Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vote for Bones - TV's Best Crime Solvers

TV.com has a poll up for TV's Best Crime Solvers. Vote Bones - currently winning with 57% vs Mulder and Scully.

Thanks, Emilie!


Rolywa said...

I'm sorry I LOVE Bones and all but Mulder and Scully are my all-time favs. I am shocked they are losing- they initiated unresolved sexual tension!

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with voting for X- Files Rolywa, Emily Deschanel is just SO MUCH HOTTER than Gillian Anderson.

Kate said...

Whoa. Now we're on dangerous ground. Is there a "both are awesome" option?

And I'm going to have to disagree with Anon, but I'd take Gillian Anderson over Emily Deschanel any day of the week. I just can't say no to redheads!

Rolywa said...

Emily is more striking than Gillian. I think Gillian is more real looking if that makes sense.

But I LOVE both Davids!:)

Anonymous said...

I hope I don't offend anyone here, seeing as this is a Bones Fan website...... but I'm shocked that Bones is winning against X-Files. I'm STILL obsessed with the X-Files... and I happen to think Gillian & David are extraordinarily good looking.... I even got the "Scully" haircut (please don't judge! haha) because I was sooo jealous of how absolutely stunning she was.

Now, don't get me wrong, Emily & David are awesome and I love them. And I love Bones with all of my heart. But it's like.... X-Files was my first love, you know? And nothing can ever replace a first love.

This X-Phile Loves Bones! said...

Oh how I wish there were a "both are awesome" option. (Kate)

The X-Files are the whole reason I love Bones so much.... the X-Files is "the show that started it all" for me. I got addicted to the Mulder/Scully UST. Bones is the only show I've found, since the X-Files went off the air 6 years ago, that sparks the same kind of magic for me.

Rolywa said...

I completely agree with the two posts above me. I got into Bones because of The X Files. It was (and is) such a groundbreaking show. It is because of The X Files that shows like Bones exist!

I still love them both (dont hate me!) and think Mulder and Scully and Booth and Bones ROCK and are all EXTREMELY good looking!

But I'm still voting for The X Files:)

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