Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hart Hanson answers our questions for Variety

Hart Hanson took the Bones fan love and angst on in equal measure with a Q&A of fan-submitted questions for Variety. It's a very long interview, but worth a read! There are 'technically' spoilers in that he answers over-arching trend questions for Season 5, but I don't feel there is anything a spoiler-phobe would hate themselves for reading. At this point, with the opener not even written, it's all likely to change anyway.

Q. What is something you really want to do on the show but feel you would break the budget with if you even attempted to have it done? (Natashadelovely)
A. Oh, there’s so much we could do with more money. We’d like to be out in the world more, we’d like cooler effects, we’d like to use the Angelator more, we’d like to give David more action sequences, we’d like to do a “train” episode … it’s a very long list. In fact, we’d like to utilize some of our favorite guest stars even more. But this is a harsh world and somehow we have to use intelligence and creativity in place of budget to get the effects we want — money is a lot easier.
Thanks N2SeeleyBooth and more for the link!


Shep said...

My favorite show of all time, ever, without a doubt, is on BBC America and it’s called “Top Gear.”-I love you, Mr H!

Great interview. I'm glad some people asked about the tone of the show shifting back to S1/S2. And it's good the loyalty of the audience is on their minds.

His answer to the question about the title of the finale has got me kinda excited now!

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