Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey, you, Bones fan! Where are you from?

Time for a meet-n-greet type post (first of many, so don't share your entire life and Bones-related story just yet!) to pass the summer -

Where are you from?
Additional question: Which country and/or continent do you think would lead in Bones fan love? The natural inclination is to just assume USA/North America, but what do you think?

I'll edit this post with all the answers and see how different regions stack up.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

North America
USA - Wendy (East Tennessee)
Mickey, West Tennessee, USA
Laura, Seattle, Washington, USA
Louise; Chicago, USA
Katrina; Pullman, Washington
Alanna - Omaha, NE
Tiana; Florida
Deepa; Arizona, USA
Michelle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Carrie; NY NY USA
Leanne, Massachusetts, USA
Stephanie - USA
Kim, San Diego, California, USA
kjean; Ithaca, NY
Mary; Maine
Denisse; nuevo leon, mexico
Rebecca; Colorado, USA
Lisa; Halifax, N.S. Canada
Adriana, from Mexico
MC; East Tennessee
Kili Climbers; Los Angeles, CA
Cheryl and I am from a town called Chelmsford in Ma
singinglupines; USA, Southern Ohio
Noelle; Northeastern Ohio, USA
Dianna; I live outside DC in MD, USA
Turtle; Greenville SC USA
Brenda, Brunswick Georgia
Poetic_line; North Carolina, USA
Jess; Indiana, USA
Fay; Boston, Massachusetts, USA
N2seeleybooth; Indiana, texas, north carolina Air force globe trotter
Don't Call Me Bones!; Philadelphia, PA in USA
Anonymous; Toronto, CANADA!
Caitlin from just outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Lauren: Boston, MA
Lindsay; Northwestern Florida
Vanessa-Mora; Mexico City, Mexico
Anonymous; Monon, Indiana
Liz; Portland, Oregon
Erin; San Diego, CA
Melinda; Riverside,CA
Robyn: Richmond, Virginia
Megan; Davis (near Sacramento) California, USA
Theresa; Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Lawrence; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada\
Lerena; Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
Caydee; Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Steph P; Chicago, Illinois, USA
Caitlin---Canton (The Detroit Area), Michigan, United States
Westernsky; San Antonio, Texas
Catherine; Long Island, NY
Mary- Medford MA
pranksterjo; Jamaica
Anonymous; Minnesota
tybonium; Tylina Texas, USA
Anonymous; north-east Florida
Melissa from Boston
TalkFast; Atlanta, Georgia
Alicia; Dublin, Ohio
Veronica, Decatur, Illinois
Brittany: Lancaster, PA, USA
Mary Princeton NJ
gilliAHHn; Portland Oregon
Mysti; Rochester Mills, PA
Danielle; Washington, DC
Julia; London, Ontario, Canada
Kristen; Lawrence, KS
Diana; MEXICO CITY, Mexico
Delyme; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Leila; Montreal, Qc,Canada
Emma; Washington, DC
Ali, San Diego, CA
Amanda; Totowa, New Jersey
Phil; Houston, TX
Teri Sioux Falls SD
Burnsy, Sudbury, Ontario Canada
Lisa, Buckeye- Arizona, USA
Nini...Miami, Florida, USA
Jen from Ft Lauderdale, FL/Chicago, IL
Christina; Texas, US
Sarah Southern Califonia
Jane, Middle Tennessee
Nina, NYC, NY
ForensicMama (Sarah), Seattle, WA, USA
Cindy, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Ana P, La Romana, Dominican Republic
Priscila, VA, USA
Chelsea from Niagara, Ontario, Canada
Jessica; Baltimore, Maryland
Winona - washington, DC
Mary; Atlanta, GA, USA

