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What is "How do you know you've 'made it?"

Just like you've made it in music if Weird Al parodies you, have you 'made it' if you appear as a Jeopardy Question?

Trish emailed me to let me know that Bones, and Emily Deschanel, were a jeopardy question last night. It was something along the form of "Zooey's sister is the beautiful "Bones"". It seems a big deal, even if it is tied to your movie star sister :)'s Top 10 Brainy Babes has a list of TV's Top 10 Brainy Babes. Temperance Brennan comes in at #9.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

@harthanson loves to scare fans

Hart Hanson just can't resist scaring fans just to get a rise.

If you hate spoilers don't even mouse over this link...

Hart Hanson recently tweeted about some Bones speculation. Ausiello confirms what many of you guessed/hoped for. But, as with anything in Hollywood, you never know if will pan out.

Vote DB Sexiest Male Crime Fighter

This is related to the list of Smartest, Sexiest Male Crime-fighters. Vote David Boreanaz/Seeley Booth top of the list.

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Entertainment Weekly's Emily Deschanel CC Picture

EW has high quality shots of the stars appearing at Comic-Con. Here is Emily Deschanel's (sorry, not HQ):

Other images of ED at Comic-Con -

E! candid of her signing autographs
Flickr: theonetruebix #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Flickr: joits #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Flickr: April Taylor #1
Flickr: Under the Radar Mag #1, 2, 3
Flickr: MPR Studio 35+ pictures
Flickr: jcmahal #1

Bones Comic-Con Highlights Reel

Thanks, Lily, for pointing out his youtube video from Fox. It is the Bones highlights reel shown at Comic-con featuring some 'best moments.' I think it starts out well!

What scenes were your favorite? Any you think they missed? Any you wished you hadn't seen again?

Kristen runs down the Comic-Con Panel

Kristen at E! gives a run down of the Bones Comic-Con panel. Spoiler warning.

Extreme Spoiler Chat: The Plain in the Prodigy

Sides are out for Bones Season 5 episode 3: The Plain in the Prodigy. Here, you can comment about ANY spoilers related to this episode. It's FFA and spoiler-phobes stay away!

BonesSpoilers Blog
View all Spoiler Chat Posts

Guest Episode Review - #109 "The Woman in the Car"

Time for the next Bones Season 1 Episode review: The Woman in the Car! If you want to start at the beginning here are my Season 1 Bones Reviews from last summer:

# 079 - "Pilot" - My Review
# 101 - "A Boy in the Tree" - My Review
# 102 - "The Man in the SUV" - My Review
# 103 - 'The Man on Death Row" My Review
Guest Reviews so far:
# 103 - 'The Man on Death Row" - Meryl
# 104 - "The Man in the Bear" - ForensicMama
# 105 - "A Boy in a Bush" - Bekka
# 106 - "The Man in the Wall" - Jeni
# 107 - "The Girl in the Fridge" - Jenny
# 108 - "The Man in the Fallout Shelter - Emma
This review was written by Milky.

If you have committed to a review, please check the list and, if your time is coming up soon, please email me your review or an eta on when you might have it, thanks!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
The Woman in the Car

I chose this episode for reasons you might all imagine: it's one of my favorites. Not only do we have different storylines playing at the same time, but each of them is greatly balanced with each other and the humor is simply amazing. We even get the very rare Booth—Angela flirting.

But we'll do this a bit more methodically.

The Case – Forensic Anthropologist! That's why no gun.

Not only is the case interesting as it has many layers (kidnapped kid of the material witness against a company that might have sold defective armors to the military), it also provides us with action (the scene in which Booth crashes the window of the US Marshall's car and the rescuing scenes are simply very well done) and humor, such as…

Booth [knocking on the door and calling out]: Mr. Decker?! [as he sees Brennan looking through the window] Bones! What are you doing?
Brennan: What? It’s tidy, Spartan even. Is that odd for a recently separated man?
Booth: The guys supposed to be some super rational tight ass geek, no offense.

[Booth realizes they're being watched from a van and decides to go check]
Brennan: Where are you going? Booth, where are you going?
[Booth runs up when he sees the driver is trying to start the van and with his gun he smashes out the drivers’ window. As a man tries to jump from the back of the van, Brennan grabs him and throws him onto the concrete. Booth punches the driver, opens the door, and throws him out onto the ground.]
Booth [with his gun ready to shoot]: FBI!
Marshal1 [standing up with his gun in hand]: U.S. Marshals!
Booth: US Marshals?
Brennan: Forensic Anthropologist! That’s why no gun.

Booth: Good work sir. I only posted his face on the hot sheet twenty minutes ago.
Attorney: My boss is the United States attorney general. You’re not doing my career any good putting me on the hot list.
Cullen: Special Agent Seeley Booth, meet assistant US attorney Ken Weeks.
Booth: I was hoping you would turn out to be gay or have only one ear.
Attorney: Yeah I only get the gay thing because I’m so cute, but the one ear thing—that’s unique to you. also gives us the chance to delve into the characters—which in my opinion is always a very nice pro.
The best of this character development, in my opinion, is seeing Booth as a father. We've only known about Parker for a couple of episodes, ever since Man in the Fallout Shelter. But now we get to see him actually talking to him on the phone, in his need to reassure himself his son is safe. We see him now, not only fighting with Rebecca over getting to see his son but truly caring for him and being supportive of his achievements. And he goes all protective!Booth at times.

Booth [on the cell phone]: Did you kick the ball? How far did it go? Backwards? [laughs] Yeah I can kick a ball. I…Daddy’s going to show you on Saturday... yeah, I’m going to see you on Saturday. Okay, Parker?

