Friday, June 5, 2009

Holy Cow, People

First, let me say that I'm sorry I can't be as involved as I'd like in the blog right now. On the one hand, there's not much news anyway, but even still I wish I could keep things moving on a daily basis so that things don't degrade like they have.

I am appalled at the negativity and attacks that have been going on in some recent threads. Not only have some of you been unforgiving and harsh toward Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel, you have also taken to attacking each other.

I. Can't. Believe. What. I'm. Reading.

Seriously, people. Why? What is the point? Can you not find one shred of the positive, or simply take the summer off to do something else? If negativity and hatefulness is all you have to share, why share anything? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but if that's all you have toward the show, it's stars, and other fans, why are you still hanging around? Why come here and turn a positive site into something so frustrating, hateful, and devoid of joy?

I honestly don't know what to say right now. There's not much for me to post, other than a few tweets that confirm things like the Season 5 opener plot is being laid out, the show returns to production in 6 weeks or so, etc. At about that time, we will have spoilers to discuss as casting sides come out, there will be continual news, appearances cropping up, etc.

Until then, I am open to suggestions. How can we POSITIVELY pass the next couple of months? I really, really hope to pick up reviews again soon (I know I've said it for months and the hope and desire is still there - eventually results will come from it!) but there have to be other ways we can enjoy Bones as fans throughout the summer.

Contests? Wish lists? Scavenger hunts? Sharing posts like "Where are you from?" or Favorite fan fiction stories?

I'm open to ideas and help on this. I don't like what's been going on around here since the finale. OWB has always been different and I, for one, am not willing to just let it slide into the general, hateful atmosphere that other places embrace.


cordy said...

Thank you Wendy. I can not agree more.

jenny said...

Thank you so much for putting things straight Wendy!
As for suggestions,I'd like to know where other people here are from or/and how they got to know about Bones,how they got to become obsessed with it,what is it that "hooked" them on the show in the first place...I would like to see people expressing their love for the show again :) *sigh*

jenny said...

Oh and I forgot to say how much I love these "king of the Lab" trivia mini-contests! :D Although it seems I never find out about them in time to be able to answer soon enough lol!

Theresa said...

ditto to what jenny said.

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

Amen Sister!!

As for suggestions...I would love to know where people are from, and I'm always a sucker for GREAT in-character fan fiction. So a post on that would be most excellent.

Tracie said...

It's not just here, it's in a lot of Bones comms. People assume that they were 'lied' to by Hart & Emily but if you pay close attention to the wording, in all of their interviews, you can see that they never actually lied at all.

It's basically the fans interpretations of what they said that seems to have caused all this fallout.

I will never understand why people feel the need to complain about a show all the time. When I get that annoyed by a show, I know that it's time to move on. Why would I waste my time on something that I don't enjoy watching?

And another important thing is that it is only a show. I think people tend to forget that sometimes.

alanna said...

Thank you, Wendy, and I COMPLETELY agree with you.

Sure, the finale wasn't what we expected but I have had to actually start avoiding some of my favorite sites because of the negativity. It's horrible.

Maybe to keep things positive you could start a post about what everyone's first episode was and what made them fall in love with the show in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree as well... I'm so glad you said something.

And i would just like to add that Emily was probably told what she could and could not say... Just wanted to point that out.

Please, please stop with all the hate cuz it really takes the fun out of reading everyone else's opinion...

Dianna said...

Yeah Wendy.
I agree with everyone.
The finale hype/spoiler/teasing/ speculating BY EVERYONE has resulted in a backlash that is real, and unfortunate. Hope we all have learned from it -- HH, actors, and fans!

I for one (among many sounds like!) am so ready to move on.

I like the "How did you get hooked" idea. Also discussions about what makes Bones different from other shows people have loved, favorite episodes, things like that.