Yvanne; Dublin, Ireland
Deborah; Andalusia, Spain
Morgane; Paris, France
Emberlynne (abbreviated to Ellynne); Budel, Holland
Lara; Lisbon, Portugal
Zuzana; Prague, Czech Republic
onebreath; Scotland, UK
Angela: Italy, north-east, little town in the Dolomites mountains
Lily - Tychy, Poland
Sara; Turku, Finland
Sara. I'm from Canary Islands, in Spain
Vanessa, Sweden
Sandy; Madrid, Spain
Karolina; Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
Laura, Törökszentmiklós, Hungary
Emma; Grantham, UK
Claire, U.K. & Greece
Jessica, one foot in Finland one in Sweden (Island inbetween)
Marie; Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe
Michaela; Trnava, Slovakia
Yssel; Milan, Italy
Ann, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Lore; Torhout, Belgium
Anne; Altentreptow, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany
Lizou; Paris, France
Doty (abbreviated for Dorothy) Beziers, South of france
Aleksandra, Wrocław, Poland
Lynn; Brussels, Belgium
Sarah: Vilvoorde, Belgium
Maria; Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Rachel, from Madrid, Spain
Lena; Louth, Ireland
Anita from Barcelona,Catalonia, SPAIN
Emilie : East France
depi; Greece
Valleria; Czech Republic, Europe
Ciara: Cork, Ireland
Regina, from San Sebastian, Basque Country, SPAIN
cd3010; Vienna, Austria
Petit Chat; Alsace (Elsass in Alsatian), France
Elisa; Mikkeli, Finland
Bobob; Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Maria from Sweden
Choy; Tring, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND
Shefali: London, UK
Emily; England, UK
Ali; Alicante, Spain
Krys, Fréjus, French Riviera
Jeanne; Paris, France
Aleksandra;Lopare, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sammy; England, UK
Monisse; Lisbon, Portugal
Jenni, UK
Agata; Sosnowiec, Poland
Jenny; Thessaloniki, Greece
cordy; Germany
KaNia- Pionki- Poland
Jennifer; Frankfurt, Germany
Beograd, Serbia, Europe
Irishka - Moscow from Russia
ktulhueatingmind; Moscow, Russia
Vanessa, Portugal
Lucy; London, England
Maria; Athens, Greece
Just; Łódź, Poland
depi; kavala, Greece
Barbara; Lisbon - Portugal
Laura; Canary Island , Spain
Vanessa; La Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Hampshire, England. Merlo
Pia, Bielefeld, Ostwestfalen, GERMANY
Anaïs, Eysines (near of Bordeaux, Aquitaine), FRANCE
Bernie..Dublin Ireland
Yvonne, Norway
aimee, Liverpool, England
Becca, Hampshire, UK
Lynne; from Scotland
Groovycathers - Just north of London, England
Chloe, Chatham, UK
Magdalena; Wroclaw; Poland
Anna;Kraslice,Czech republic
Linda - Drammen, Norway
Croatian girl, croatia, europe

South America
Amanda, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Brennan Booth Fan; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jean; Chile
Claudia; Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
Consuelo, from Chile, South America
Marina (Maru!) and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina =)
gsquinterob; Bucaramanga, Colombia
Silvana; Asunción, Paraguay (South America)
Anais, Punto Fijo - Venezuela
Sofi; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mariana; São Paulo, Brazil, South America
Thaysa; Recife, Brazil
Grissom's Girl, Brazil
Marcela; medellin, colombia
Mariano aka XiaolinDashi, from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lucia from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santa Fe, Argentina

Karyn: NSW Australia
Macy; Wellington, New Zealand
Victoria; Brisbane, Australia
boldaslove; Sydney, Australia
Carla; QLD Australia
olivia , South Australia, AUSTRALIA
Mel- Central Coast, NSW, Australia
Kamara - Sunshine Coast - AUSTRALIA
Lillian : Sydney Australia
Anonymous; Christchurch, New Zealand
Anonymous; Levin, NEW ZEALAND
Krissie; Sydney, Australia
Lauren; Dunedin, New Zealand
Moshe; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jessica Anne NEW ZEALAND
Nicole; Brisbane, Australia
Jess(ica), Sunshine Coast, Australia
Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand
Adelaide South Australia
Leanne, Australia
Jess, Australia

Pam from the PHILIPPINES. :D
Eli - Asia - Malaysia
Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan
Triveni; Mumbai, India
Tanya; Russia
Ling Suan; Singapore
kath; philippines
Thu; Vietnam
Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan
tinie - Malaysia
Sai - From India
Lyssa, Philippines
Rieu; Seoul, Korea

Mai; Cairo,Egypt
Robyn - Cape Town, South Africa (& London)
Madelein; Johannesburg; South-Africa
Sahar; Rabat, Morocco (Africa)


Yvanne K said...

YAY! 1st to post

Yvanne; Dublin, Ireland

Asia seems to have a big Bones following but I also think that after YITUK Europe is probably a close second!! xoxo

BNS said...

Deborah; Andalusia, Spain

Yesssss,I´m a Spain Fan!!
I love Bones, this page is very cool!! But my favourite web is SpainBones :p


Mourry said...