Booth: You asked me what I would do if I were Decker. They kill my wife, they take my little boy…I’d go to the source of the problem and I’d take them out.
Brennan: Take them out? Like...?
[He looks at her gravely]
Brennan: Oh.

We never get to see the resolution of the lawsuit against the company, but we get to see that the kid is safe—which was the FBI's (meaning, Booth's) interest, anyway. The science wasn't all that impressive... or important, but the team helped find where the kid was. A great exchange between Hodgins, Zack and Booth follows:

Hodgins: But there’s lead here as well.
Zack: Leaded gasoline was phased out between 1975 and 1986.
Booth: Asbestos from break pads, leaded gasoline, a mechanic bench, you know, plus the mother was electrocuted by current from a generator. We’re looking for an abandoned gas station or a mechanic shop off the grid. You know, you guys are geniuses [and with a sign of success, he starts to leave].
Zack: How do we find that?
Booth: I work with the FBI, you idiot.
Hodgins: Way to go, Zack. We went from geniuses to idiots in three seconds.

It shows the constantly changing relationship between them and maybe even a little hint of Zack and Hodgins' wish to be recognized by Booth—a beginning admiration, of sorts. Love it.

Pickering - One man's security review is another man's witch hunt.

For the Jeffersonian to be allowed to work on classified cases, they're supposed to go under security reviews. Miss Pickering is sent to do this for the squint squad, but as we could all suspect from the beginning, the team doesn't make it easy for her. And this allows for great scenes.

With Angela, we get to know for the 1st time she's married—though she'd thought it hadn't taken legally. She's nervous and blabbers on and on, thinking maybe she's treating Pickering like a therapist, giving the inquisitor—to follow Hodgins' metaphor—a lot to write. Goodman is all family!man, Zack talks of a fantasy of building robots to destroy the earth, and Hodgins is seriously upset that he is found to be harmless:

Pickering: As a potential embarrassment, you were thoroughly checked out.
Hodgins: What kind of embarrassment?
Pickering: Your conspiracy buff, Dr. Hodgins. You’re paranoid [...]. Harmless.
Hodgins: Harmless? I’m harmless?
Pickering: Yes, you do not pose a viable threat.
Hodgins: Well, that’s just insulting!
Pickering: If you want me to interview you, I will. But I will only discover what we already know. You. Are. Benign.
Hodgins: I am not benign, lady. I’m not harmless. I’m malignant. I’m a loaded cannon…
Pickering: Thank you, Dr. Hodgins [she walks away, ignoring him].
Hodgins [rising his voice so she'll hear him]: ...I know things that would curdle your blood including a formula that literally curdles blood!
Lab person: Excuse me.
Hodgins: She’s wrong. I’m dangerous.

But that's only the 2nd best Pickering-related bit, ranked right behind the scene in which Pickering interviews Brennan. In a twist of events, Pickering finds herself to have a lower security clearance than our heroine, as Brennan has been involved in things that make the interviewer's work not only unnecessary, but unacceptable:

Bones: I don’t know your security clearance.
Pickering: Well, what is your security clearance?
Bones: You should check with the State Department.
Pickering: I’m from the State Department.
Bones: Then that should make it easy for you.
[After Pickering asks about Juan Guzman and Brennan calls to someone on the phone, the person she called asks to talk to Pickering. She listens to something and then gives the phone back to Brennan].
Bones: Any more questions?
Pickering: No, uh, no. In fact the entire review is suspended. I’m to wait here until someone comes to destroy my notes.

That, to me, is a veiled kick-A$$ Brennan. And I'm all for it.

A rare and light flirting – Booth and Angela

This is something I like, mainly because it only happens in the 1st season and it's just some little fun between them. Obviously, as we all know. Therefore, it's fun. It's just a little exchange, but fun enough to deserve its own commentary,

Angela: [...] I hear we are all gonna get grilled by some mysterious government chick...
Brennan: I’ve been through this before. It’s so we can work on classified cases, CIA, military.
Booth [to Angela, voice flirty and interested]: Why, you have something to hide?
Angela [to Booth, playing along]: Better believe it, Bucko.
Booth: What kind of something?
Angela [smiling a patented Angela smile]: The best kind.

And Brennan couldn't care less.

Booth and Bones – Well, you could have gone with the very small felon story

I think this might end up being the longest section of the review, for there are different things I'd like to mention.

To start, the beginning of the episode is more than a bit saddening in a hilarious kind of way—can it be Brennan is so clueless? She's being interviewed for a morning show and simply can't connect with its purpose or the show's target viewers. She's far too methodical and literal, of course (as clearly shown with the advice she gives to the budding authors out there, which is that they need an idea and some kind of writing instrument though she's not sure what should come first), and though she does smile as Booth suggests—who coincidentally enters her office, where they're filming, just when the interviewer comments on how Brennan's work must stop her from having a personal life, she really doesn't get what the problem is.

So she asks for Booth's opinion. Maybe she suspects something has gone wrong or a signal of the initial trust she has on his people-person's abilities, but she insists on knowing what he thinks of her performance after he avoids answering her. And he keeps avoiding telling her what he considers (rather, knows) was a terrible interview, until he takes pity on her and says she did well, considering it was the 1st time she ever did something like it—of course, she immediately understood that meant she hadn't done all that well.

This leads to a very interesting line of character development. In the interview she'd said she didn't plan on having children, which in Booth's opinion would cause the show's viewers to interpret she didn't like children.

A while later, when they're in the car, she comments on him having a child's seat there in a very funny way:

Brennan: You arrest someone really small lately? [he looks at her, not understanding] Car seat in the back.
Booth: Oh, I had Parker for the weekend.
Brennan: I don’t know how you do that.
Booth: Install a car seat in an FBI vehicle?
Brennan: Bring a kid into this world knowing what you know. I’ll bet Parker was an accident, right? Because his mother wouldn’t marry you?

