. Can't we just move on? The past can't be changed...let's look to the future, and be excited for what is to come.

Anonymous said...

@Don't Call Me Bones...

It is SUCH a relief to hear you say this; I am totally and completely with you. All these hatefulness towards Emily is awful; it makes me sick to hear such unkind things about her. I think she's lovely.

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and can feel disappointed about the finale (which I didn't by the way), but this is a site dedicated TO BONES!

Be positive; it makes life so much better =]

Anonymous said...

Don't Call Me Bones, So you only want to talk to people with no negative comments. That's what HH wants you to do. Forget the garbage he gave you for the Finale's of S3 and S4. I agree that the past can't be changed. Look to the future and be excited about it. Your kidding right. As long as people are willing to accept this slop he feeds us weekly, he is going to continue. Nothing is going to change. He thinks that if he has Deschanel lying for him people will forget

Stephanie said...

Guess what? Not everyone thinks the last two finales were garbage (I personally enjoyed both) and not everyone thinks Emily or Hart did something wrong. Why would you come to a fan site just to bash someone or something? You don't have to be excited about the future of the show (heck, you don't even have to watch it if you don't want to) but why come to a fan site to be negative and hateful about the show and the actress that you know some fans still really love and enjoy? That's just rude to try and ruin it for those who still enjoy it.

Don't Call Me Bones, I'm completely with you!! This is the second thread lately that has just completely exploded with negativity. I was so surprised when I read these comments about Emily this morning. It just came out of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I love the show and I don't understand that some people, who calls themselves "fans", making eveything so bad just because the show didn't goes the way they expected. I think Hart Hanson is a genious and I also believe that we will be surprised when Season 5 is starting. The story is still not over...

So I'm with Don't call me Bones and Stephanie... you're totally right!

I love Bones and I always will - best show on tv!

P.S.: Sorry for my english but it is early in the morning and I'm not a native speaker ;-)

Anonymous said...

WHATEVER! If you think Emily Deschanel is a "liar".. you're an idiot.. because she said what the producers/network wanted.. OK?

She's an AMAZING person and I'm an EMILY DESCHANEL fan!

I like Bones just for her.. She's great playing Dr Brennan!

David Boreanaz NEVER did a single S4 finale interview.. He didn't care or what?

He just said they "DO the deed".. so if they DID it like he said.. it sounds real to me..

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - Emily is fantastic and beautiful and absolutly great!

If you have fans like that you don't need enemys. Sorry, but that's the sad truth. She didn't make something wrong and she didn't lie, in my opinion.

The finale was a loveletter because we got what we all wanted - B/B as a happily married couple!

Allyson said...

I totally agree with Stephanie. For all we know, the sex could have been Brennan's writing, in which case it wasn't a dream nor a hallucination. Meaning Emily didn't lie.

But to take your frustrations about it out on the actress...come on, guys! It's a show, a great one, but just a show. Life has more meaning than two characters hooking up in it, doesn't it? Can't you just let it go a little?

I think Emily is fantastic. She doesn't believe in starving herself and maintains a healthy weight, setting a huge example for so many more people about body image. She's looked different before, really underfed. I for one, am glad she looks as healthy as she does now. And even without make-up, she's stunning.

And besides that, she's worked really hard to get where she is right now. She's got a bachelor in theater, didn't take off on her family's Hollywood background and made her own way through auditions. There aren't many more actresses out there, as deserving of success as she is.

I wish people would take all the above into account, before writing her off as a selfpromoting 'heavy' liar.

cordy said...

I'm totally with Stephanie and Don't call me Bones.
I really don't understand why people who obviously dislike the show are wasting their time by bashing on a fan site and thereby ruining it for all of us that truly enjoyed it.
This blog was always one of my favourite places discuss Bones with other fans and I really loved that we all have so many different oppinions and that we could discuss them in such a respectful way. But all the negativity recently makes me sad, that's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Guys, if some want to be positive about the finale, then you got to realize that others feel negative about it.

Same goes for Hart and ED. Some feel they lied others don't
No one is right or wrong. Just stating opinions.

Being a fansite, any site, doen't equate it is going to be always happy and people always agreeing.

Being a Bones fan site, means that people are going to have different views, and this is what we have here.