Morgane; Paris, France

I agree with Yvanne about Asia being a big bones following.
kisses from a windy night in paris.

Ellynne said...

Emberlynne (abbreviated to Ellynne); Budel, Holland. Originally from Lisbon, Portugal though.

And I've heard that Europe (after North America) has many Bones fans. It often beats CSI in ratings. In Portugal people loved it. In Holland people watch more Grey's Anatomy.

Lara said...

Lisbon, Portugal but originally from Cape Verd Island

Monisse said...

I'm from near Lisbon, Portugal.

Portugal definetly has a lot of love for Bones, but I would say that USA leads in the fan base.

Yvanne K said...

I think obv Bones is huge in the U.S. but at the same time - percentage wise - Europe is probably closely following behind!!

Mickey said...

Mickey, West Tennessee, USA

(ok, now we've got both ends of the state covered)

Suzanne said...

Zuzana; Prague, Czech Republic

I will have to agree, USA it is, but I believe Europe follows closely behind.

onebreath said...

I'm from Scotland, UK.

I think they UK will have a big Bones following!

Angela said...

Angela: Italy, north-east, little town in the Dolomites mountains ;-)

amc815 said...

Amanda, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.

Bones has a crowd of fans here!

Angela said...

I don't think that Italy is that fond of Bones, I don't know any obsessed people... the regular tv never finished airing season2 and it was aired late at night... pay tv is doing a bit better, at least they aired the whole season3.

Brennan Booth Fan said...

I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!
I looooove this bones page!!

Jean said...

I'm From Chile, in SouthAmerica! =)
We have Bones on Fox here too, but not many people watch it, but i'm a huge fan!!

Lily said...

Lily - Tychy, Poland (do you know the beer Tyskie? :))

Laura said...

Laura, Seattle, Washington, USA

Louise said...

Chicago, USA (but originally from London UK)

Katrina said...

Pullman, Washington State(and no that's nowhere near Seattle)

Missy_Moo.... said...

Karyn: NSW Australia

alanna said...

Alanna -
Omaha, NE

No one else from the Midwest yet. Darn! :)

clakol said...

Porto Alegre, RS

Tiana said...

Tiana; Florida though I used to live in Massachusetts

I think the USA has the biggest following but Europe comes in a close second I think!

Sara said...

Turku, Finland. Watching via the Internet although Bones is on the Finnish tv too.

Deepa Dev said...

Deepa; Arizona, USA (originally from Chennai, India)

OWB rocks!

macyaverage said...

Wellington, New Zealand (so, so far away)

I'm going to have to go with the US on this one, though Asia will probably have to be my second guess.

Michelle said...

Michelle, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Canada's got a pretty big Bones fanbase.

Carrie said...

NY NY USA (originally from Minnesota)

Leanne said...

Leanne, Massachusetts, USA
I have the feeling that Bones does really well in US and Canada. Also I think it does pretty well on Sky1 in England.

Victoria said...

2nd Aussie -

Victoria; Brisbane, Australia

Milky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephanie said...

Stephanie - currently in Florida, but I've also lived in Texas, West Virginia, Ohio, New Mexico, and Indiana. I've taken to simply telling people I'm from the USA, haha.

I've gotta go with Europe for the biggest Bones following. I think it's just now gaining real widespread popularity in the US (before it was closer to a cult-type show, I think,) but I've heard they've always been big in Europe, especially the UK.

Milky said...

Consuelo, from Chile, South America...

...too!! Jean, we have to communicate! Click on my nick here; it'll lead you to my profile. I'll be showing my email addy there for a couple of days, so maybe you can write me sth? As you say, there's not enough chilean fans :)

Dra_Escapula said...


My name is Sara. I'm from Canary Islands, in Spain!!! :D

I think USA its the first but Europe is probably the second!

In Spain the last week BONES achieved his record high of audience!Here we love this TV Show!! :D:D


Vanessa said...

I'm from Sweden. I also watch on the internet! Look foward to next season!

Sandy said...


Hi to everyone,mi name is Sandy i live in Madrid Spain.The spanish people loves Bones!!

I think that after USA, Europe is the second one with more bones fans.


boldaslove said...

I'm from Sydney Australia. I think Europe would big followers, especially the Scandinavian countries...

Kim said...

Kim, San Diego, California, USA

kjean said...

Ithaca, NY

US first, then Europe.

