Friday, June 19, 2009

Stephen Fry Article - small Bones mention

The DailyMail has a great article on Stephen Fry - his amazing weight loss, Twitter, and more. It includes a mention of various upcoming commitments, including the desire to get him back on Bones. He's a fascinating guy - worth the read!


Jessica said...

Gotta love him. He's awesome and have got all the right in the world to stand up for himself!

lorapalmer said...

He is such a great guy! I'm glad he likes his Gordon Gordon character and is still open to be back on the show if possible.

There is a little mention about him and other season 5 spoilers (nothing we haven't heard or guessed already) here:

Kamara said...

Wendy, did you know that Stephen Fry is in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as the Cheshire Cat? You can check it out at:

Wendy said...

Yeah, actually. I was just reading this article this morning

It has images for some of the cast, but unfortunately not him! I'm sure it will be great though :)

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