This little exchange tells us a lot about both of them. For one, we see her main (allow me to add, conscious) reason to not want any children: the violence and cruelty in the world. I personally think this is just the reason she's capable of accepting in her rational mind, for I wouldn't be surprised if it had a lot more to do with her own personal doubts of her performance on the subject, considering her own history.

Obviously, Booth tries to explain to her why her question was rather inappropriate. She prefers to avoid that line of conversation, to which Booth replies, telling her how he considers himself... blessed, I'd say, for having Parker in his life.

Booth: I’m better for Parker being in the world. Someday you will see that.
Brennan: No I won’t.
Booth: You’ll change your mind.
Brennan: Ah, I don’t do that.
Booth: You will.

Another thing I consider interesting about this is how she actually did change her mind. [SPOILER WARNING FOR SEASON 4] In season 4 we see little signs of her considering things she'd like to change in her life and at the end decides—supposedly, all of a sudden—on wanting a child. I think it's in small things like this conversation that they show one another who they really are, how they might be different but still have lots of respect for each other. And in these exchanges, they understand more about each other’s way of living and subsequently change little things of themselves and learn to care for each other. It's this little honest-talking that lead them to their friendship and their posterior falling in love with each other.

That respect is clear in the final scene, after Booth and his FBI team rescued little Donovan from his captors. Brennan is really relieved when she sees Booth get out from the mechanic shop with the child in his arms and in my opinion, she's touched, even. She now understands him a little better; she's seen his reactions to the case and his need to find Donovan. And, when she sees Carl Decker's reaction to seeing his son safe, I think something clicks in her. So, when she sees Booth telling Weeks (the attorney) how he better be a good lawyer for he's not worth much more, she goes to him and tries to explain Booth's reaction: he's a father himself. He's related emotionally to the case and though she surely doesn't agree with that, she can accept it this time because now she sees how being a father is an integral part of him. That's why Week's answer (how he's glad he's had the sense to not let happen that—having a child—to him) upsets her so and, with a final look of contempt, leaves him.

But that's something she doesn't see in herself. When she reaches Booth, they have a little chat about it.

Booth: Yeah you still glad you don’t have any kids?
Brennan: Yeah. Why?
Booth: You looking at that boy and his dad. I just thought you would change your mind.
Brennan: No. Still glad you do have a kid?
Booth: Gladder today then yesterday.
Brennan: That doesn’t make any sense.
Booth: Yeah, it’s complicated.

On another B&B note, twice in this episode we see Brennan thinking Booth's argument as logical. One is when he says he's not going to worry about what hasn't happened yet, and another when he tells her not to jump to conclusions. Though he didn't voice it that way, that's how she understood them and she found herself accepting them—which should mean she wasn't being rational, right?

I think there's something like that in the Anthropology-vs-Psychology discussions they have regarding a home-made video the Decker family took when Donovan was learning to ride a bike, and when Booth's takes Donovan's cut finger to Brennan to try to use it as a clue to find him. They were discussing the same thing, but each from their different standpoints, translating the other's argument to their own way of thinking. At the end, though, how you understood things wasn't as important as reaching their common goal: finding the child alive.

There's a little hint of competition between them, too, when Booth arrives to the Lab and they start comparing what each of them has achieved while working solo. In my opinion, this is a sign of the friction that can be brought out while getting to really know each other and finding a way to make their work fit. It's not much, but something you can expect from a growing relationship after several months of working together.

Also, we get to learn a bit more of Booth's past in the military. He tells Brennan how he used to try to get information from prisoners and that's how he knew where the kidnappers were hiding. She doesn't seem all that surprised, but his face tells us it's not something he's proud of or easy for him to talk about. It's another Booth-treat we get to know so well. After all, he is a very sentimental tough guy.

Booth: Mr. Decker, you and Donovan, you have a code word? Something to let him know that you sent me?
Decker: Paladin. Tell Donovan Paladin.[...]
Cullen [standing up to leave the room after Weeks and Decker]: Paladin. Defender of the faith, protector. Suits you, Booth.
Brennan: You know what? You tough guys are all very sentimental.

All in all, this is a pretty loaded episode. There are many things happening and we learn a lot about Booth and Brennan. We see their relationship grow and accommodate each other, we see them argue and understand each other better because of it. We see Booth interact with the squint squad and the squint squad interact with outsiders and with each other in different ways... in other words, we're getting to see how the team becomes more than a team. And that, to me, is what makes this episode one of the best of the season.

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King of the Lab - Trivia

Name at least 2 actors who have appeared in BOTH Bones and the A-Team TV Shows.

Obscure, sure, but I know someone is going to get it! :)

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Hart Hanson on an interesting rumor

Hart Hanson just tweeted about a 'maybe' rumor concerning Bones. This is not a fan rumor, so I would qualify it as a spoiler even though it is very broad.

Thoughts on the details that might go with that vagueness?

Bones at Comic-Con: The Entire Panel on Video

Here are all 5 videos of the Bones panel at Comic-Con. Definite spoiler warning for various tidbits.

Hart and Emily signing autographs at Comic Con

The Fox Home Entertainment Twitter posted a lot of Comic-Con info, including this picture of Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel signing autographs.

Hart Hanson tweets about Comic-Con

Hart Hanson tweets his Comic-Con reactions:

Hart Hanson on Brennan's character

Hart Hanson tweets about Brennan's character, re: Booth.

Futon Critic Breaks down the Bones Panel

The Futon Critic has a nice summary of different informational tidbits and happenings from the Bones panel at Comic-Con. Some light spoilers re: casting and locations.