Mary said...

i'm from Maine in the US :]

I think that Bones is probably most popular in the US with Europe coming in at a close second!!

Denisse said...

i'm from nuevo leon, mexico
i'm a huge fan of bones; thanks for the news about the serie and the caracters.

Rebecca said...

Colorado, USA

Lisa said...

Halifax, N.S. Canada

Maru said...

Hi! I'm Marina (Maru!) and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina =)
I'm a huge Bones fan! Sadly not too many people from here know the show...

I think that USA goes first!

Adriana said...

Adriana, from Mexico. Bones airs on Fox, but not many people watch it :(

MC said...

I'm from east tennessee as well!

Carroll said...

Karolina; Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland

I love that show:D I'm impatiently waiting for next seasons.

Kili Climbers said...

Currently live in Los Angeles, CA (not too far from the Fox Studios - but I promise I don't stalk anyone :-))

But born in Florida, grew up in Georgia, lived in northern California, upstate New York and Germany....

USA for the most Bones love :-)

lorapalmer said...

Laura, Törökszentmiklós, Hungary.
The name of my town literally means "Turkish Saint Nicholas". The reason for it is because of the turkish invasion back in the old days (16th century). Saint Nicholas was the patron saint of the town. Sorry for rambling. :)

As for the fanbase I think US has the most fans but comparing it to smaller countries the percentage can be higher in Europe. UK and Spain are probably the most outspoken of them. It is loved here in Hungary, too. :)

The Badger said...


Grantham, UK.

There you, that's me.

Anonymous said...

My name is Cheryl and I am from a town called Chelmsford in Ma. (USA)

Bones is number one to me.

singinglupines said...

USA, Southern Ohio. After North America I think Europe has the largest following group. I started watching Bones in France. I know it's a popular show there and in Germany.

Carla said...

QLD Australia :)

i think that USA or Europe has the biggestamount Bones obssessed fans :)

Pam said...

Pam from the PHILIPPINES. :D

I have to go with Asia on this one. Most of us might be watching late broadcasts of Bones from Star World, but the internet provides a very nice means of cathing up. :D

Noelle said...

Northeastern Ohio, USA

Defiantly North America/US first since the shows from the US. Then probably Europe.

Dianna said...

How FUN to have so many from so MANY places! WOW

I live outside DC in MD, USA.
I am a licensed DC tour guide and I LOVE it when people ask me where the Jeffersonian is. :)

I wish the actors really worked here, sigh...

Turtle said...

I love this! It is fascinating to see names from around the world.

Greenville SC USA

Brenda said...

Brenda, Brunswick Georgia

leeloo said...

Claire, U.K. & Greece

Eli said...

ohhh ... I didn't watch Bones.

I watched Hodgins and Angela.

Our free TV is half way showing S4 and on a break. Lucky now StarWorld is just started showing S3.

Eli - Asia - Malaysia

Poetic_line said...

North Carolina, USA.

CupcakeBean said...

Hello everyone!

My name is Jess. I'm from Indiana, USA.

Jen said...

I had no idea we were such a global group.

I'm from Columbus, Ohio.

Fay said...

I'm now in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. But originally from China.

Dianna from Maryland, love your little story :)

N2seeleybooth said...

Indiana, texas, north carolina Air force globe trotter.

Fantastic fans in USA

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

This is so cool. I love seeing where everyone is from.

I'm from Philadelphia, PA in USA! :)

Anonymous said...

Toronto, CANADA!

Anonymous said...

Caitlin from just outside Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I think BONES has an internationally diverse fan base!

Lauren said...

Lauren: Boston, MA.

Anonymous said...

olivia , South Australia, AUSTRALIA!

i think the US has biggest fan base

Lindsay said...

I'm from Northwestern Florida, born and raised. Which is very rare for the area I live in. It is informally called the Panhandle of Florida.

vanessa-mora said...

Hi!!! I'm from Mexico City, Mexico.

There isn't to much promotion for bones in this country, but stil there are a lot of people who watch it!!!

Anonymous said...

Monon, Indiana. Population 1000.

US for most Bones fans or possibly Europe

Stephanie said...

Dianna from MD, ha! I love it! I may be going to DC in a few weeks, and if I do, I think I'll have to ask someone where the Jeffersonian is, even though I know it's not real :p I've started accidentally calling the Smithsonian the Jeffersonian anyway, haha.

Mel said...

Mel- Central Coast, NSW, Australia :)

da_Liza said...

