Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bones at Comic-Con: Video

Thanks, Shep, for pointing out this video of Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel at Comic-Con. Spoiler warning for the season opener!


Stephanie said...

Okay, the beginning there is nothing short of hilarious! Plus, I'm pretty sure that description of the raw footage being half romantic and sexy and half David & Emily trying to pretend to be romantic and sexy just makes me want to see it more. That sounds SO funny.

Loved the little dancing phalanges thing, too. Between that and the fake Canadian accent, Emily's just adorable. The answer about the baby thing made me happy, too. Thank goodness! Thanks for posting the video!

Lindsay said...

I love interviews with David and Emily together, but her personality really seems to come out better in interviews without him. You don't really get to see how funny she is, because she and David are trying to play up the chemistry on purpose. So I really enjoyed this one.

Between the sexual innuendo, the "I'm sorry" with a Canadian accent, and Dancing phalanges, it really seemed to open up Emily's personality to me.

Anonymous said...

this was SO great! it just makes me all the more excited for next season :)

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