It's going to be a long summer!!! Time to get over being incensed and back to being obsessed. :/

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all said here.
last night watching reruns (soccer mom),in the end Brennan was reading the letter, it is about love and understanding (can't remember word for word)and not becoming part of the problem ... it fits so well with this blog and thanks Wendy for not letting it get hijacked.

adding to those great suggestions, would be fun to hear what positive things you get out of watching bones - whether it made you laugh, made your day better, or reminded you something ... like the soccer mom epi reminded me to be kindness, compassion and love, not hate!

Lena said...

Thanks Wendy. I visit this blog all the time even though I don't post very often. I usually love to read other's comments, especially after each episode. However, I felt I had to comment yesterday after seeing some of the personal attacks on Emily's character and appearance. Of course each fan has their own opinion of the show and that's fine but I don't think personal comments about the actors have anything to do with being a fan of any tv show. Hopefully your post will put an end to those types of comment.
I too would love to know when people first started watching Bones and what it is about the show that makes them as obsessed as I am.

Fay said...

What about favorite quotes? So many great one-liners in the show!

Also like the idea of sharing positive things you get out of watching the show - I've been re-watching S1 & S2 lately and am once again surprised by how deep the show sometimes can be and how it can make you think (e.g. "The Woman At The Airport" in discussion of plastic surgery and altering self identity; "The Girl in Suite 2103" about justice and diplomacy.) The humanity shown in the characters is one of the most admirable aspects of the show, which I would love to see again in the upcoming seasons.

Wendy said...

Keep the great suggestions coming! :) I will make a list and start using them Monday.

Lauren said...

We need to stop feeding the trolls. I think that sometimes the best course of action is to just ask people to ignore and not respond to the mean, not-constructive posts. I noticed that when the conversation would become (constructively, nicely, conversationally) re-dominated by the usual posters commenting back and forth to each other a troll would pop back in, say something scathing, and attempt to steer the conversation back to useless, mean, sensationalist comments. It's hard to do that if everyone just ignores you.

That said, I'd like to follow up with some of the other suggestions in these comments, like jenny's.

onebreath said...

I can't belive people are actually bad mouting Hart AND Emily? AND each other?? WTH people? Seriously.

Kate said...

What about guest reviews of episodes? I suspect most of us have more time than Wendy right now (unless there are others here with newborns) and it could be fun to get a couple of different points of view on each episode. Also, nthing the how you feel in love with Bones idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you posted this. I've recently discovered Bones and had to play cath-up and this place was one of the first ones I found. I think it's really sad to see the bashing that goes on here. I used to be an X-file fan, still is, and thought that it couldn't be any worse than in that community but this is getting close. And I wonder but all the anonymous comments. Can't one block those and force people to identify themselves? It wolud make it easier to identify those who are here to cause problems.
I love the "King of Lab" contest so more of those please!

nobones_nobones said...

How about list of practical and epi related questions - for example, when will the S4 DVD be out? (practical one).

Another one: didn't Brennan said her grandfather got her out of foster home and yet she was told no grandparents? maybe her dad impersonated as her grandfather to get her out? but then who did he live with after being out ... yikes, I am getting myself in a circle ...

this is why I come to the site (thanks Wendy), get untwisted. One thing great about Brennan is that she is open to change, open to listening to legitimate and intelligent argument, consider it and either change or move on.

Milky said...

I'm was so happy when I read this post, Wendy!

I'm all for the love ♥

I like all of the suggestions I've seen so far, and can't really think of sth else. Maybe along the fic recommendation, we could vote for fanvids, too? there are some that are really touching.

If I think of sth else I'll post it, too. Meanwhile I'm bacl to Uni work-- winter time here, and many things to do.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Wendy!! I respect that people have different opinions and that some people didn't/don't like the finale or Emily or whatever, but yesterday just got ridiculous. So thanks for stepping in :)

I like the idea of making a "first episode" post or a "how did you get hooked?" post. Those could be fun to read.

Here's a bit of info I just found out, even though there's no release date, you can pre-order the season 4 DVDs from Amazon, and Bones Season 4 is currently number one in TV/Movies sales!!! That's great for the show!

Lena said...

For those of us in Europe you can pre-order S4 on, release date is Oct 26.

Rolywa said...