Anonymous said...

It really annoys me when, fans who are voicing their concern over the finale, over the way Hart and ED have 'twisted the finale facts' get written off as not being real fans, for not liking such and such.

A fan is a fan. Everyone wants the best for the show. And that means saying what you love and hate about it.

Fans aren't sheep and mindlessly agreeing with everything that Hart does.

Being a fan is being invested in the show with time and money. They have every right to say if they feel let down.

Poetic_line said...

You can say if you feel let down without making a personal attack on Emily.

It's just common decency to leave the actor's looks out of it too and name calling is definitely frowned on.

That is my point.

jenny said...

WOW!I opoened my computer to check the blog and this is what I see?People attacking each other?When did this happen?When did the blog became a place where people come to quarrel with each other?
I don't agree with those who say that being a fan means you have to be happy with everything that happens in the show and acccept it without a second thought.Sometimes you have to say you didn't like this or that,having the show's best interests in mind.The people of the show,the writers and the actors and everybody else may be doing things with the best of intentions(although I still doubt that about HH)but they are human,which means they are prone to making mistakes(or at least things that a considerable part of the fans consider mistakes).I think we have every right to voice out everything we think went wrong with the finale,the season,the show even..just because we love this show and we want it to get back to its good old self that used to take our breath away.
The problem is the WAY people choose to express that disappointment and the fact that they show no RESPECT about the people of the show and the other fans in this blog that don't agree with them.I believe that exchanging our ideas is necessary,because seeing other peoples POVs can open our eyes to things we hadn't thought of(as it happened to me with one of Louise's comments),so I don't agree with Shep that this is pointless.And personally,I'm not trying to convince anyone that my opinion is the truth-I just say what my opinion is and want to see what people think about it and I'm always open to new ideas if I realise I may have missed something.But this...people,as I said before,what I liked about this blog in the first place is that I could come to talk about my favourite show with other people without feeling obliged to necessarily agree with them and knowing there would be mutual respect of all opinions!Please don't take that away from us!
As I see it,there are people here who like the finale,ED and HH,people who like the finale and ED but not HH(like Louise),people who like ED but didn't like the finale and what HH has been doing this season(like me-although I've said that I still have the outmost respect for his skills as a writer,I just don't like the way he uses them lately)and people who hate all three.Guess what!IT'S OK!WE DON'T HAVE TO AGREE!
The only thing we ABSOLUTELY HAVE to do imo,if we love and respect this blog and Wendy,who has been doing a wonderful job all this time,is to respect everybody's opinion and the people of the show and stop making nasty comments and calling names and all that.Everybody has the right to an opinion and if that is not the same as yours it doesn't mean he is silly or sth.And everybody has the right to feel disappointed by sth a person of the show did,but that doesn't mean he can go bashing around and insulting them.Not on this blog,at least!
Will you please try to behave yourselves,everyone?Thank you.

Anonymous said...

my first time to post but 'been reading this blog since i discovered bones last year and became a huge fan of the show. i'm among those who were disappointed with the finale and felt 'lied' to. BUT i remain a huge FAN of the show and, despite my feeling toward the finale, in fact, HAPPY that there are fans/viewers who actually liked/loved the episode. I come to the site every hour, every day, and I enjoy reading fans' comments and episode reviews; they make me look forward to future Bones episodes and love the show more, especially ED and DB, until someone made some not-so-nice comments about ED. (some remarks were not about Bones anymore but about/against ED's person.)that made me really sad and want to stop visiting the site. so i hope the bickering ends (or my first time to post might also be my last :( sorry for my English, not my first language.)

Anonymous said...

Well if Emily and Hart lied so did David! I'm pretty sure that all of the involved were told not to give things away; at least not more that they had to. As for not being an hallucination or a dream; do we know what the answer is to that question? I sure don't!
As for all the bitchy remarks about how she looks, it's so unneessary. This world we live in are to hung up on looks as it is. Emily Deschanel is a very beautiful woman and seems like a sweet and generous person as well.

Joann Reemer said...

I think with all the negativity about Emily is that some Bones fans held her to higher standard than the rest of the Hollywood actresses. My daughters and I thought that she was pretty/nice/friendly and honest. Sadly, because of her so called lying she is just like any other actor/actress in Hollywood. They are all self promoters.