Zap2It Live Blogs the Bones Comic-Con panel

Zap2It live blogged the terribly short (only 25 minute!) Bones Comic-Con panel. Spoiler warning.

Kristen on the Bones Comic-Con Panel

Kristen at E! evaluates the Bones Comic-Con panel, the Season 4 Finale (and the backlash), and tidbits about the season 5 opener. Spoiler warning for the end.

Hart Hanson on Booth's Seatbelt

Hart Hanson answers a question about Booth's (lack of) seat belt wearing:

David Boreanaz Video from Comic-Con

Here is David Boreanaz' video from Comic-Con. It's a great watch - he talks about the impending birth of his 2nd child, Hart Hanson, Emily Deschanel and his own goofiness.

Livetweets from Comic-Con

Genevieve, of the Bones Spoilers LJ, posted tweets from the Comic-Con panel. (Spoiler warning)

Happy Birthday, Hart Hanson!

Dear Hart,

Slightly-belated, much appreciated, Happy 52nd Birthday.


Perpetually-behind Bones fan,blogger and writer, Wendy

Smartest, Sexiest Crime Fighters of 2009

EW has lists of the smartest, sexiest crime fighters. Unfortunately, Temperance Brennan/Emily Deschanel does not make the women's list. But... David Boreanaz/Seeley Booth is first on the men's side! (Thanks, Cindy, for the email link.)

15 Smartest, Sexiest Crime-fighters of '09: the Men

Seeley Booth, Bones

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth may have ended the season with amnesia, but we could never forget who that smile (and that upper body) belongs to. Though it would be impossible for anyone not to have chemistry with Boreanaz when he's wearing Booth's ''cocky'' belt buckle, he and costar Emily Deschanel have turned their characters' sexual tension into some of TV's best.

Fox 2009 "So Fresh" Photoshoot

As more than one of you has pointed out (sorry, busy weekend!), Fox has done their 2009 "So Fresh" photo shoot. You can view a behind the scenes video and the star shots here. David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Tamara Taylor and Michaela Conlin all appear on the page (not all in the video).

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Ausiello Interviews at Comic-Con

Ausiello interviews Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con. They talk about something and whether it will or won't appear in the season 5 premier (they don't answer it, really, so take that as a spoiler or not), the backlash to the season 4 finale, what fans want, what they give fans (and don't), and much more.

Thank you to multiple people for sending me this link, via email and comments.

Italian Comic-Con article on Bones

Thanks to Micky Boggs on her Twitter... here is an Italian article on Bones at Comic-Con.

Now, it's been, um, a few years *cough* since my college Italian. But, hey, there's a picture!

Comic-Con Pictures

MajorSamFan has posted some pictures from Comic-Con on Twitter.

Emily and Hart
David by Video

Other pictures of Emily Deschanel entering:

Kristen @ E! has a few as well.

Bones at Comic-Con: Video

Thanks, Shep, for pointing out this video of Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con. Spoiler warning for the season opener!

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Emily Deschanel on Maggots

Emily Deschanel, at the Bones panel, talking about TV maggots:

David Boreanaz not at Comic Con b/c of Wife

David Boreanaz was not able to attend Comic-Con because of his wife's pregnancy. It seems like she might be going into early labor. The Whedonesque twitter has ongoing information, such as here, here, and here.

Hart Hanson @ Comic Con... tease

Hart Hanson teases about DVD extras:

Stephen Nathan Tweets from Comic-Con

Stephen Nathan (@squarechicken) tweets about Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson at Comic-Con:

John Francis Daley talks about... a lot of stuff

Here is a video of John Francis Daley talking about all aspects of the process as an actor, and more.

Bones @ Comic Con, Today!

Last year's Comic-Con appearance proved to a fan favorite. This year, though a bit lighter with only Hart Hanson, Emily Deschanel, and David Boreanaz in appearance, should still be a great, fun, informative (and probably spoiler-ish) good time. Is anyone out there planning to attend? Pictures, commentary, fun bits, please!

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Ausiello spoils: Cam

Ausiello mentions something (man, gotta be vague)... um, related to Cam. Yeah.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hart Hanson spoiler tweets

Hart Hanson gives normal, every-person information on his Twitter nonstop. But, occasionally he pops out a spoiler or two as well. For the best spoilers, he actually recommends Stephen Nathan's Twitter.

Spoiler 1, on a specific scene
Spoiler 2 and Spoiler 3 (related)

LA Times rates Bones as Must-See at Comic Con

The LA Times has a "Must-See" list for Comic Con. Bones is on the list.

So far behind on Hart Hanson tweets...

I'm way behind on sharing Hart Hanson tweets here. The guy is a machine, posting all kinds of great information! These are all NON spoiler tweets.

Season 5 will be 22 episodes. So will Season 6.
The 100th episode of Bones will occur in Season 5. David Boreanaz will direct.
David Boreanaz can moonwalk.
On why a House/Bones crossover will probably never happen.
Making light of all the Presidential pre-emptions of Bones.
On an extremely late night of shooting.
On bad timing for good ideas.
Why KR's book ideas will never appear on the show.
Apparently his car is as important as his Grandma.
On the Art Department's Emmy nomination.
He doesn't keep close tabs on who is shooting what when.
It seems that the British Bobble Headed Bobby came from... Bermuda?

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Vote Bones in the Tubey Awards

Vote Bones (Booth and Brennan) for the "Best Almost-Romantic-But-Not-Quite Relationship" in the TWOP Tubey Award fan polls. It's poll #5 at the bottom.

King of the Lab - Screencap Trivia

What episode is this from?

Celebrities and their Famous Little Sisters

Comcast has a slideshow of celebrities and their famous little sisters. Emily and Zooey Deschanel are featured.