Liz, originally Marion, Massachusetts, USA- I was excited to see other Mass. people!

Now I'm in Portland, Oregon.

gsquinterob said...

I'm from Bucaramanga, Colombia
Bones is the best .....

Erin said...

I'm the second San Diego, CA girl to respond - though I've lived all across the US, too, like several of you. (and I love East TN, Wendy - my love for Bones is only eclipsed by my love for the Vols!)

Melinda said...

Hi Everyone!!
I am from Riverside,CA

Rolywa said...

Robyn: Richmond, Virginia!

marchingbando said...

Megan; Davis (near Sacramento) California, USA

I think USA for biggest number of fans, though maybe not biggest percentage.

silvana said...


Asunción, Paraguay (South America)

I think USA leads in the fan base.

Theresa said...

Overland Park, Kansas, USA
(Northeast Kansas)

Lawrence said...

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lerena said...

Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA!

Jessbe said...

Jessica, one foot in Finland one in Sweden (Island inbetween).
I have heard that the British are suppose to be huge Bones fans:)

london4ever said...

Marie; Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more Europeans than Americans

Kamara said...

Kamara - Sunshine Coast - AUSTRALIA!!!

I'm thinking that Europe would have a big Bones following...

ani_m said...

Anais, Punto Fijo - Venezuela.
I love Bones and OWB.

Caydee from Boston, MA said...

OMG I'm loving this!! It's so fun to see where you're all from!

I can't believe how Global of a fan base Bones has!!

I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, USA :)

Anonymous said...

Irishka - Moscow from Russia, I adore Bones!!!

Steph P. said...

I'm from Chicago, Illinois, USA

This is really interesting seeing where Bones fans are from!

Anonymous said...

Lillian : Sydney Australia!!

i bet the US have the biggest fanbase but I bet the Europeans would be kinda closee...

Mischel said...

Michaela; Trnava, Slovakia

Yssel said...

Milan, Italy.

But I live in Rotterdam, Holland.

I watch Bones in original language but I have seen at times also the french, italian and german versions! Awful :-D

KooKie said...

Mai; Cairo,Egypt

I have to say that I'm a huge Bones fan.

Ann said...

Ann, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Bones fan are everywhere ;]

Mayflower said...

Lore; Torhout, Belgium! <3 Bones!

Anonymous said...

Anne; Altentreptow, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Germany

I a huge Bones fan and think Europe leads.

Thank you for your great site!

Lizou said...

Hey !

I'm from Paris, France :) We have a huge community of fans out there !

Doty said...

Doty (abbreviated for Dorothy) Beziers, South of france
And thanks to this great blog which alllow to have good information about our favorite show!!!
Because the "french blog" are not up! and not as efficient as this blog!


Anonymous said...

Christchurch, New Zealand..... I would think USA biggest fan base but reps on this site predominately international as we can discuss updates / gossip with those seeing it first!

Anonymous said...

Levin, NEW ZEALAND!! It's quite popular here.
Bet the US have the most fans.

Caitlin said...

Caitlin---Canton (The Detroit Area), Michigan, United States

serinde said...

Aleksandra, Wrocław, Poland

Lynn said...

Lynn; Brussels, Belgium :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah: Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Maria said...

Maria; Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

QUELA said...


My name is Rachel, from Madrid, Spain.

There are many people in Spain who likes Bones and many places in Internet wich speaks about the show, but Obsessed with Bones is my favourite web!!!

Krissie said...

I am from Sydney, Australia!! im not sure what country has the most bones fans but i know that my group of friends is 100% bones fans!!! We all love it!!!!!!

Lena said...

Louth, Ireland

I've heard more and more people talking about Bones here the last few months and I know it's really popular in most European countries but US probably has most fans.

Anita said...

I'm Anita from Barcelona,Catalonia, SPAIN!!!

Europe is probably closely following behind!!


Emilie said...

Emilie : East France

depi said...

I'm from Greece and really obsessed with bones!!!

Westernsky said...

Hola from San Antonio, Texas! :)

Anonymous said...

Yoshimi; Kyoto, Japan

I love Bones and this page!
Bones is getting popular here in Japan too.
I was really glad my favorite show dealt with Japanese stuff!!!

Valleria said...

Czech Republic, Europe :)

Catherine said...

Long Island, NY!!! =]
we've got LOTS of obsessed fans here on the island.

keerz14 said...