Lindsay said...

Take a deep breath everybody. It's a t.v. show, not a matter of life or death. As much as I love the show, the cast, the crew and all others associated with it, there is no point being offended by things that are insignificant in the bigger picture.

Take spoilers, interviews etc out of the picture and enjoy the AMAZING season 4 that we received.Can't wait for season 5.

P.S. : Emily Deschanel is absolutely gorgeous and brilliant. I hope she read all of these negative comments and think otherwise. Hart Hanson is the creator of this show so without him we would have nothing to obsess about. Targeting them is quite immature.

Lindsay said...

*hope she doesn't read the comments and think otherwise.

silvana said...

Emily is AWESOME & GORGEOUS! Whatever people!

Anonymous said...

Angelina, I'm from Belgium too. Can we seriously win a meet and greet? Where? How?? I haven't seen anything about it, but thank you so much for bringing that up! :D I'm gonna start looking now!

Mayflower said...

@ Angelina and Sarah! OMG? are you kidding me? I'm from Belgium too! did you find the link yet?

Anonymous said...

@ Mayflower, no I haven't :(. But I'm Dutch, so maybe it was a contest they had in a French magazine or on French television?

Anonymous said...

All the negative comments about Emily baffle me. She said what the showrunner wanted her to say. He is the culprit not her. Emily stated that a lot of women(including her friends) are jealous of her because she gets to work with David every day. Therein lies the negativity. People,especially women are jealous of her because she is beautiful and she gets to do scenes with DB.

Anonymous said...

ITA with you last Anonymous!

Yvanne K said...

Anonymous said...

Personally I think that Emily is pretty but nothing special. I base this on her looks changing from photo to photo, the last event I hardly recognized her and what was with the socks? Ugggg.

Socks?? anyone care to post a link as I haven't seen this photo .... very excited for Emily going - I'll be over there in the coming days and may even get to see her!!

Mayflower said...

@ Sarah: yeah I think so, I'm also dutch btw :-)

Stephanie said...

For those of us who were excited about pictures...some candid shots were released today! Pics of Emily and her boyfriend walking around Monte Carlo can be found here: http://www.theinsider.com/news/2262304_Emily_Deschanel_s_Love_Tour

Yvanne K said...

the "awwwwwwwwwwww" factor is almost too much!!!! so cute!!!

Stephanie said...

I know! I'm in love with that first picture that pops up on that site. Emily looks happy, and they're just adorable, haha.

Anonymous said...

seriously everyone lies and if you truely believe that you have never lied, than you are in denial. after one little episode half of you are ready to give up on the show that is pathetic. ok booth and bones did not hook up for real, you still go to see some loving moments between them. also imagine what's going to happen next season when booth believe's that bones and him are married...priceless. seriously if you have lost respect for the actors and the show, then you were not a dedicated fan to begin with.


get over celebrities lying it happens all the time.

Yo said...

I'll never think on... to hate a person, an actor or even a character to be out in press and say... is not going to be a dream or hallucination, which for me doesnt mean it can be a book reading... thinking cleary and without getting obsessed in a stupid way... is something that I classified as original, as she said... in a unmaterial way the characters did make it... it does happen.. and as I think the relationship must change.. I guess HH is killing the fans almost into dead... so something is gonna happen at the start of season that will shut up mouths... includes fans comments... Emily said in MC that she knows that some fans are angry and some other are excited abt the finale... so... yo gonna hate her but she is just an actor and she must do what the producer told to her.. I guess David is more involved on the production, he has to be a bigger lier than Emily, thats a fact and Im sure nobody wants to face it... right? ... but the boss is HH.. so Hart, you lied to us (jejeje)? I must wait until the 5S... they owe us something.. is funny to read ppl that gonna be there infront the tv next september to see the liers.. and even they gonna enjoy it.. to get bsted once and again.. wow.. some are reflecting their anxiety for known more abt the show through angriness and pittyful comments... thats pathetic.. leave Emily alone, get a life or change the channel.. that easiest that get mad if the show doesnt like you ... you have to stick with it... grown up... abt the press.. everything is publicity, and the show is growing on ratings, the actors finally are employees and they must do what the network tells them to tell.. think ppl...

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