Thanks, Jess! (Cupcakebean)

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Guest Episode Review - #108 "The Man in the Fallout Shelter"

Time for the next Bones Season 1 Episode review: The Man in the Fallout Shelter! If you want to start at the beginning here are my Season 1 Bones Reviews from last summer:

# 079 - "Pilot" - My Review
# 101 - "A Boy in the Tree" - My Review
# 102 - "The Man in the SUV" - My Review
# 103 - 'The Man on Death Row" My Review
Guest Reviews so far:
# 103 - 'The Man on Death Row" - Meryl
# 104 - "The Man in the Bear" - ForensicMama
# 105 - "A Boy in a Bush" - Bekka
# 106 - "The Man in the Wall" - Jeni
# 107 - "The Girl in the Fridge" - Jenny
This review was written by Emma. You can view her blog here.

If you have committed to a review, please check the list and, if your time is coming up soon, please email me your review or an eta on when you might have it, thanks!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Man in the Fallout Shelter

This was the first episode of Bones that I saw and so it is special for that reason and also because I think it showcases what makes Bones a truly great show. I remember first watching this episode mainly because there was nothing else on TV and I had liked David Boreanaz in both Buffy and Angel so I thought I would give it a shot, and I’m glad I did because it has become one of my favourite shows that is currently on air. This is also one of my favourite Bones episodes, possibly because it was my first but also because it features the kind of characterisation that sets it apart from other crime procedurals that I have seen.

From an outsiders perspective this is a great episode to start with as it reveals each of the main characters abilities and quirks perfectly as well as setting up major character identities, such as Booths role as a father and the first season arc of the disappearance of Brennan’s parents when she was a child. It is both a comedic episode with the escapades of Hodgins leading to the quarantine of the lab and with Booths reaction to the drugs making him high, as well as being sentimental with the closure that the team give to Ivy Gillespie after years of not knowing what happened to the father of her child.

This also being a Christmas episode brings cheer through the inventive secret Santa that reflects who these characters are in the presents that they both give and receive; Angela giving art as well as receiving it, Hodgins being all about the bugs and slime, Zach receiving a picture of his family and giving Booth a gift for his son that they had only just found out about, Goodman receiving an origami bird from Booth which seems against type but shows that there are more levels to him than the bravado that his FBI status provides. Brennan, the only member to not partake in the gift giving had her own gifts to open from her parents from a Christmas many years ago and I liked that the viewer does not see what the gift is but instead gets to see the mixture of happiness with sad that the gift brings to her.

Prior to the gift giving and between the crime solving the families of the squints and Booth are allowed to visit (through a pain of glass), it is here that ZZ Tops Billy Gibbons makes his first appearance as Angela’s dad and that Hodgins like Brennan doesn’t really have any family that he is close with. We get our first glimpse at Parker Booth in this scene and I’m so glad that they have used the same actor for the following seasons as the chemistry between the two is excellent and you can believe quite easily that they are father and son.

Overall, I think this is a really strong episode revealing much about the characters and showing the techniques that are used to solve a case that is decades old. The Christmas factor means that this is also an episode that delivers on the idea of gift giving, both physically and mentally and it is that element that makes this a special episode and allows it to get away with being a bit schmaltzy.

Happy Birthday, John Francis Daley!

Thanks, Emily, for pointing out my missing B-Day post today!

John Francis Daley, the babyface of the crowd, is 24 today. Wow, I feel old and a serious underachiever next to his acting, writing, and musical pursuits! (did I miss anything?)

Guest Reviewers: A Few Things

Thank you for everyone who has (or will be) sent in their review. You guys are doing a really great job! We will definitely go right on to Season 2 after this, and I will post a 'signup' sheet soon. No reserving spots ahead of time though! I couldn't possibly keep up with that. I will post and let you commit away as soon as we get closer to finishing season 1. I think I'm still missing 7 of those reviews, so it's not time to look at season 2 yet!

I'd like to suggest/ask a few things for the reviews I have not yet received.

- If you want to include pictures, that is fine (but totally up to you). If you do, it's best to make some kind of mark at the spots in the review where you want them (1, 2, 3, etc) and then give me the corresponding links to find them. There is probably some way to code it to make it easy to just put right into blogger, but unless it's perfectly copy/paste easy.... I'm not that code savy. Sorry!
- Please, please spell check.
- Please don't add any formatting, other than something easy to replicate like the bolding of the names for quotes. Blogger is not friendly to copying from Word (or is Word not playing nice? who knows) and I have to convert to plain text, which means I have to put any formatting back in myself.
- If you think you won't be able to do your review, it's ok! Just email me and let me know as soon as possible so that someone else can take your place.
Check the list. I'll be posting Emma's review of "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" today, time willing, so we'll be coming up on other reviews shortly as well.

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Guest Episode Review - #107 "The Girl in the Fridge"

Time for the next Bones Season 1 Episode review: The Girl in the Fridge! If you want to start at the beginning here are my Season 1 Bones Reviews from last summer:

# 079 - "Pilot" - My Review
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The Girl in the Fridge

The Girl in the Fridge is, I think, one of the most character-driven episodes of Season 1.It’s not that the case is boring: 19-year-old Maggie Schilling, who had drug problems and was estranged with her family, was kidnapped, murdered and stuffed in a fridge by a couple with an inclination for sadomasochistic fetishism. But this time we are not introduced to a plethora of suspects that all had motive to commit the crime; the first and only suspects that we see are the ones that have done it. That is not only because most of the episode time had to be devoted to the trial; the trial itself is also a vehicle of character development, which is what the writers obviously care more about on this occasion; especially Brennan’s development.

