Thursday, June 11, 2009

That Shark Rears Up Again

Sigh. As much as I hate to reference the finale again, TVGuide has put Bones on a list of Season finales and Shark Jumping. Even if you hated the finale maybe you can go vote for another show?

Obviously those who enjoyed the finale won't agree with the premise, but, for those who didn't enjoy it, do you think so badly of it that you would consider it "Jumping the Shark?"


Stephanie said...

Is anyone able to see the results? I wasn't even trying to vote (don't watch Heroes, loved Bones, liked Grey's, and disliked House but didn't consider it jumping the shark) so I just clicked "View Results" and got a "Page Not Found" response. I just want to see what's winning (or losing, I guess...) Anyone else having this problem?

cd3010 said...


Bones 8%
GA 26%
Heroes 17%
House 34%
Four-way tie 10%
none of them 6%

voted for Greys, that was just wrong on so many levels,...

Dianna said...

I didn't think the finale jumped any sharks.

I watched it, got the references to everything, had and still have no desire to play what-about-the-clock/white light et al speculation games, and remain disappointed that that's how they chose to end the season after the episodes running up to it.

That said, bottom line is it is their show to do what they choose to do with it, not what I choose. My choice is to watch or not. I choose to watch because ... I still love how BONES continues to surprise -- much more often in good/fun ways than in disappointing ways. :)

For me CitC was the actual finale to the actual season; THAT was one great finale, and I'm looking forward to where they take it from there (with the real characters back in the real lab) in Sept.

Hope springs eternal!! :)

Shannon said...

Hi, this is only my second post, but I wanted to give my 2 cents.
I agree with Dianna that CitC is more the finale of the season. But you gotta let the writers have their fun and experiment. I enjoyed The End in the beginning, I giggled a lot at all the references, and thought it really was a love letter to the fans, for those who just took it in stride at least.

It reminds me of Buffy, season 4. It ended on one strange dream sequence episode. It was awesome, but some people really hated it not understanding that artists need to let bring out their artistic license sometimes. I think they earned that right in the show, and for that reason I don't think they jumped the shark.

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