Ciara: Cork, Ireland

Europe and US seem to have the boggest fan base for Bones.

P.S If ur from Cork please let me know ??

Regina said...

I'm Regina, from San Sebastian, Basque Country, SPAIN.

Just near the French border but Spain yet.

Hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...


Mary- Medford MA (just outside Boston)

I'd say US, but given the posts from all over the world, I'm not sure anymore! It's amazing to see where everyone hails from. This post was a Great Idea!

pranksterjo said...

I am from Jamaica, I should get a prize for being the first from here.
I will go with the US then Canada having the most fans.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Minnesota.

cd3010 said...

Vienna, Austria

Petit Chat said...

Alsace (Elsass in Alsatian), France

Elisa said...

Mikkeli, Finland

Bones has some following here but I think it could be bigger. I have tried to spread the word and get my friends to watch too :)

Love this blog!

Bibob said...

Eindhoven - The Netherlands

We love Bones here!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Maria from Sweden.
Huge huge Bones fan!

ktulhueatingmind said...

I'm from Moscow,Russia)))

Choy said...

It's always complicated explaining where I'm from so here goes:

Originally: Saigon, VIET NAM

Since then: Sarnia, Chatham & London, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA; Houston, Texas, USA

Currently: Tring, Hertfordshire, ENGLAND

Maybe I'm the only one who can represent all the regions of major Bones fans (e.g., Asia, North America and Europe). Great to know there are many no matter where we go, EH? (Canadian forever)

Shep said...

Shefali: London, UK.

tybonium said...

Tylina Texas, USA

I don't think US leads the pack in Bones fans, but I'm surprise how many I run into sometimes. When talking about tv shows with people, I'm the only one to every bring up Bones, but it usually gets a strong positive reaction when other people talk about it. Either they like it, or they have an Aunt that watches it etc.

Anonymous said...

north-east Florida here!

AngelBuffMel said...

I'm Melissa from Boston. I see there are a few here already from my neck of the woods.

I also had no idea that this site had such a global fanbase. I lived in Germany and Austria for short times and had to get by on old Full House and Dr. Quinn episodes. I'm glad that the TV has improved!

TalkFast said...

Hi ya'll!

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, so I had to throw the ya'll in there!

I think I read that Hart said that ratings are higher in Canada than in the US. This post is really exposing how multi-national the appeal of Bones is. Of course, David Boreanaz is pretty perfect in any language!

boothnbones4ev said...

Alicia; Dublin, Ohio

Agata said...

Agata; Sosnowiec, Poland

Poland love Bones. We watched 3 seasons of Bones and we are waiting for our tv POLSAT will buy season 4. I also watched season 4 on the internet.


Triveni said... i am the first Indian fan here..Triveni from India..Mumbai..

i think US tops the list followed by UK..though we hv a small but a loyal fan base here in India...we r currently on season 3..i usually catch all the epis on the net...

OWB rocks!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Tanya. I'm from Russia.

I don't know how many fans of "Bones" are in Russia, but there are some.

Anonymous said...


Ling Suan here from Singapore!

Bones! Bones! Bones!!! :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Emily and I live in England, UK, but I'm originally from Germany.
Sadly there don't seem to be many Bones fans where I live :(

Ali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ali said...

Ali, from Brazil, but working in Alicante, Spain! :D

Anonymous said...

Krys, Fréjus, French Riviera

Veronica said...

I am from Decatur Illinois. I don't know how many fans they're are here.
My girlfriends and I are hardcore David Boreanaz fans. We find him incredibly sexy. We would give anything to meet him.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne; Paris, France

Plenty of people love Bones over here.

Anonymous said...

Aleksandra;Lopare, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sammy said...

England, UK

Monisse said...

Oh, you missed name on the list.

Wendy said...

Sorry! I knew that would happen, with so many names!

Anonymous said...

Jenni , UK

Brittany said...

Brittany: Lancaster, PA, USA

Monisse said...

It's ok! I didn't want to be picky, just to add some lenght to the Bones fans list and add the support from Portugal ;)

jenny said...

I'm from Greece(Thessaloniki).And I'm obsessed with Bones,as the blog says... :)

*Depi!So glad to see another fan from Greece around ;)

Mary said...

Mary Princeton NJ

gilliAHHn said...

Hey!!!I'm from Portland Oregon too like liz!! I am originally from Mexico city but I have lived in Oregon since I was 6. I am now 14 so yay! Haha I live in tualatin and its amazing here!! I think bones is just plain popular everywhere. Who wouldn't like it? LOL I love this blog and thanks a million wendy !!!