This is also an episode where the supporting characters are very well written. The people who murdered Maggie show no guilt or remorse and the U.S. attorney and jury consultant that are responsible for the trial are also well written and acted.

In one of the extras of the Season 1 DVD,TJ Thyne said about our beloved ‘squints’: “They really are like a family.[…]I think Goodman really is kind of the stern father and…Emily being the older sister and Michaela’s character is the running-around, partying sister and Jack is the over-protective brother and of course Zack is the little brother that we all get to pick on…and Booth would probably be the guy that moves in next door and, you know…the guys have to protect their sisters!” This is evident throughout this episode; and I think what he said for Booth sort of applies to Michael Stires here, as well.

In the opening scene, Brennan is piecing together a skull, absent-mindedly listening to Angela who is talking about one of her favorite subjects (men) and is still trying to fix her with a guy. Zack interrupts bringing good news: the Anthropology Journal is publishing their piece.
He is happy and proud, but Brennan is only mildly impressed -perhaps she has started getting used to her success as a scientist?

Zack: You’re supposed to bump my fist with yours.
Brennan: Why?
Zack: I’m told it’s a widely acknowledged gesture of mutual success.
Angela: I love it when you two impersonate earthlings.

Hodgins butts in bringing a gift from someone, which makes Brennan run hurriedly out of the room. We are introduced to a handsome man who seems to know her for years. The competitive element in their relationship shows immediately:
Stires: …You are a big important author now.
Brennan: You can come down, you know.
Stires: You can come up.
Brennan: Half way.
Stires: As always.

The ‘squints’ are watching them intently. Angela indirectly confirms Brennan was involved with the guy, Michael Stires, who was her forensic anthropology professor. And then something we already suspected, Zack’s crush on Brennan, is openly expressed for the first time. But the other two immediately cut him off.

Booth comes in, bringing a “present” for Brennan: the fridge. Hodgins is still mistrustful, even a little hostile towards him. Angela doesn’t want to see another gruesome body, but Michael gives a first hint of his attitude toward his job and the victims: “This is where it gets fun”. After making a first assessment of the remains, Brennan leaves, arranging a date with Michael. That makes Booth curious, although not exactly jealous. Zack still hopes something similar might happen between him and Brennan some day (logic would suggest that, he seems to think), but Jack dismisses his thoughts once more: “It ain’t gonna happen Zacko! Not in this universe!”

In Brennan’s office, Angela brings her sketch of the victim, but Brennan has already identified her from dental records. Again, we get to see the impact the cases have on her: behind stress fractures, she sees a 19-year-old dancer that deserved to live. That’s something she and Angela have in common.

But Angela is also the more optimistic, “into alive people” person-so she quickly changes the subject, mentioning Michael. Brennan denies there is something going on between them, but Angela doesn’t believe her:

Brennan: The ex in ex-lover is not a variable, it’s a constant, like…the speed of light.
Angela: Save your dirty talk for the hunky professor.

Brennan tries to stop the conversation by mentioning work. Angela admits defeat (for now) but, judging from Brennan’s smile when she wishes her to have a nice dinner, the anthropologist knows her friend is not convinced.

In Booth’s office, we learn more about the case, the kidnap and the ransom negotiations, and Brennan shares her findings so far. Although he was there when Brennan and Michael agreed to have dinner, he asks her to call him later. He jokes about it-maybe there’s also a little bit of an ironic tone in his words. But she corrects him with a proud smile-perhaps she remembers him saying the fact she doesn’t have a boyfriend is “a sad comment on her personal life”?

Later on, in Brennan’s place, we find out that she and Michael missed their reservation because they preferred to “pick up where they left off”. Brennan quickly classifies what happened as “recreational”-but is it really? They talk about work and his discomfort about the fact that she’s in a better place than him comes up again. When he mentions the case, she seems very sure of herself (“same old confident Brennan!”) but we can see how much it has already affected her: she still thinks of the girl, bound and struggling.

After the opening credits, it’s a new day at work for the squints. For the first time, Brennan is late-and Angela immediately understands why. When Brennan and Michael arrive at the platform, her “brothers” are there: hands crossed, they confront Michael about his relationship with her, but he seems unimpressed. Then Zack gives it a third try: maybe he can still hope about him and his professor? Poor Zack! Michael and Jack both cut his hopes short, in their own ways.

Brennan is already in ‘work mode’ and asks for her colleagues’ findings; and Stires grabs the opportunity to doubt her as soon as he hears Maggie had hyperparathyroidism. Angela is determined to find out what happened last night but Brennan is equally determined to go on with her work, despite the interruptions. When Michael leaves for his appointment, all three of them silently confront her.

Brennan: What? Is it so odd for everyone to see me with a man?
They nod, but she doesn’t care.

In Schillings’ place, we find out a little more about Maggie’s drug problem and how bad her relationship with her parents was. Clearly it was mostly the parents’ fault and they feel guilty about it-and Brennan does nothing to assuage that guilt. Booth, on the other hand, is very respectful and empathetic, as always.

After visiting the endocrinologist the parents mentioned, they go straight to the house of his assistant; apparently, Maggie had tried to bribe her, and the assistant wasn’t all that innocent herself. Neither Booth nor Brennan really believe what she and her husband tell them, but Booth’s ‘gut’ is one step ahead. After he sees marks from an old fridge on the floor of their kitchen, the FBI techs are called in and we find out that the Costellos have some “rather unorthodox” sexual preferences.