Thanks for the post Wendy. This is a great site that many of us appreciate you talking the time to do and it really should be in EVERYONE'S best interest to keep it friendly and fun!

I am excited to have a summer to do other things so that when fall comes back around I can be back in BONES mode full swing!

Anonymous said...

I just pre order my copy after getting a notification about it this morning. and thanks Wendy for making this site so fun and friendly.

Choy said...

I, too, must echo everyone's sentiments on here, Wendy, thanks for making this such a great place for us global Bones lovers to gather and bask in all of its fabulous elements!

To add to the positivity, I've just found links for the Season 4 release on as well with the release date of 21 September, 2009:

HMV says it will be released on 26 October, 2009:

I like to order from either Play or HMV since they offer FREE delivery and usually get the orders to your door within 2-3 days if it's in stock.

How exciting!!! Off to a Bones Watching Fest night now!

Choy said...

Oops, sorry, the HMV link was supposed to be:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

GeneralProfound said...

I just thought of something a German forum once did with The X Files. They made an episode deathmatch. It was quite fun. Basically they voted each episode against the others, but i am not sure if something like this can be done on a blog.
Maybe: a poll for season's favorite episode?

Dianna said...

TOTALLY enjoying OWB and all these posts today.
*happy dance*

Catherine said...

I would love a favorite fanfic thread!!! =D

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wendy for setting people straight! I'm so sorry to see that the negativity has spread to OWB. Unfortunately, it seems like there are few negativity-free comms out there anymore. Let's all work together to keep OWB a friendly place to gather.

As for suggestions, I would love a Q&A thread for general questions about the show (like on the forums). People post any Bones-related questions and others answer them. It is very helpful to fic writers and newbies!

Shep said...

Thank you, Wendy!

Was it this bad for the S3 finale as well? I didn't use the internet much then so I wouldn't know.

I'm all for the favourite quotes thread and keep the KOTL contests coming! And how about fanart? (p.s. Wendy, I would really appreciate if you deleted the sketches I sent in last time for the fanart post - I really don't like them anymore! God knows how many hours I've spent reworking that since then!)

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, Wendy. Exactly what was needed.

I love GeneralProfound's idea! (episodes going head-to-head)

Stephanie said...

Shep, I don't specifically remember what the season 3 finale was like here on this site, but I remember there being a lot of outrage in general at first (but most of that was directed at the creative decision to make Zack involved with Gormogon and not personal attacks on anyone in particular,) but it pretty much died down after a few days. I don't remember it ever being this negative and hateful.

Forgot to add that I'd like some sort of fanfic thread, too. As a fanfic writer, I always enjoy those types of posts. And I just remembered that Emily's in the upcoming movie My Sister's Keeper, which comes out on June 26th. So there could be a discussion post for the movie in a few weeks when that is released since it involves Emily.

The episodes going head-to-head thing could be interesting, but it also seems like its asking for people to fight over which ones are better stories, better acting, ect. I just think it could probably turn hateful pretty easily.

Yvanne K said...

what have they been saying about Emily??????? I know obviously people are annoyed about the finale and are somewhat irritated with Hart for their various reasons .. but why Emily???

Mary from Philly said...

Yvanne, Because some people perceived
that she was lying about the reality of the sex scene.

Anonymous said...

Wendy you do a great job with this site. It has been a really fun place for me to vent a little and then continue to obsess and love the show. I really don't understand all the personal stuff either. We all have favorites and not so favorite episodes. I was disappointed a little by the finale but I got rid of that in one post here and moved on. I watch the show and visit this site for entertainment. I will buy Season 4 when available and as always will find many small nuggets of talent and genius that I missed the other times I watched. Thanks for reminding us why we visit this site. You take care and love that little one to bits and we will try to maintain the high standard you have set here and enjoy the ride. DJE

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot something above. I also would like to know where everyone is from. I think it would be interesting to see what a wide range we cover as fans. I live in Greenville SC now - originally from Charleston SC. DJE

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have not read the 36 comments already posted. So if my suggestion has already been suggested, my apologies to that person.