Lauren said...

Dunedin, New Zealand

Mysti said...

I just thought I would come on in here and say where I'm from...

I noticed as of the list on the front page that we only have 1 person from Pennsylvania, so i wanted to represent.

I'm from Rochester Mills, PA, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA (which is where Booth lived) :)

Moshe said...

Hey! I'm from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I'm surprised that there aren't more people from Australia. It's always in the top 20 in the paper.

kath said...

hi there.. :D

kath from philippines :D

cordy said...

I'm from Germany

Anonymous said...

Jessica Anne NEW ZEALAND

Anonymous said...

KaNia- Pionki- Poland

bobbins34 said...

Robyn - Cape Town, South Africa but living in London for now.

Danielle said...

I'm from southern England, but currently living in Washington, DC (actually DC, not LA in disguise :) ).

Jennifer said...

I'm from Frankfurt, Germany

Sofi said...

Sofi; Buenos Aires, Argentina.

(btw under South America the last one on the list is from Poland, I think she belongs under Europe :p)

Julia said...

Julia; London, Ontario, Canada

Anonymous said...

My name is Thu. I'm from Vietnam. In here we can only see Bones on StarWorld, and it's season 3 :(. But I already checked out the entire season 4 on the internet. Lucky me :D

kdpark123 said...

Kristen; Lawrence, KS (but temporarily in Sacramento, CA)

Diana said...

hello, i'm a nuber 1 fan in MEXICO CITY...

Anonymous said...

From São Paulo, Brazil, South America. *-*

Anonymous said...

Beograd, Serbia, Europe

Delyme said...


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Representing bones in the Caribbean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thaysa said...


I'm from Recife, Brazil
I loooooove Bones, and this page is one of my favorites *-*


Anonymous said...

specification: Moscow, Russia is Europe, instead of Asia
Irishka from Russia

Vanessa said...

Vanessa, Portugal

But I was born in South Africa. At least I'm obsessed with Bones ;)

Grissom's Girl said...

Count me in: Grissom's Girl, Brazil!

Wendy said...

Been waiting for someone to call me on a geographical mistake, lol.

I'm surprised at how many people are listing both current homes and birthplaces far away. Bunch of globetrotting fans!

*Lucy* said...

wow There are loads of followers from all over the world, well done wendy your sites doing its job!

Lucy; London, England

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

I'm Nicole from Brisbane, Australia.

Leila said...

Bonjour à toutes et à tous!

I'm Leila and I'm from Montreal, Qc,Canada

The frist episode I ever see of Bones was the x-mas episode of the frist season and I was in vacation in Portugal!

So ya... im from montreal but my interest comes from Portugal :P

P.s.: Your blog rocks!

Maria said...

I'm Maria from Athens, Greece.
I looooove Bones, I'm obsessed with it... :)

Just said...

I'm fan from Łódź in Poland in Europe.

Emma said...

my name's emma, and i'm from washington, d.c!

alikitty619 said...

Ali, San Diego, CA. USA

B! said...

I´m from Lisbon - Portugal


depi said...

Finally we are 3 greek fans!!that's really great!!!
geia sou jenny kai maria i'm depi from kavala

Amanda said...

Amanda; Totowa, New Jersey

Jessica said...

Jess(ica), Sunshine Coast, Australia

I think that Europe is bigger then alot of people give credit for, but per capita I'd give Australasia a fair call out =D

Laura said...

I´m Laura; Canary Island , Spain

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am from La Coruña, Galicia, Spain. And I adore Bones! Kisses.

sitokkita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

tinie - Malaysia

Bones is my number one show and I believe its already beat out House and PB and others plus Grey or DH out of my life and my heart. :) yeah, BnB forever. :)

Marcela said...

big bones fan here!!!

medellin, colombia.

merlo84 said...

Hampshire, England. Merlo is a nickname :)

pia said...

Pia, Bielefeld, Ostwestfalen, GERMANY

I think in North America is the biggest fanbase but england, germany and asia are also quite big.

jenny said...

Geia sou depi! Hello Maria!Woohoo!Epitelous arxizoume na mazevomaste!!! YAY!

Thank you for doing this Wendy!

Rachel said...

Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zealand

sai said...

Sai - From India. Currently In London.

Currently trying to get India (ok.. atleast the ones i know) obsessed!

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