That prompts a conversation about sadomasochism between the partners. As is always the case, Brennan is more ‘clinical’ about it, while Booth has a more ‘humanist’ approach; we also see a first hint of his discomfort when Brennan talks openly about sex, something we will get to see (and enjoy!) a lot more in later episodes and seasons. But Brennan isn’t shy about it-and her confident smile when she agrees with him makes you think she’s thinking about the previous night. ;)

Brennan: I was just saying that I myself feel no inclination toward either pain or dominance when it comes to sex.
Booth: Are you sure?
Brennan: Yeah, I’m sure!
Booth: Cause you can be very bossy!

They also find a pair of handcuffs covered with pink fur that seems to be the cause of the girl’s broken wrists.

At the FBI headquarters, Booth and Brennan interrogate Mary Costello, who claims that Maggie was an “enthusiastic” sexual partner of theirs. She doesn’t even fake sadness for the girl’s death; she’s arrogant, even proud of herself. Booth doesn’t hide his dislike, but is that only it?
M.Costello: The way you come at me, are you threatened or do I turn you on?
Booth: Now I’m the one who’s hating psychology.
And it seems the duo will need some more evidence to achieve a conviction.

Brennan returns to the lab and Stires is there again. She hasn’t forgotten that he doubted her before and wants to prove she’s right; and she seems to be at least as competitive as him:
Michael: It’s not a competition.
Brennan: No, the Olympics is a competition. Ours is a struggle to the death.

He suggests they bet dinner. This time, Booth is here. While she talks with Zack, Booth talks with Michael, praising her, recognizing her “rare qualities” as a partner. He doesn’t want her to find out though; maybe he thinks that, if she does, she’ll become even more “cocky” and will try to boss him around?

When the ‘debate’ starts, he supports her; but Michael still raises objections. Seeing him so skeptic, it makes you wonder whether he doesn’t want to admit she’s right or it’s something he always did, since she was his student, pushing her and doubting her to make her support her claims with strong evidence, beyond doubt. Whatever the reason, it is effective; she won’t let it rest.

So the team moves to…yes, the Angelator! I know Hart Hanson has said it is expensive to have it in every episode, but can we get to see it a little more often? Please? Stires is very impressed (who wouldn’t be?), but still tries to save his ego (“Very impressive. Especially to the non-professional”). But Angela won’t let his comment pass just like that. Go Angela! :)

Booth is still there. He wants to see Brennan win and believes in her. He congratulates her at the end, but she doesn’t fully accept it: bumping his fist would imply “mutual success”; and to her this is, once again, a victory she has achieved all by herself (well, with some help from her friends and colleagues, this time).

Later that day, Brennan and Angela have a second ‘girl talk’. Angela states the obvious: Michael is jealous of Brennan’s success; he can’t accept she has surpassed him. Brennan refuses to acknowledge it. What I still can’t understand is why she denies the fact that she’s sleeping with him; Angela obviously knows what’s happened in the past -so why insist their relationship is “purely platonic”? Perhaps she’s afraid Angela will doubt her objectivity if she admits they are “colleagues with benefits”?

Booth butts in, indirectly praising Brennan once more, but she’s very modest this time. She definitely won’t share anything personal with him (they still have a long way to go before they trust each other that much) but she’s thrown by the news: Michael will testify for the defense, against her.

Angela was right; Brennan might have won the scientific debate but, when it comes to people, she still has a lot to learn.

That evening, Michael and Tempe are at the restaurant; no staying in tonight. She tries to remain calm but she seems a little angry and mostly puzzled as to why he would act this way. After they talk about it it seems the problem is solved and she is ‘generous’ enough to not require that he backs out of the case. But she makes clear they won’t be able to go on sleeping together if he doesn’t. The look on her face after they kiss makes me think she still believes things will work out well. She’ll be proved wrong again, soon.

I’ve always had the impression, even though she insists on being “rational” about everything (including this relationship) that she kind of has a soft spot for this man. It seems to me that she can’t be as “compartmentalized” as she usually is or claims to be, around him-and that is not necessarily a bad thing. We don’t know what’s happened between them and if or how this man has affected her life and beliefs (we’ve already seen him saying she must not “jump to conclusions without evidence” back at the lab, something which is a ‘motto’ of hers). But she’s going to find out, once more, that opening up to someone is something you can’t control and can hurt you. As if she hasn’t experienced that enough times in the past…

The next day at the Jeffersonian, Stires is examining Maggie’s remains, as the defense’s expert. Everybody is on the platform, including Booth and Goodman. They don’t trust him; and that makes them unite against him and feel they are a team. Booth even gives the thumbs-up to Hodgins and Zack and it’s probably the first time he’s so openly friendly with them.
Booth: … that’s the first time I have been able to look at them without imagining Moe knocking their heads together.
Goodman: Agent Booth, you’re accessing your inner squint.
Can I say I just love Goodman?
Goodman reminds to everyone that the Jeffersonian’s reputation is also going to be tested. Michael has red-penciled Brennan’s findings and that frustrates her. Their fake smiles at the end say it all.

Booth wants to make sure Brennan’s ego will work for them:
Booth: …the nutty professor has graded your paper. What did he give you anyway? I was always happy with a B.
Brennan: I never got a B and I never will.
Booth: (to himself) That’s my girl!

In Booth’s office, Brennan meets the U.S. attorney, Andrew Levitt and the jury consultant, Joy Deaver. While the man’s admiration of her work is evident, the woman has a different opinion. She interrupts him, saying Brennan is “cold and aloof” when she testifies, and apparently that’s a problem now that the defense are putting “open” and “charming” Dr.Stires against her; her tone is aggressive. Brennan refuses to accept that the trial is a “personality contest”. When they leave, Booth tries to ‘soften’ things:
Booth: Bones, she’s an expert, just like you. She has an obvious personality disorder, but she wants to help.
He is relieved when she agrees to do what they asked. She is sure she can do it. To tell you the truth, the first time I watched the episode, I believed it; I was sure she could do it too. But it seems her protective shield was a little harder to break than I expected.