My suggestion for activity for the site is a "video of the week" (kind of like "book of the month"). It works like this...the moderator post an episode of the show; we all rewatch it, then discuss it.

Or some variation on that theme. We could start with the series opener. Anyone game?

Anonymous said...

I like the video of the week also. Great idea. DJE

Hannah said...

Everyone does this and it kind of correspondes with KOTL but how about caption contests with cool prizes or something? Maybe a contest to redesign the OWB layout if that's possible.

I did like the guest review idea, I miss reading your reviews, Wendy.

Maybe you could make a list of all these ideas and put up a poll to see which ones people would enjoy the most?

Catherine said...

Good idea with the poll!

N2boreanaz said...

Great interview with Hart Hanson on bones spoiler blogg, Mr Hanson was way nice about definding his finale over and over, David Boreanaz said before the finale "step back from the ledge people" to everyone worried the sex would change the show I think that statment applies now, get on with your life he is not going to rewrite the episode. I thought the finale was great and Booth is hot

Anonymous said...

For all those bored Bones fans out there...... Check out the following link for some really pretty pictures of Emily attending a Stella McCartney hosted private screening of the film "HOME" held June 5, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

Shep said...

Wendy - Variety interview with HH.
Can only find the livejournal link, though:

Contains some spoilers. HH addresses the 'lying' issue as well. Phew!

Mags said...

Anon, you can also watch a clip on what Emily had to say on why she wanted to cohost the event, and on what she does to be green. No mention of Bones but a treat none the less.|1&axs=0|88265604%

Shep said...

Found the variety source:

It's a nice long interview btw.

Anonymous said...

Visit my little livejournal for some MQ's and HQ's of Emily at the "Home" screening. I'mnot comfortable with the self-promoting but since no sites seem to have them up yet I thought I share.

Jessica said...

Cheers for the interview Shep - looking forward to season five! =D

Teri =) said...

Maybe there could be a discussion about the Kathy Reichs Bones books - likes/dislikes, books vs shows, etc. That is how I found the show and there are probably other fans who have read them.

Stephanie said...

I love the idea to discuss the books!! Especially with the new one coming out in August. That is, after all, how our show got started.

About the guest reviews, I think it'd be fun to have people talk about an episode they loved that isn't one of the episodes (like Aliens in a Spaceship, for example) that's widely talked about. We probably all have a favorite episode that is just some random episode from the series and not one of the "big" ones.

melanie said...

First of all, thank you for running such a wonderful blog! This is my favorite Bones blog to check out. I love the positive attitude that you've endeavored to cultivate. I hope people are just reacting poorly to the season finale of their "baby" - if they didn't enjoy it.

I'm very much looking forward to reading more of your reviews! Please keep up this great blog, and don't let the negativity bring you down!!

Mary said...

I totally agree with you Wendy. We may find BB bickering charming but what has been happening here was rediculous! Just let me know if you ever need me to "get my teacher voice on!"

BTW for sugggestions

There are some great ideas here already..

Squint Vocab word of the week?

Finish the second half of beloved phrases

Comment on TNT reruns

A mac and cheese cook off (well that wouldnt really work in the digital world...)

Just a few thoughts

leeloo said...


What's with all that nonsense about HH and ED lying anyway??? It's publicity fokes, grow a scent!!! And if you don't want to know, just stop reading/watching spoilers!!!

I personally do not read spoilers or watch videos before the show airs, but this is just too much. I don't care how they tried to sell this season's last show. Neither good nor bad, it's still the last episode of my favourite show and I can't wait till next year.

And let's not forget: if it wasn't for ED nailing that character, we wouldn't have watched this show anyway!!!

Caydee from Boston, MA said...

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Wendy, and most everyone who posted here in this thread - I could not have put it better myself!

I love this site (and I appreciate everything you do to maintain it, Wendy!) and it makes me so, so sad to see such hateful posts... I'm confident that by addressing these problems here, we can all come together to create an even more positive environment for Bones fans like us!

Thanks again! :)

p.s. I also LOVE some of the creative ideas in this thread... you guys are great!!!!

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