Monday, June 15, 2009

Let the Pre-emptions begin

Go ahead and get out your groaning and complaints - the pre-emption list has already started for this fall. These are expected (baseball does this every year) but if you're like me, any week without Bones is worth some fussing!

The potentially hardest hit will be Thursdays and Saturdays with up to three pre-emptions, while Tuesdays and Fridays will sit out just one week at most.

("Bones," "Fringe")
October 22 (ALCS Game #5, if necessary)
October 29 (World Series Game #2)
November 5 (World Series Game #7, if necessary)
Thanks, lorapalmer, for the heads up.


Stephanie said...

Boo for preemptions, but...since we won't be getting new episodes every week through the end of November, I'm hoping this may lead to another Christmas episode in early December or something. Honestly, though, this isn't so bad. Five episodes, three weeks off, and then November sweeps...could be worse.

Mary said...

oooh Christmas episodes are yummy!

Don't Call Me Bones! said...

I don't really get upset about the baseball pre-emptions. That is one thing we know that is going to happen every year. Fox carries the playoffs and World Series, so it's not unexpected. Not to mention I'm a HUGE baseball fan :) Go Phillies!!!

All other pre-emptions, especially unexpected ones, are all kinds of annoying, though!

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