Next day, the trial begins. The lawyers present the case, the defense claiming Maggie’s death was the result of an overdose of drugs she used for recreational purposes. Booth is the first one who gets on the stand. He talks about the FBI’s findings, but he also “portrays himself as a no-nonsense, tough-guy cop”. Then the experts are called. Hodgins is scientific in his testimony as well; and in his half smile one can get a glimpse of his love for his science and of the ‘squint’ in him. But, unlike Brennan, he already knows the jury don’t share his fascination for funguses and bread mold-so he sums up in a way they can understand. Angela is next. Her testimony is the most emotional of all. What happened to that girl has had an impact on her and she doesn’t try to hide it. The contrast of her approach to Brennan’s, who testifies after her, is therefore huge and easily noticeable, even disturbing. When she starts talking about “gelatinous puddle” and “mass spectrometer”, the whole atmosphere in the courtroom changes and everybody’s discomfort is obvious, so the attorney decides to call her up again later.

Out of the courtroom, the jury consultant is going at Brennan again, trying to make her understand the impact her behavior might have to the verdict. Booth tries a more gentle approach, but he can’t lie to her:
Brennan: … I was perfectly clear, didn’t you think I was clear?
Booth: Sometimes. And… sometimes you were a little… hard to follow.
Brennan: What are you talking about, when?
Booth: When you were… talking.

Unlike the consultant, he believes in her. Although they’ve been working together for a very short time, he has managed to see under her fa├žade; he knows there is somebody else under the cold, detached scientist. He has managed to see things she doesn’t want to admit:
Booth: … I think it wouldn’t hurt if the jury saw who you really are.
Brennan: I don’t know who you think that is, Booth, because this is who I really am. Just this!
She dashes off and almost bumps into Stires. She tries to talk to him. She needs someone who can understand how stressful all this is for her. But he stops her.

Back in the courtroom, it’s Michael’s turn to testify. He insinuates Brennan’s detached behavior right from the beginning and presents his interpretation of the facts, ignoring important things in order to distort the events; and the jury are charmed by him. He has the audacity to wonder why Brennan became a forensic anthropologist, emphasizing the fact that she’s a former student of his; he even goes on saying he can hardly follow her, even though he’s a scientist! She’s trying hard to control her feelings at the sound of his words, but hurt and betrayal are written all over her face.

Out in the corridor, the consultant tells Brennan she needs to understand the difference between reality and perception.
Brennan: Wow! You are the reason civilization is declining!
Booth supports her, even though he says he doesn’t do it only to help her. He supports her when she says she can prove Michael wrong. He is there when, for the first time, she openly turns to him for help.

Next day, at her office, Brennan is checking her files once more, when Goodman, the “stern” but caring father, comes in. He understands how she feels- he probably knows why before she tells him.
Brennan: Are they stupid?
Goodman: Compared to you yes, they are stupid, however, compared to you, most of the world is a little stupid.

He knows she has a problem at communicating with an average person. But he doesn’t make her feel guilty about it. And when she says she’s a better scientist than Stires, we finally find out the root of Michael’s antagonistic behavior: Goodman hired her, instead of him, two years ago; something she didn’t know. He wants her to accept both sides of herself: apart from being more rational and reasoned, she cares.
Goodman: And if he tries to convince you otherwise, tell him to go to hell.
Let me say it again: I love Goodman!

She immediately follows his last advice the next day at court, when Michael acts as if everything’s fine. She tells him what he should already know: this is about Maggie and the people who murdered her, not a competition between them. She reminds him of an incident in Central America, years ago:
Brennan: You said “We tell the truth. We do not flinch”. You flinched, Michael.

In the courtroom, Booth has told the US attorney something he believes will make Brennan show her empathetic side. The man hesitates, but when she starts testifying more or less the same way, he goes for it: he wonders why she became a forensic anthropologist. Both the defense and Brennan herself seem reluctant to follow this line of questions, but she can’t avoid it: maybe it’s the disappearance of her parents, when she was 15, that led her to choose this profession? She immediately understands who has told the man about this; after Michael, Booth betrays her too. She confutes his arguments, but when the lawyer says she appears “cold and unfeeling”, something finally breaks.

She lets everyone see how she feels about her work and the victims she deals with every day. Seeing a face on every skull, feeling the pain they felt. Seeing each one of them as a whole person. She has to do what she advised Zack to: she has to focus on the details. But…
Brennan: … I don’t matter. Only she matters. Only Maggie.
She utters the last two words looking straight at Michael.

Outside, Stires tries to apologize, but it’s too late; she doesn’t even think he deserves an answer. Booth wants to tell her the good news about the trial, but she can’t find it in her to care anymore. She feels used and he doesn’t even seem to understand how difficult this was for her.

Back in her office, she stares at a photo of Michael and her; sealing her box of memories and feelings about him, hiding it in one of her ‘compartments’. Her friend brings her the good news about the verdict, but she is too drained to show any happiness. She makes clear she won’t see Michael anymore and she shields herself behind what’s rational, once more. She has decided to deal with this the same way she always has: working, alone. But Booth almost immediately comes in and, even though she hasn’t forgiven him, she can’t resist what he offers-a new case.
At the crime scene (that turns out to be Washington Monument) Booth tries to show he still cares about her, but she pushes him away. She may have almost decided to forgive him, but she won’t let it show before she hears “I’m sorry” coming out of his mouth. And the fact itself that she admits she would have probably used him too causes a shift in their relationship. Neither of them is going to treat the other like that anymore.

They are partners. More today than yesterday.

Screencaps from Beyond Bickering and Bones Fans Online.

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